entVoice Unified Communication System


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entVoice Unified Communication System

  1. 1. Enterprise Edition Revolutionise the way you COMMUNICATE entVoice Enterprise Edition is a unified messaging platform providing ultimate flexibility and features. entVoice is a powerful, cost-effective solution suited for the needs of any user. entVoice fully integrates with legacy telephony infrastructure.
  2. 2. Enterprise Edition Feature Rich Telephony Solution Remote Working entVoice provides all of the call management features that you would expect from an IP entVoice provides remote workers with seamless access to the voice capabilities of the PBX platform, but without the costs. Unlike other solutions, entVoice also integrates office by making and receiving calls just as if they were in the same location. With with legacy technologies such as ISDN and analogue, providing a truly converged additional presence and messaging features, users can chat to each other and communications platform. determine each other’s availability by using a simple PC application. Simple Feature Upgrades Lower Cost of Ownership Unlike traditional telephony systems, entVoice Enterprise Edition helps you to Built on open standards, entVoice features are uploaded to your platform and streamline costs. Physical infrastructure costs are reduced due to single cabling to implemented with no impact to service. each desk for both telephone and PC. Additional savings are made by utilising Voice over IP for inbound and outbound services, reducing the number of legacy ISDN or analogue circuits required, as well as benefiting from the lower rates offered by our Voice over IP network. The benefits of a converged communications platform also means that network management and maintenance costs are lowered. Lastly, savings can also be made by using in-house applications such as entVoice audio conferencing instead of traditionally outsourced services. Business Integration Capability Built on open standards, entVoice provides a number of integration points to assist in integration with existing email and CRM applications. entVoice can be used with Microsoft®Outlook® using a freely available plug-in application. Flexible& Superior Solutions
  3. 3. Enterprise Edition Easy System Administration Users can be allocated Enhanced Services including: l ID display Caller Voicemail boxes l Channels Limitation l Administrators configure entVoice using a straightforward, intuitive web interface. Multi- Dialling permissions l l answer / dial Group Security settings l level administrator access means that you can set varying privileges for different users. lrecording Call l notifications Email Hot desking l Telephone Extensions l time call monitoring Real Conferencing l entVoice supports open standards and is Remote Extensions truly vendor independent, enabling you to use handsets which comply with the SIP entVoice allows remote workers and staff to be seamlessly connected to the office. protocol. Other types of handset can also be By employing call compression and network traversal technologies you can be used: connected from absolutely anywhere and enjoy the same benefits and call quality as Analogue telephones, fax machines and l being in the office. cordless handsets can be connected using analogue telephone adapters (or Corporate Instant Messages(IM) with integration to ATAs for short). telephony WiFi l phones enable you to be connected while roaming across lthe presence information for members of the company See wireless networks Screen pop-ups for incoming and out-going calls l Internal company IM l Softphones l provide you with the flexibility to make calls using your laptop. The entVoice softphone enables you to make video calls and send messages and check the availability of your colleagues. Features “entVoice provides you with a comprehensive webmanagement interface for straightforward configuration of your call management platform”
  4. 4. Enterprise Edition User Portal for every extension Unified Messaging Web based end user portal for every extension holder entVoice provides advanced voicemail capabilities: Each extension of the system is bound to a user. Users can easily log into the entVoice Email l notification of new voicemail Multiple Mail Folders l user portal and manage their own extension easily. The Web-based voicemail interface, messages l Interface for Voicemail Checking Web Time based extension routing, Follow-me are some of the extremely useful features that l zone for each mailbox Time Voicemail Forwarding l entVoice Enterprise Edition allows individual users personal access to. Universal voicemail access number. l l Message Waiting Indicator Visual Users Can: PIN Protection l Message Waiting Indication l lpersonal details Edit Separate l Away and Unavailable IMAP l based unified inbox for l / forward/ delete / move voicemail messages Check Messages Voicemail & Faxes l / download call records View Default or Custom Messages l l / download recorded calls Listen Administer all vertical services: (call forward, do not disturb, caller ID etc.) l Faxes Delivered to Your Desktop entVoice allows you to receive inbound faxes directly to your email inbox. You are allocated a fax number which receives faxes and then sends to you via email in TIF Remote Access graphics format. Users can access voicemail and configuration Inter-operation with other software options via an external access number. For employees on the move this feature enables them l Connection for Microsoft Exchange voicemail and fax support IMAP to check for messages and set out of office Microsoft Active Directory support for extension settings l announcements. Features l integration XMPP User portal allows entVoice users to have independent effortless access to essential services assigned to them
  5. 5. Enterprise Edition Conferences Call Routing Options Conferences allow participants to talk to each other as if they were in the same room. Calls can be routed through a variety of trunks including: Participants can be located locally, or remotely. A remote location could be just around the corner or anywhere in the world. l BRI circuits ISDN Participants access conference rooms by either dialling an external access number or a l PRI circuits ISDN local extension. l Analog Lines POTS Adding conferences is easy. Simply enter a conference name and number to create a l over IP Services Voice conference, or choose from a range of advanced options such as “Enable Music on entVoice allows the easy configuration of least cost and failover routing policies, Hold”, “Announce Number of Participants” and “Always prompt for a PIN”. allowing calls to be directed over trunks based on cost and availability. Call Detail Records Features All incoming and outgoing call records are available for viewing by authorised users. Records are available for all or per-user calls. In addition, all records can be downloaded in CSV format for use in third party applications. “entVoice allows for easy expansion of trunks via its upgrade model.”
  6. 6. Enterprise Edition Call monitoring & recording Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) entVoice allows all incoming and outgoing calls to be recorded. Call recording can be Also known as queuing, ACD is widely used in call centres where call distribution and activated via a configuration setting on the comprehensive web administration monitoring is particularly important. entVoice allows you to configure algorithms such interface. as Round Robin and RingAll as well as fine tuning announcement options for queuing callers. entVoice can also be used with OrderlyQ© to reduce Call monitoring allows users to listen to calls taking place on other extensions in real abandoned calls and streamline staffing requirements. time. The call monitoring and recording features are ideal for call centres where it is necessary to regularly control and improve customer service. Increase the overall concurrency of your organisation by utilising SIP trunking for call origination and termination. With entVoice, technologies can be blended to suit your needs. For example, important inbound calls can be received over a legacy ISDN line, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) while outbound calls are all sent via your VoIP Trunk. This strategy enables you to minimise your line rental expenditure and save costs on outbound calls. IVR means that callers are greeted with a choice of options from a list of spoken announcements. To configure entVoice IVR you simply select the option that you wish to modify and then assign an action from the comprehensive dropdown list. Features “Real time call monitoring allows authorised user to monitor and listen to calls of one or more users in real time.”
  7. 7. Enterprise Edition The SMB Edition offers business class features required by today’s demanding communications needs. In addition to the standard features of all new generation IP PBX solutions, the SMB Edition includes comprehensive enhanced services, telephony applications, system administration, end user applications, customisation, reliability and setup and configuration features. Standard Features Enhanced Services Customisation & Reliability Networking and Branch Support l 250 Extensions Up to l Me Follow Services Monitoring l l Cost Routing Least Integration with Legacy Technology l l Hunt Group System Sounds Administration l Inbound DID Routing l IVR Auto Attendant l Call Forwarding l System Alarms l Operation Times l l Conference Bridges Audio l Disturb Do Not System Backup l l Directory Name l On Hold Music l ID Caller l Updates Auto Emergency Trunks l lCaller Last Powerful Reporting Capability l l Groups Ring Billing Call Park l File Rotation l Optional ACD Queues l Downloadable Call Detail Records l Paging/Intercom l Optional Call Recording l Optional Real Time Billing l Remote Access l Optional Call Monitor/Barge l System Administration Voicemail Product / Customer Support l / Analogue Auto Trunk ISDN Enhanced Voicemail Configuration l Software Updates l Configuration l Operator/Exit Digit l Multiple Customer Support Options l Localisation Settings l l Messaging Unified Remote System Diagnosis and Repair l Service Provider Templates l Timezone Support l Comprehensive Documentation l End User Applicatons l Voicemail Groups l Knowledge Base l lOperator Console One Outlook Integration l Web-based User Configuration l entVoice Enterprise IP PBX - SMB Edition
  8. 8. Enterprise Edition The Call Centre Edition offers a set of features to cater for the requirements of a call centre, for effectively starting and managing inbound or outbound call campaigns. ACD queues, call agents, comprehensive reporting, real time queue statistics, real time queue monitoring, soft phone*, predictive inbound and outbound dialling*, penalty-based routing are some of the features that are available. Standard Features Billing System Administration Setup and Configuration l 512 Extensions Up to Downloadable Call Detail Records l l / HTTPS Administration Session HTTP System Setup Wizard l Integration with Legacy l Optional Real Time Billing l lBrowser Administration Web IP Telephone Auto Provisioning** l Technology l lBased Administration Role l / Analogue Auto Trunk ISDN IVR Auto Attendant l Service-based Provisioning l Configuration Enhanced Services l Conference Bridges Audio Multi-site Administration l Localisation Settings l l On Hold Music l Me Follow Service Provider Templates l l Hunt Group End User Applicatons Call Centre Applications Call Forwarding l Customisation & Reliability l Disturb Do Not lTime Queue Statistics Real lOperator Console One Networking and Branch Support l lTime Real Services Monitoring l Outlook Integration l l Cost Routing Least l Monitoring Queue System Sounds Administration l l Configuration Display User Inbound DID Routing l l Based Routing Penalty System Alarms l Operation Times l l Queues ACD System Backup l Voicemail l Directory Name Call Agent Handling l l Updates Auto Emergency Trunks l Call Monitor/Barge l Powerful Reporting Capability l Enhanced Voicemail Configuration l l Groups Ring l ID Caller File Rotation l Operator/Exit Digit l Call Recording l lCaller Last l Messaging Unified Call Monitor/Barge l Call Park l Timezone Support l Paging/Intercom l Voicemail Groups l Remote Access l Product/Customer Support Software Updates l Multiple Customer Support Options l Remote System Diagnosis and Repair l Comprehensive Documentation l Knowledge Base l entVoice Enterprise IP PBX - Call Centre Edition
  9. 9. About Enterux Enterux is the leading India-based Internet telephony solution provider, specializing in end-to-end solution delivery for the enterprise market. Enterux owns and operates its own VoIP network and offers a diverse range of solutions including entVoice™ Enterprise and Hosted IP PBX. Our solutions utilize Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to deliver technologically advanced telephony solutions. Enterux entVoice gives a new lease of life to your enterprise environment by seamlessly integrating remote workers with your office, and providing leading edge functionality. As an leader of IP Communications in India, Enterux is also able to deliver VoIP trunking services for making dramatic savings in telecommunications expenditure. Speak to one of our sales representatives today to see how we can revolutionise the way you communicate. Contact Us Enterux Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Phone: +91-22-67991334 www.enterux.com 110 Reena Complex, Fax: +91-22-25132445 Opp. Nathani Steel, Email: sales@enterux.net Vidhyavihar (W), Cell: +91-9820332422 Mumbai – 400 086. India.