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    Abel's E- Abel's E- Presentation Transcript

    • Abel's Slide show E-commerce logo
    • Zappos A online shoe selling store at lower prices then other shoe departments.
    • Zappos
        • They sell different kinds of shoes at lower price.
        • They mostly have other shoes businesses in competition for selling or making more shoes. 
        • They make a lot of money and make customers happy for what they let them sell.
    • Amazon Amazon a place were you can buy things at no extra cost.
    • Amazon
        • Amazon is a store that is online which have changed people from buying mostly things that people sell or that are in stock.
        • It has made more money than than other stores for example Best buy, Wal-Mart, and Kmart.
        • Amazon has over a lot of people always trying to sell or buy things.
    • Netflix A online movie rental store just rent and their shipped of to your home and late fees.
    • Netflix
        • NEtflix has over a million movies to choose to sent in your home.
        • It has mostly put blockbuster out of business and they have no late fees.
        • Netflix movies are shipped to your own home with no mailing charges.
    • eBay eBay is a place to buy thing s from other people from around the world.
    • eBay
        • eBay is a place that sells and can buy things from people around the world.
        • eBay has changed many selling companies from things being sold around the world.
        • It has gone over one million peole on eBay selling priceless things and people buying them.
    • Skype A online internet use to call people from around the world.
    • Skype
        • Skype has changed many phone companies and those cards to call people from around the world.
        • It is a positive thing because you don't have to pay anything just downloading it.
        • Skype has over a lot of things to do by calling by searching on the website so you can call them.