Mobile landscape for community/ethnic media
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Mobile landscape for community/ethnic media



Amy Gahran's presentation: an overview of mobile media and mobile business opportunities for community and ethnic media organizations. Delivered for the Knight Digital Media Center @ USC, held at CUNY ...

Amy Gahran's presentation: an overview of mobile media and mobile business opportunities for community and ethnic media organizations. Delivered for the Knight Digital Media Center @ USC, held at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, May 18, 2012

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  • Think about everything you use -- AND NEED -- your phone for\n\nThink of everything important or sensitive that’s stored there\n\nThink of how often each day you hold it in your hand.\n\nmaybe it stays on your bedside table at night\n\nNow...\n\nHAND IT TO SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW!\n\nDo it!\n\nHow do you feel?\n
  • Serve people well via their phone -- strong relationship building, engagement\n\nFrustrate them, annoy them, keep them waiting and guessing: THEY WILL HATE YOU!\n\nSo be very careful...\n
  • \n
  • This is already true in most of the rest of the world, of course.\n
  • Mobile can do great things for community publishers who have already been innovating online.\n\nBut if you’ve only had a very basic web presence so far, you actually might be able to make a huge leap ahead\n\nThe U.S. lags behind much of the rest of the world in terms of useful mobile media and services, in part because we had a robust and entrenched media and communication system.\n- One that was meant mainly for the last century, and that’s hard to change\n\nMany parts of the world which never had much landline infrastructure, like rural areas of Africa, India, Indonesia, South America -- mobile took off and people use it for everything\n- Mostly because they did not have such a huge investment & commitment to landlines and computers.\n\nIf you haven’t gone beyond the basics of web publishing, you could stand to make such a leap with mobile.\n\n
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  • Explain Digital Divide\n\nMobile phones especially important to homeless people, day laborers, immigrants\n\nWhen you live on the edge of society, staying connected is a primary need.\n
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  • The mobile mindset\n\nActive -- people like to DO stuff\n
  • Mobile users are distracted\n\nHopefully not THIS distracted\n\nContinuous partial attention -- info in short bites\n\nEfficient context becomes very important.\n
  • Mobile is hyperlocal -- in terms of the experience\n\nThe mobile experience is only as good as your carrier’s local network coverage and performance.\n\nWhat can people expect in YOUR community?\n\nCheck out maps and reports\n\nPut their app on your phone.\n\nIf coverage stinks in some parts of your community: Take it easy on the videos, photos, large web pages\n
  • A lot of people say tablets aren’t really mobile\n\nPeople usually sit down to experience longer form or richer content\n\nI think tablets CAN BE mobile, but usually not in news/media context\n
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  • Take out your phone, launch the web browser\n\nLook at your site\n\n\nDoes it load?\n\nDo you have to pinch, zoom, scroll to get around\n\nThen it’s NOT really mobile friendly\n\nBut you can fix that\n\n\nSWITCH TO CAMERA, SHOW SOME ON MY PHONE\n\nSHOW ONE ON AN IPAD, AND A BLACKBERRY\n
  • THERE ARE SOME THINGS YOU CAN DO editorially to make your content mobile-friendly\n\nContext up top\n\nHighlights on OL stories - bullet format\n\nOn full site, they display on side -- but up top for mobile story pages.\n
  • Facilitate sharing - mobile website\n\nSMS, e-mail, social media are options\n\nI wish they used highlights on mobile web or app. They don’t. D’oh!\n
  • \n
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  • You sell ads, right?\n\nMost mobile ads stink\n\nTiny banners can’t communicate much but take up precious space\n- Users not only don’t value them; they dislike banner ads\n- Rarely worth paying for\n\nBut mobile ads can be very useful -- if they’re mobile-friendly landing pages\n
  • Two restaurants websites. Which of these will mobile users find more rewarding?\n\nWhy?\n\nWhat’s right/wrong with these?\n\nLeft site is actually a mobile microsite, from service called\n\nRight is a full site struggling to display in a mobile browser. Too much work!\n
  • Most local businesses: These are their default mobile-friendly presences\n\nBut they can’t control it or do much to promote things\n\nAnd reviews on these sites can be problematic.\n
  • Looks at what happened last night. \n\nEspecially in a big metro area, relying on mobile uses to use Yelp to find you can be a big problem.\n\nAsk Arturo.\n
  • Explain what Ryan built\n\nWorked great, brought feet in advertisers’ stores.\n\nBUT: Paper’s sales force didn’t really know how to sell it, so instead pushed banner ads that point to full sites.\n\nRyan’s really bummed about this. Me too. \n\nThis is a better approach. Bigger sales. But your sales staff has to be up to educating customers.\n
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  • Experimenting is good!\n\nYou need a sandbox! And tomorrow, George & I will help you build one.\n\nKeep it small, contained until you know what you’re doing\n\n...A little bit about some key mobile channels for community news orgs...\n
  • TEXT MESSAGING CONSIDERATIONS\n\nVastly underutilized by U.S. media, but a lot of opportunities if you can meet the challenges\n\nWorks on almost every cell phone\n\nPopular even w/ smartphone owners\n\nTimely, gets attention\n\nCan include links, phone numbers\n\nBUT\n\nPeople will HATE you if you overuse or spam\n\nCost per message send & receive\n\nShortcode requirements, cost, hassle\n\nCarriers control it: Can block you if they want.\n\nLower-income users change phone numbers frequently - harder to build a list\n
  • SMARTPHONE APPS: CONSIDERATIONS\n\nYou get to control layout, functionality (mostly)\nSome come with built-in ad networks (REVENUE)\nSmartphones becoming majority in some communities (but not all)\n\nBUT\n\nDeveloping platform-specific software = hassle\n\nInbound links might not open in app\n\nUsers must download, run -- and often they don't. 3/4 of all apps don’t get opened more than 9 times (Worse for news apps)\n\nShovelware is not engaging\n
  • For most news/content providers, apps are overkill\n\nToo much work & expense\n\nDownloads is a misleading metric: Look at user session length\n\nEspecially true for iPad apps. Technology Review killed theirs, big waste.\n
  • MOBILE IS ABOUT PEOPLE, not technology\n\nGet out there and EDUCATE & ENGAGE YOUR COMMUNITY AND ADVERTISERS\n\nThink SERVICES (ex: calendar, landing pages), not just content and display ads)\n\nTalk about your mobile offerings at events\n\nTutorial materials: print, web, video\n\nPromote your mobile offerings in your print/broadcast venues\n\nRemind people to save your mobile web, e-mail, social media in their phones.\n\nPartner with local tech trainers\n
  • MOBILE DOESN'T STAND ALONE\n\nCell phones will probably never be where people get your whole story. \n\nBut it helps them stay connected to you, and to each other through you.\n\nMobile, computer-based internet, print/broadcast are symbiotic: \n- Mobile gives your content wings & legs\n- keeps it alive\n- helps it spread\n\n•Provide quick bites, ambient awareness, not so much storytelling\n•Promote, explain through print/broadcast media\n•Prepare fliers, tutorials ready to go/send\n•Point for now is to drive web traffic (desktop or mobile)\n•Mobile & social media go together (George will cover that)\n\n\nINTRODUCE ARTURO\n\nI was down on mobile banner ads, but they can make you some money\n\nEnough to fund your initial sandbox experiments\n\nArturo has tons of experience on the business side.\n

Mobile landscape for community/ethnic media Mobile landscape for community/ethnic media Presentation Transcript

  • Amy @agahran
  • Workshop
  • The Mobile Landscape:Tips for Community & Ethnic MediaAmy Gahran, Knight Digital Media Center @ USC May 18-19 2012, CUNY
  • Take outyour phones!
  • Mobile is PERSONAL!
  • Mobile is Everywhere!
  • Mobile is taking over“By 2015, more U.S. internet users will access the Internet throughmobile devices than through PCs or other wireline devices.” IDC, September 2011 forecast
  • Smartphones are becoming the norm• U.S.: 234 million cell phone subscriptions for people over age 13.• 45% (106 million) of these are smartphones (as of March 2012 -- but 12% are BlackBerries)• Later this year, smartphones will become the majority of U.S. handsets in use. Source: comScore
  • Mobile Digital Divide:“The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed.”
  • Mobile is bridging the U.S. digital divide“The rise of mobile is changing the story. Groups that have traditionally been on the other side of the digital divide in basic internet access are using wireless connections to go online. “Among smartphone owners, young adults,minorities, those with no college experience, and those with lower household income levels are more likely than other groups to say that their phone is their main source of internet access. Pew “Digital Differences,” April 2012
  • Mobile is ACTIVE!(well, smartphones are)
  • DistractedContinuous partial attention
  • Verizon coverage at CUNYSignal strength: Mostly good Data speed: Dead zone nearby!
  • Tablets: Lean-back experience
  • Think: Use Cases!What will people want to DOwith your content or services?On what kind of mobile device? Or across different devices?
  • Common mobile activities for content or services• Sharing links (social media, e-mail, texting)• Looking up actionable info (phone number, directions, hours, FAQs)• Adding their thoughts, opinions, content (photos, etc.)• Filling out forms• Interacting with services (navigation, e- commerce, more)
  • Web Content: Start here!Look at your site on your phone
  • Geocode your content!• Add a field to your CMS that generates Lat/ Long coordinates for each content item.• Increasingly important to support mobile search• When you take photos, make sure location capture is turned on.• Flickr good for geo-discovery of photos.
  • Why mobile web first?• You already have a website. Get more mileage from it!• Inbound links must work on any device• Your web audience is going mobile anyway• Inherently cross-platform• Users don’t have to download/run anything• Cheaper than building apps (mostly)• HTML5 adds app-like functionality
  • Mobile landing pages Useful service to sellMobile friendly Not
  • Yelp, Google Placesaren’t really enough
  • Spokesman Reviewadvertiser landing pages
  • Don’t build anything you don’t have to! Integrate popular 3rd-party tools Free or inexpensive. Less work, more visibility• Mobile-friendly social blogging platform• Mobilize your news site• Build mobile landing pages for advertisers• YouTube: Mobile-friendly video sharing• Mobile-friendly community calendar• Amara Universal Subtitles: Cross language barriers
  • Other mobile “channels” (besides web)• Social media (including Facebook -- but don’t do everything there)• SMS text messaging (alerts or interactive)• Mobile-friendly e-mail• Native smartphone or tablet apps (your own or 3rd party)• Audio• Mobile web apps• E-books
  • Which channels to try?• Do your own mobile market research in your community. (And keep doing it)• Start with what they already use & like.• Small, short-term experiments to gain experience.
  • Text messaging
  • Educate, engage yourcommunity & advertisers