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Second Screen: Market Analysis


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  • 1. Second Screen Market AnalysisStay Tuned to Audiences Everywhere
  • 2.  Roku Boxee Apple TV Google TV Most new televisions PCs, tablets, smartphones Game platforms (Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation) Connected TV Devices
  • 3. Nielsen Cross-Platform Report ,Q4 2012Second Screen Engagement: Trends
  • 4. Second Screen Engagement: UK Trends
  • 5. The Big Picture: Social TV Ecosystem
  • 6. Second Screen App Categories
  • 7. Facebook, TwitterSpecialized Social TV Services  GetGlue, Miso, Clipsync, TvPlus, IntoNow, othersSynchronized content services  Via Audio Content Recognition (ACR) & Closed Captioning  Broadcaster (& user) driven interactivity  Synchronized content, displayed off the main screen (live or time-shifted) Evolution of Social TV & the Second Screen
  • 8. What’s Next? Early Stage Trends
  • 9. RewardsFrom simple trivia games to complex fight scoring,exciting games are engaging consumers in largenumbers Viggle & TV Dinner are touting strong numbers of engaged consumers Mobovivo’s AXS TV Fights app is recognized as a leader What’s Next: Gamification
  • 10. Stream Capture ACRWhile tracking watermarks & fingerprints in videohas been around for years, deploying thistechnology to trigger events on the second screenis only early stage Most likely to succeed: • Civolution with its 17k monitored channels What’s Next: Stream Capture ACR
  • 11. Audio ACR Many in the industry are now using ACR primarily for “check-ins”— as the quality for event triggering has been unreliable Widespread usage will depend upon the availability of ubiquitous scene specific metadata & use cases that integrate better polling of audio streams to determine time code accuracy Companies with apps built around this value proposition: • Red Bee Media, Yahoo’s IntoNow, ConnecTV and TVplus Leading Service Provider: Civolution • Likely to soon integrate audio ACR with “OS-level” and stream capture ACR to improve the overall user experience What’s Next: Audio ACR
  • 12. Rich, Related Metadata There are many apps which perform this function at some level, and some derive their value entirely from this resource (ex. IMDB) Fanhattan and Zeebox continue to lead the way in this field, leveraging metadata service providers like Digitalsmiths and Tribune Media Services What’s Next: Rich, Related Metadata
  • 13. Search & Discovery Discovery (the ability to be presented with relevant content in a lean-back mode) Most of what consumers get today are collaborative filtering-based recommendations (ie. Amazon-style “people who viewed this also liked...”) Poor metadata & a lack of integrated sources of content have so far made this a poor consumer experience (Fanhattan is probably the best at this so far) Digitalsmiths’ Seamless Discovery is gaining traction with both pay TV operators & connected CE manufacturers The grid guide: While some operators have customized the grid guide with favorites & there is discussion of a “custom channel” approach, most improvement in this search & discovery method is likely to come from UI innovation What’s Next: Search & Discovery
  • 14. Smart Remote ControlTablets and smartphones make great remote controls  Computing power is in the cloud, but not 100%  Browser-based navigation on TV is not user friendly • Typing & search work on computers, but not well on mobile devices • Voice is unproven As mirroring technologies like Apple’s Airplay get more traction, this function will become a reality for many What’s Next: Smart Remote Control
  • 15. Set-top Box IntegrationOperators are only now opening up & publishing their APIs to allow3rd parties to integrate app functionality BuddyTV is the leading 3rd party app in this space DirecTV, Comcast & AT&T lead the way for US-based operators Outside North America implementation is much more complex What’s Next: STB integration
  • 16. Game Console Integration Microsoft’s Xbox has now taken the lead with SmartGlass, by committing to an SDK for their platform Playstation & Nintendo are still at the drawing board What’s Next: Game Console Integration
  • 17. Second Screen Hype Cycle
  • 18. Industry LeadershipSecond Screen Society: Mobovivo is a Founding member