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Mam Ivy Birthday - 11/09/2013

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Mam Ivy

  1. 1. Mam Ivy Edrada Pascua
  2. 2. Happy Birthday Ma’am ! More Birthdays to come. Take care always Wish you all the best and God bless ! by: Minet Castañeda
  3. 3. Happy Birth Day ma’am , wish you all the best. Sana peaceful and long life. Salamat . Ingat. By: Keith
  4. 4. Happy Birthday vhie, wish you a happy and fruitful love life. Ahahaha! Charot, stay beautiful! Enjoy life to the fullest and just be your self.. A labyu so much….. Muaahhh! By: Charie, Co-PT
  5. 5. Happy birthday…. Take care of yourself and follow your heart, and please be reminded that I will be always here for you if you need me .. God bless you and your family. by: Emman, Co-PT
  6. 6. Happy birthday ma’am! Wish you all the best and more b’days to come. Take care and God Bless! by: Edrian
  7. 7. Happy birthday ma’am Ivy!!! May you have more birthdays and blessings to come. Ingat. I love You . By: Jezril Pascua
  8. 8. Hello ma’am ! Seasons greeting , Charot! HBD ma’am. I hope that there will be a lot of happiness may happen to you. MBTC! Dapat teacher kana pag college na ako! by: Amram
  9. 9. Hi ma’am Sexy, Happy bday po, miss you po, konting kembot nalang makaka-graduate na din po kayo. Always keep in mind SPJ loves you. by: Avi Dacquel
  10. 10. Hi ma’am ! Happy happy birthday ! It’s your day, so enjoy it co’z its time for you to be happy like what we feel when we’re with you:D miss kana po naming mga SPJ uhhhh. Yung teacher na ka-vibes namin, ung puro tawa kapag time na namin sayo, hahaha, ma’am dahil hindi kami nakapag-paalam at nakapag-thank you ng mabuti pero ma’am masyado namin kayong nami-miss sa sobrang ka-kyutan at kakulitan nyo haha. Ma’am sana makita ka namin pero alam ko makikita at makikita ka namin with your perfect teacher uniform, ma’am thank you for your smile and cute laugh that made us always stronger. Thank you for love and care, expect that we will always treasure the time that we’re with you! SPJ loves you ma’am . Happy birth day ulit ma’am.
  11. 11. Hello ma’am Ivy! Happy, happy birthday, more birthdays to come. Thank you for everything. Stay pretty and sexy. Good health always. Take care and God bless . Miss yahhhhh… by: Ivy Hannalie Castillo
  12. 12. Happy birthday ma’am Ivy!!! Wish you a happy and fruitful life! More birthdays to come , take care always, luv u.. by: Hazel M. Lacinto
  13. 13. Happy birthday ma’am Ivy!!! by: Amram Jezron Inere