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The ... CRAP by Velocity

  1. 1. Why the single biggest threat to content marketing is content marketing. and how building a Great Content Brand will help you survive the deluge.
  2. 2. Dothemath. Contentmarketinghas takenoff.
  3. 3. NineoutoftenB2B marketerswillbe producingmuchmore contentnextyearthan theydidthisyear. Thetenthisclueless andprobablywon’tbe botheringanyoneanyway
  4. 4. Mostofthesewillproduce evenmorecontenttheyear afterthat.
  5. 5. . . . . This creates some real problems.
  6. 6. Thefirstisacontent marketingskillsgap. B2Bmarketingdepartments needtobuildouttheir internalcontentteams.
  7. 7. SEOagenciesarebecoming contentmarketingshops.
  8. 8. Socialmediaagencies havediscoveredcontentas thenewsociallubricant.
  9. 9. EveryB2Bmarketingagencyis crammingtheword‘content’ intoeverythingtheydo. Makingusold-timers goallsnippy
  10. 10. Copywriting Agencies arenow contentfarms. Video production companies arenow “richcontent creators.” Contract publishers arerebranding themselves ascontent marketing experts. EventheirUKtradegroup isnowcalledtheContent MarketingAssociation —asmartplay
  11. 11. Allofthemneed peopleandallofthem arealreadystruggling tofindtherighttalent: Peoplewho‘get’content, understandcontextandcan actuallyproducethingsthat audienceswanttoconsume.
  12. 12. Again: Dothemath.
  13. 13. Lotsandlotsandlots MoreContent. Frommoreandmoresources. Fromapoolofinexperiencedcontent creatorsthatarestretchedtothelimit.   There’sonlyoneconclusion:
  14. 14. We’reallabouttobeburiedin
  15. 15. ‘Me-too’blogposts. Videointerviewsthatmight aswellbesubtitled,‘Yadda-yadda-yadda.’ Three-sentenceideaspumped upinto36-pageeBooks. Micrositesfulloftheobviousdisguised astheprofound.
  16. 16. Thisdoesn’tjustsuck becausewe’reall goingtobetargeted byallthisdrek. Itsucksbecause thepeoplewe’re marketingtowill starttoraisetheir barriersagain.
  17. 17. After all, a main source of the power of content marketing is that it gets prospects to lower their Marketing Defense Systems for a few minutes. Longenough, wehope,toget theirattentionand earntheircustom.
  18. 18. Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content ContentContent Content Content Content Content Content ontent Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content ContentContent Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content But when the Content Effluent Deluge begins (many would say it already has), people will start to invoke those Marketing Defense Systems again. And they’ll be right to do so.
  19. 19. If you’re in the business of you’reincreasinglygoingtobe upagainsttheotherkindofcontent. thekindthatreallyhelps peopledotheirjobs; thekindthatentertains aswellasinforms; thekindthatblows people’ssocksoff,then sellsthemslippers; The Shite
  20. 20. Theweakcontentwilllook fromtheoutsideawholelot likethegoodstuff. Snappytitles.Come-hither subtitles.Friendly,opendesign. It’sonlywhenpeopleactually eatthestuffthatthey’lldiscover justhowbaditis. Tomake thingsworse,
  21. 21. And that will make them much more reluctant to trust the next content that comes along. Your Content
  22. 22. It’s inevitable. Lesstraffic. Fewerpageviews. Feweropens,click-throughs,downloads,formfills. Fewerleads. Lessrevenue. Ouch.
  23. 23. But we won’t all suffer this fate. Some of us will be protected against it.
  24. 24. Someofuswillfind ourtrafficandopen ratesanddownloads andrevenuesactually increasing–against themarkettrend.   Whowill thesepeoplebe? Whatmakesthemso damnspecial?
  25. 25. The winners in the Post-Deluge era will be the companies that build something precious.
  26. 26. Thewinnerswillbethosewhobuild GreatContentBrands
  27. 27. Great. ‘Great’ becauseyou aimhighandhit thetarget. Content. ‘Content’ becausethisis differentfrom yourproductor servicebrands. thisisabout beingknown forproducing top-notch content. Brands. ‘Brands’ becauseabrand isapromise. Andastrong brandisbuilton promisesupheld.
  28. 28. A Great Content Brand is a brand that’s famous for producing intelligent, useful and entertaining content that’s always worth consuming.
  29. 29. A Great Content Brand is a brand that’s famous for producing intelligent, useful and entertaining content that’s always worth consuming. ‘Well-known’ is not enough. Go for famous (in your market). Nevercondescending or over-simplified. Utility is the essence of content marketing. Make yourself useful. Even if each piece doesn’t nail their exact info-needs, they’ll be glad they invested the time. If you fail once, you damage the brand. This doesn’t mean a laugh riot. It means confident, clear and easy to read with a bit of attitude and energy.
  30. 30. Six Principles of Great Content Brands
  31. 31. Six Principles of Great Content Brands Be the buyer Everything starts with their challenges, needs, prejudices and concerns.
  32. 32. Six Principles of Great Content Brands Be authoritative Stay in your Sweet Spot, where the things you understand better than anyone else intersect with the things your prospects really care about.
  33. 33. Six Principles of Great Content Brands Bestrategic One-offcontentislands don’tadduptoacontentstrategy.
  34. 34. Six Principles of Great Content Brands Beprolific ContentMarketingisamarathon notashotput.
  35. 35. Six Principles of Great Content Brands Bepassionate Ifyoudon’tcareaboutthisstuff, whyshouldanybodyelse?
  36. 36. Six Principles of Great Content Brands Betoughonyourself You’llknowifyou’rebeinglazy. Don’tbelazy.
  37. 37. £ If you build a Great Content Brand, you will never struggle to get your stuff read. Your Return on Content will always rise.
  38. 38. ShareShare ShareShare ShareShare S Becausepeople whoconsumeyour contentreallylikeit. Andtheyshareit withotherpeople. Who also really like it. And share it with other people. Who also… repeatuntilfamous
  39. 39. There’s an added benefit. Remember the skills gap that kicked off this whole rant? Well Great Content Brands also attract great content people who make… great content. It’savirtuouscircle andit’sFUNtoride.
  40. 40. Finally,aGreatContentBrand willthrowabright,clearlight onyourmaincorporate,product andservicebrands. Justassurelyasaweakcontentbrand willdrainhard-earnedenergyaway fromyourmainbrands.
  41. 41. Let’snotkidourselves, BuildingaGreatContentBrand hasalwaysbeenhard. Today—withallthepressure toproducemoreandmore andmorecontent—it’sharder thanever.
  42. 42. ButastheContentEffluentDeluge getsnearerandnearer buildingaGreatContentBrand isalsomoreimportant thaneverbefore.   Infact,it’scritical. hearthatroar?
  43. 43. A thought experiment. Pull out that pocket compact you have in your handbag or bottom drawer. Flip it open and look in the mirror. Now ask yourself, “AmIbuildingaGreat ContentBrandoram Ijustbuildinganefficient contentmachine?”
  44. 44. Ifthelittleroundfaceinthemirrorsays, ‘Thelatter’,closethecompactand gorevisityourstrategy. “I’m building a Great Content Brand or I’m just building an efficient content machine”
  45. 45. But if it says, ‘The former’, then may the light of a thousand beacons shine on your career. “I’m building a Great Content Brand or I’m just building an efficient content machine”
  46. 46. € € £ ££ $ $ € Andmaytherevenue ofathousandeager buyerswashoveryour naked,quiveringbody. $ ££ £ €€
  47. 47. Bottomline: TheContentDelugeisapproaching. Raiseyourgame,buildagreatcontent brandorpreparetogetsoaked.
  48. 48. Thankyou.
  49. 49. Some more content you may like. We like metaphors. But sometimes, metaphors leak back into the real world and distort our view of that world. A short primer on the single most important weapon in the B2B marketing arsenal: content marketing. It’s hot! Great content marketing starts with a sharp content marketing strategy. This Checklist will help you sharpen yours. A tirade against the reactionary forces of traditional marketing. A wake up call. Okay, a bit of a temper tantrum. A joyride through the mean streets of B2B The B2B Marketing Manifesto The B2B Content Marketing Blog The B2B Content Marketing Workbook B2B Content Marketing Strategy Checklist Three Poisonous Metaphors in B2B Content Marketing
  50. 50. VelocityisaB2Bcontentmarketingagency. Wehelpgreatcompaniescapturealltheyknow todelightthepeopletheyneedtomeet(then turnthatdelightintorevenue).