Small Business Hiring Playbook by Linkedin


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Small Business Hiring Playbook by Linkedin

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Small Business Hiring Playbook by Linkedin

  1. 1. Small Business Hiring Playbook
  2. 2. Finding talent on LinkedIn Grow your company and hire more effectively with the world’s most advanced professional network. In this guide, you will learn the ways that LinkedIn can support and accelerate hiring for your company. Even if you’re not an experienced recruiting professional, these tips will help you effectively hire on LInkedIn. 3 Steps to Hiring Polish your LinkedIn presence 03 Find candidates 07 Screen, interview, hire 11 | 2
  3. 3. Polish your LinkedIn presence Establish your presence on LinkedIn and prepare to search for candidates.
  4. 4. Tips for defining your ideal candidate Have a plan Agree with the hiring manager, hiring committee, and the HR team what traits are “must have” and “nice to have” for the role. Find inspiration Get ready The first step is to paint a clear picture of your ideal candidate. Define the specific skills, experience, and attributes that would make a candidate successful in a particular role. Look at job postings for similar roles to spark ideas on what to look for in a candidate and how roles are described. Look within Look to successful employees within your company for clues on what traits you desire in your next hire. Write the job description Put this down on paper to share with candidates and employees alike. Keep it short and write it with your audience - your candidates - in mind. | 4
  5. 5. Your network: Get connected Find and connect with colleagues on LinkedIn to maximize your network and increase the chances of finding a candidate through people you know. Connect to coworkers, classmates, and all of your professional contacts on LinkedIn to extend your reach. You never know who may connect you to a great hire. LinkedIn Groups can help you reach specialized talent pools on LinkedIn. Look for groups relevant to the role to learn more about the people you’re trying to recruit. Friends Fellow Alumni Co-workers (past) Co-workers (present) Clients Groups | 5
  6. 6. What members think of Company Pages. “I love being able to see who has posted a role and research the company and its employees all via LinkedIn” Create your Company Page -Moray, Business Development Manager xyzCo Establish your company’s presence on LinkedIn with a free Company Page, which gives potential hires an easy way to learn more about the company. xyzCO Careers Home Careers 36,894 followers Products Follow Insights PEOPLE To get started, simply upload a logo, banner image, and a short company description. Where will you go with xyzCo? Connect with us to start today. UPDATES View all updates » JOBS Get fellow employees connected! Be sure they add their current position at your company. All employees and job postings will automatically appear on the Company Page. Find inspiration from LinkedIn’s top pages of 2012 | 6
  7. 7. Find candidates Use LinkedIn to identify and contact quality candidates who match your needs.
  8. 8. Job Posts that leverage your network Post a job, and let the network find candidates for you. 1 You don’t need to be a pro. 75% of job posters are managers, not professional recruiters 2 Dozens of top candidates. 50+ average applicants for each job post 3 LinkedIn is great for small business. 50% of jobs posters are at companies with 50 employees or less “Simply way more effective than any other recruiting tool we have ever used.” -Small business CEO 4 Reach passive candidates. 50% of applicants discover the opportunity through LinkedIn recommendations. For more info on LinkedIn Jobs visit | 8
  9. 9. Simple tips to get started Search Easily identify the perfect candidates by searching on LinkedIn. Join the many people who search LinkedIn to find great talent. In 2012, over 5.7 billion professionally oriented searches were conducted on LinkedIn.  Find members on LinkedIn who meet your criteria with basic keyword searches.  Use search filters to zero in on the right people with a few clicks.  See common connections, background and education.  Reach out when you find the right match. | 9
  10. 10. Premium Sourcing on LinkedIn Search like a pro Talent Finder Recruiter Premium facets Premium facets You want to reach passive candidates beyond your network.  Get richer results with premium visibility See profiles of your full network See full profiles for all 200M members  Contact top talent with InMail 25 per month 50 per month Be more efficient with time saving tools 10 alerts Profile Notes One to many messages 50 alerts Profile Notes  You have a few hours to dedicate to finding and reaching out to talent.  Run more precise searches  When does it make sense to use LinkedIn’s Premium search, instead of a job post, to find candidates? Share activity with colleagues You have hard-to-fill roles that require unique skill sets or experience. Option for multi-user collaboration Learn more about LinkedIn Talent Solutions | 10
  11. 11. Contact Once you’ve identified candidates, reach out to them to discuss the opportunity and gauge interest. If you know someone directly or through a group, you can message them on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Premium accounts let you reach great candidates outside of your network. ✓ ✓ ✓ InMail Improve response rates Response Guaranteed InMail lets you contact anyone on LinkedIn, even if you’re not connected. It’s a great way to start to engage potential candidates. A great way to improve your InMail response rate is to mention people you know in common. Learn how to craft great InMail messages at If you don’t get a response to your InMail message in 7 days, we’ll give you another InMail to send. | 11
  12. 12. Screen, Interview, Hire Quickly build a shortlist and screen top candidates as you take the final steps in making a hire.
  13. 13. Create your shortlist Easily create a shortlist, screen candidates, and prepare for your final steps in making a hire. ✓ ✓ ✓ Quickly review candidates Check references Organize candidate profiles When you accept applications on LinkedIn, it’s easier than ever to sort through candidates. Filter applicants by company, school, experience, industry, and function to get a shortlist quickly. LinkedIn highlights candidates that are connected to people in your network. You can contact mutual connections as a quick reference check. Keep track of quality candidates during the interview process. Use profile organizer to manage relationships with existing and potential candidates on LinkedIn. | 13
  14. 14. Want someone to help you hire? For additional help fulfilling your hiring needs, you can use LinkedIn to find a recruiting agency that will get the job done for you. Agencies typically charge a fee as a percentage of the annual salary of the role they fill, though some bill on an hourly basis. Discuss and agree terms of engagement and cost with an agency before starting to work with them. Do your research Review an agency’s Company Page and website to discover past and existing clients, and to determine if they can fulfill your hiring needs. Leverage the LinkedIn network There are over 300,000 agency recruiters on LinkedIn, so try searching to find one that’s right for you. You may even have connections to recruiting agencies in your own network. If so, check your references and determine if they’re the best fit. | 14
  15. 15. So, that’s it! Ready to get started? Great! Remember – we’re always here to help! Just contact us at if you have any questions.