Building Better Buddies parallel session presentation


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Presentation from the 'Building Better Buddies' parallel session at Age UK's fit as a fiddle: A lasting legacy conference

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Building Better Buddies parallel session presentation

  1. 1. Building Better BuddiesRoger Jones and Bob Laventure
  2. 2. Introduction to session on VolunteeringPurpose - to disseminate2.learning from the Fit as a Fiddle programmeto highlight issues on • Organisational capacity, roles and responsibilities towards managing volunteers • Recruiting, supporting and valuing volunteers2. practice from national Fit as a Fiddleprogrammes3. reflect on participant’s experience in working with volunteersFit as a Fiddle
  3. 3. Experiences drawn fromFive national Fit as a Fiddle programmes working with hard to reach groups • Residents in care/nursing homes • Sheltered and supported living • Older men • Faith and ethnic minority communities • Isolated older people living at homeNational organisations as partnersTo develop cascade training model for working with volunteersFit as a Fiddle
  4. 4. National cascade programmes Life and Soul Older MenFit as a Fiddle
  5. 5. Working effectively with volunteers The phases of a volunteer programme – To plan (with partners) – To recruit – To train (the easy bit) – To manage, support and to ………… value volunteers – EvaluationFit as a Fiddle
  6. 6. Phase 1 – Planning with partners1. Organisational capacity to work effectively with volunteers - key elements • How does volunteering contribute towards an organisation’s vision and aims? • Do they understand the implications of a volunteer programme for management, policy and procedures? • Can they identify and provide appropriate human resources to manage a volunteering programme? • Have they champions at each level? There are those that can and those that can’tFit as a Fiddle
  7. 7. Phase 1. Organisational capacity – examplesKey tasks and relationships required• Managing the CRB• Who (if anyone) is in a position to train and support volunteers• Fit within health and safety policy• Potential and limits of volunteering• Payment of volunteer out of pocket expenses• Clarity re volunteer roles and tasks• Do they have a sustainabilityFit as a Fiddle
  8. 8. Phase 2 - recruiting volunteersRecruitment strategy requires • Communication of vision and purpose • Appropriate channels, media, networks • Clear messages and images • Clarity on role description and expectationsFit as a Fiddle
  9. 9. Phase 2 - recruiting volunteersPriority - clarity of•Purpose of programme•Target and participant group(volunteers and participants)•Role of volunteers, limits andpotential(For volunteers, participants,partners and the programme)Fit as a Fiddle
  10. 10. Clarity re role of volunteer– what are they going to do? Engaging and Providing (physical)motivating participants activity opportunities Befriending Activity organisers Mentoring Well-being activity leaders Peer (health) mentoring Activity assistants Buddying Well being workshop leader Champions/Ambassadors P/A Exercise LeadersFit as a Fiddle An Active Role Model?
  11. 11. Clarity re role of volunteer– what are they going to do?Because it has an impact on• Volunteer expectations• Partner expectations• Recipient expectations• Insurance, risk assessments and any liability• Determines what they should be trained to do• Evaluation and outcomesFit as a Fiddle
  12. 12. The Merchant Seamen’s War Memorial Society16 Volunteer Buddies trained• Gardening project• Bee Keeping• Organic Vegetables• Free Range Chickens• Fitness SuiteFit as a Fiddle
  13. 13. The Merchant Seamen’s War Memorial Society•A Choice of Volunteer Roles• 1-2-1 peer mentor• Trainer• Support• Group Helper• AmbassadorFit as a Fiddle
  14. 14. The Merchant Seamen’s War Memorial SocietyFit as a Fiddle
  15. 15. Well Being Buddy TrainingFit as a Fiddle
  16. 16. Aqua Circuit TrainingFit as a Fiddle
  17. 17. B&Q BuddiesFit as a Fiddle
  18. 18. Fit FansFit as a Fiddle
  19. 19. Celebrity Engagement EventsFit as a Fiddle
  20. 20. User Friendly VenuesFit as a Fiddle
  21. 21. A Well Being Buddy - Volunteers Story“I became a volunteer because I wanted to work more with my local community and felt that as an active and healthy older man I could help to encourage other men to become healthier. My family and friends say to me that what I’m doing is brilliant, and I have become more confident in myself but I think I get far more reward from the classes than I give out. I’ve made a lot of new friends and I’m really grateful that I’ve been given the opportunity to be a volunteer.” AlexFit as a Fiddle
  22. 22. Discussion activityKey topics highlighted in session2. Organisational capacity, roles and responsibilities3. Recruiting, training, supporting and valuing volunteers Questions for discussion How does the Fit as a Fiddle learning and experience match your own experience and expectations? What is the one most important item ofFit as a Fiddle