I-3 Camia yearbook S.Y. 2011-2012
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I-3 Camia yearbook S.Y. 2011-2012






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I-3 Camia yearbook S.Y. 2011-2012 I-3 Camia yearbook S.Y. 2011-2012 Presentation Transcript

  • BALARA HIGHSCHOOL 1-3 CAMIA SY: 2011 - 2012
  • Mark Anthony Lazaro April 11, 1990Pearlazaro@yahoo.c om Just like a bamboo people mustbe humble too
  • John michael Vergara January 23 ,1999 vergarajohnmichael10@yahoo.comEnds in school but education ends only w/life John Michael
  • Aldhean Mateo August 22, 1998 Mateo.aldhean@yahoo.com Intelligence plus characterthat is the goal of education ALDHEAN
  • John Patrick Camacho August 28, 1998 johnpatrickcamacho71@yahoo.comIts nice be important but its more importantto be nice
  • Jerimiah
  • Maricris Mamaril May 26, 1998 Cutiestarr@yahoo.comTo be depressed is to be lonely to have a friend is to be happy Maricris
  • Jayvee Santos July 20, 1997Jayjaysantos_08@yahoo.comGratitude is a memory of the heart JAYVEE
  • Rain Jorelle Dayan September 20, 1996Raindayan@yahoo.comKeep moving forward Rain
  • John Paul Burlas June 23, 1998 Johnpaul_burlas@yahoo.com“God first before anything else”
  • Mary Karen Casao November 10, 1998Marykarencasao@yahoo.com In my friend second self
  • Jaypons Roquillo November 10, 1997 rjaypons@yahoo.comMy religion is very simple, my religion kindness
  • Ronald Bello February 29 1999 belloronald30@yahoo.comWhen ever you do a mistake, do it twice
  • Jenard Tardagulla December 30, 1998Jenardtardagulla@yahoo.com Friends are born , not made JENARD
  • Ferdinand Garcia September 11 1998Mhackoy_nand@yahoo.com I will do my best FERDINAND
  • Georgette Aruta October 30, 1998 georgettearuta@yahoo.comYou only live once but if a work it right once is enough.
  • Bryan Joshua Monsalud October 15, 1998Bryanjoshua.monsalud@yahoo.com Work is the curseof dringking glasses BRYAN
  • Ma. Parmanina Miguel July 16, 1998 Ma.parmanina@yahoo.comEducation makes a people easy to lead but dificult to drive easy to givein imposible PARMANINA
  • Mariz Jaca February 02, 1999 marizjaca@yahoo.comEducation is the key to success
  • Kenneth Corneja September 20, 1998 Kenneth.corneja@yahoo.comLove is like an onion cant makes you cry KENNETH
  • Ana loquillano February 12, 1999analoquillano@yahoo.com Making all things happen ANA
  • John Eric Emilio June 14, 1998 Emilio.johneric@yahoo.comLife is just like a game if you quit you lost at all
  • Mary antonette Medina October 23, 1998maryantonettemadina@yahoo.com Reading is the key to sucess
  • Cherry lyn Nebrida September 1, 1998 Nebridacherrylyn@yahoo.comEducation is not the falling of pail but the lighting of a fire
  • Veddy Cahayagan July 21, 1998 Veddycahayagan@yahoo.comUse frendless but do not use your friend
  • Rodalyn Lontabo September 1 1997 Lontabo.Rodalyn@yahoo.comWhat is the use of beauty if your brain is empty
  • Joselito Olvida July 30 1998 Olvidajoselito@yahoo.comLet s god promises shine on your problems
  • Ma.Carolina Guibo August 6, 1999 Carolina.guibo@yahoo.comEducation is the way to your dreams
  • Jeniffer Cervera July 17, 1998 jeniffercervera@yahoo.comAcceptance is right way to moveon Jeniffer
  • Christyl Shane Lopez August 16, 1997 christylshane13@yahoo.comFriend are goods way taking care of us
  • Kimberly Confuentes December 16, 1998confuenteskhimberley@yahoo.com Life is fullof mystery
  • Angel mae Razalo May 3 1998 angelrazalo08@yahoo.comMy love is like a prisoner its to you that I surrender Angel
  • Grace shiela Almacin August 05, 1999 Graceshielaalmacin@yahoo.comWhat will do your beauty if your attitude is bad
  • Carl Vincent ArrabisDecember 1, 1997Arrabiscarlo@yahoo.comI will do my best
  • Rosalyn SaludesAugust 28, 1998Saludesrosalyn@yahoo.comA penny soved is a penny earned
  • Grace Ivy Castillo February 01, 1998 c.Graceivy@yahoo.comA friend is someone who is there for you when ned rather be somewhere else only only your real friends
  • Jhon rey Sanita July 25 1998 Jhon_rey sanita81@yahoo.comA I grow older I pay less attention to what mensay John Rey
  • Juvilyn Rubi January 07 1998 juvilynrubi@yahoo.comYou only it right once but if you work it right once enough Juvilyn
  • Charles dexter Flores Feb. 09, 1998 Charlesflores54@yahoo.comWhat is your beauty if the brain is empty Charle s
  • Van jerry Nonay January 19, 1996 Vanjerry25@yahoo.comOn god all imposible thing are posible Van jerry
  • Bryan Pedrosa January 21,1994 bryanpedrosa24@yahoo.comEdcation should bring to light the ideal of individual Bryan
  • Kristel mari Ombao Nov. 28 1998Ombao_k@yahoo.com Pray hard if works
  • Danica Reyes December 27, 1998 Danica.reyes35@yahoo.comBeauty is use less but character is the best
  • Kathleen Laurio May 26, 1997 santoskathleen63@yahoo.comWhatis beauty ifthe brain is empty
  • Ivy anne Ongo December 13. 1998 Ivyanne.ongo@yahoo.comBig ideas come up from small ideas Ivyanne
  • Melchor ferrer Jr. June 19 ,1998 Melchorferrer91@yahoo.comOn god all imposible thing are possible Melchor
  • Janus matthew Mora May 29, 1998morajanus@yahoo.comOnly god can judge me