Andres Velasquez Candidato MCVP 2002 2003 Aplicacion AIESEC COLOMBIA -completa-


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Andres Velasquez Candidato MCVP 2002 2003 Aplicacion AIESEC COLOMBIA -completa-

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Andres Velasquez Candidato MCVP 2002 2003 Aplicacion AIESEC COLOMBIA -completa-

  1. 1. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience General Questions 1 What is the key role you think you can play in the MC team? R* Enable LC,s to run Core Work Process and Ensure sustainability in Quantity and Quality.Create concience en aiesec colombia members who are part of OGX orS&L Teams as account managers to take key and concrete actions interms of our work based in the national and local strategies that letdecrease OGX delivery times trough STRONG AIESEC INVOLVEMENTand training in simple processes and procedures of learning and givingthe perfect way and the proper information to built X cooperation LC/LCand Between MC,s. 2 What is your personal vision for the role of AIESEC in the Colombian society in the future? AIESEC in Colombia is creating (trough our Core Work Activities) Bussiness leaders of the country, young Entrepreneurs with strong personal and proffesional Values and skills and they are thinking in effort the relationships and image of colombia abroad taking in account Cultural interaction and Commercial cooperation to position Colombia as atractive choice because its people and its solid economy holded by real Change Agents. 3What do you think the top three priorities of AIESEC in Colombia should be in 2002- 2003? Briefly outline your strategies to accomplish each.SN and TN Side Consistent Delivery [Based on Growing Together] Clear and Transparent Communication [Based on Working as One]1
  2. 2. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC ExperienceSTRATEGIES 1) Create*Give Simple Processes to facilitate the core work in everything we need to do. 2) Set Minimum Standards that are all time in the mind of our Account Managers. 3) Give a Clear Idea about what are the Specific and Strategic Roles and Responsabilities of EB,s, Account Managers, TN takers, Trainees (We must define this based in Aiesec Colombia Current reality and future wishes) 4) Make a Model of Traineeship Process Progress Report (customized to @ Colombia) for Trainees Outgoing and Company Contacts of TN takers Organizations. 5) Define, Make and Use National Corporate Marketing MaterialMembers Personal Contribution to the Vision of AIESEC living International ExperiencesSTRATEGIES 1) Motivate @ Col. People to “fight” for a Challenging and enriched Carreer in AIESEC. 2) SHARE EVERYTHING is possible trough 3) Prepare members to be trainees in the future 4) Motivate International Conferences attendance or national conferences in other aiesec countries. 5) Develop or customize a Guide and Forms for Colombian Ceeders 6) Search Information and facilitae the way to get money from national or international funds targeted in NGO,s.Quality Measurement Sistem Understanding of Relevance. . . and Complete Implementation [Based on Satisfying our Stakeholders]STRATEGIES2
  3. 3. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience Develop an AIESEC Involvement Program Plan for Trainees(In & Out) and Companies (Company Contacs specially)“One Thing Is Pretty Important To Me And It IsShare!. ShareKnowledge, ShareInformation,ShareExperience, ShareResources, Share Materials,ShareTalent, ShareContacts, . . . SHARE SHARESHARE” 4As AIESEC in Colombia continues to have a strong role internationally, what doyou see as your main priorities in international relations in 2002 - 2003 and howwould you carry these out?MAIN PRIORITIES Market Colombia and AIESEC Colombia I mean sell and promote the country, “spread” a Good Image Both Internally and Externally. Sell AIESEC Colombia as a Country that can Provide almost everything is asked. Enhance strong relations in the Intl. Conferences Active participation of Colombias in AI TaskForces and Global Projects of the Organization. Keep the rank as the Best Country in AIESEC Americas Region and figth to be in the Top 5.HOW CARRY THESE OUT Share everything is possible to share from Colombian LC,s Implement and use the results of the measurement sistem and ensure work with3
  4. 4. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience quality minimum standards to be recognised internationally as a country with excellent core Work runningà To Create and Store Case Studies. Striving to be Best Practices in everything we do. To get a Strategic Person and convince himher to be prt of the BOA in a Rol where heshe can give the appropiate assesment in International Relations. To get a Strategic Person and convince himher to be prt of the BOA in a Rol where heshe can give the appropiate assesment in New Economy and International Trends. Create a personal and proffesional development planmodel to prepare the Former and Current MC to be part of International Task forces and the MCP to apply to be part of AIESEC International in any position. Revise, Complement and align the AIESEC Colombia Planning with AIESEC 2005 (CREATE a Effective TRACKING SISTEM). Bring and Ensure Excelent transitions to the nexts MC,s teamsà Motivate and Empower General Assembly to send lots qualified representatives in International enclosures like Ceeders, twins, International Conferences (LCP,s VP,s) etc. Serach the perfect enclosure to lead or create trends in AIESEC (Ex> linguistic, Turism etc.) Ask for Continous assesment from Aiesec international and get strategic contcs there. Hear opinions from all the people of AIESEC Colombia to improve our International relations Every Day. To be Dinamic and Energic. Research about more international funds and effrot the ways to get money from it. Send and share topics to get good ideas and set plataforms to motivate peole in the creation of new projects for the organization thinking in a Global Level.4
  5. 5. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience Analice the History of AIESEC Colombia and its international representativennes to take Key things from 70,s, and 80,s and apply it in our Reality Today. Put strategic countris in function of us, I mean specific key countries migth do things we need. Mark the trends. Promote Colombia as a Country with entrepreneurial, high profile and Social Responsible people. Warranty the continuity in International relations using our powerfull information sistems in the best way. 5Which do you think are the most effective ways to use AIESEC’s resources to growin terms of Exchange and build stability at the local level? Keep in mind the GlobalSystem Tools of AIESEC (Insight II,, Measurement System) and anyother resource you consider might be relevant.EFFECTIVE WAYS TO USE AIESEC RESOURCESPeople Run Core Work to give results in terms of growing Give powerfull X and Life Experiences to the rest of Stake holders trough active participation in core work activities Live and promote AIESEC Identity (Nature, Values, Mision, Vision, Core, Philosophy, medios in General) giving tips to understand apply everything. Change teh Society troug leadership oriented actions.Money andGeneral Infraestructure Invest and adapt needs of the membership developmebt issues.5
  6. 6. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience Invest in Knowledge or sustainable technology that could be constantly progresive and changing Invest in Projects that leave a track in the world history.AI materialAndOrganisationalCorporateIdentity Give training. Facilitate the proffesional development in aiesec and outside of it. Educate about values and how to apply it. Understand the AI Directions and thoughs.I2 Support and facilitate the core work and matching delivery actions. Share information to do more and better eXchange. Help to arrange Service and learning planing and run activities according to real expectations. Store strategic data base and Support and facilitate communications and member comunicationà Share Resources and Knowledge Create a REAL Historic Registration of all the organisation “movements”.Measurement Sistem Think, Arrange, Execute, Revise and MEASURE all the activities and actions related to servece and learning as the MAIN point for our organization Today, not only for positioning as an6
  7. 7. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience excellent “life changing service provider’ but a organisation that give value to its Core Work and trough it, change the future developing agents of change in our global society. ... and as its name says> “MEASURE if we are really thinking and acting to get customer satisfaction” 6What have been the two main trends in raising and matching students andtraineeships during last and current term? Why?SN Side 1) Information Technology SN,s 2) Marketing and Management with focus in CSR and Entrepreneurship SN,s.Because The Colombian Education and Professional,s Profiles are very good. Colombian people is Entrepreneurial and Sensible to other Cultures making them socially responsible. The word is asking desperatelly for competitive individuals and indivuduals who understand a Globe of Technology.TN Side 1) Linguistic TN,s 2) Development TN,sBecause The Situation of Colombia and the interest from foreing people who is sensible and socially responsible (From developing countries) makes Colombia as an interesting7
  8. 8. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience Country to contribute with its development and with its future. 7What could be the development steps next year to improve our performance(Quantity and Quality) in SN and TN functional process? Mention two ideas forboth. “CUSTOMER INVOLVEMENT and AIESEC INVOLVEMENT as the Core of Stake Holders Involvement”SN Side SN,s who are matching themselves. SN,s as full active members.Involving LC,s Abroad Strongly>>>[Sign Agreements] “to sell” Colombian SN,s VERY Well in order to get for they the best traineeships in a fast and exclusive way. Receive strong Inputs about how manage programs in a Synchronised LC-LC way in terms of Selection and Preparation mainly.TN Side Trainees “selling” AIESEC (Helping LC,s in marketting calls for Example) Trainees Arranging and planning S^Learning activities for Future Trainees.Involving Companies Strongly>>>[Invite to Everything]8
  9. 9. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience Search the best Feedback sistems to know what are exactly the things we need to do to ensure RE-selling from company contacs. The company contacts must be constant and powerfull support and facilitators of our main Core activities. 8How do you think AIESEC in Colombia can Balance the Increasing Quantity of ourExchanges Vs the quality we give to our stakeholders?I think the best way way to Balance Quality and Quantity is making anstructure that let us work in Service and leraning but knowing a clearidea about numbers based growing. In this way, for example, we cancreate something similar to our Human Talent Manual, I mean a Tool ofAIESEC Colombia (Manual or Guide( for Service and Learning & AIESECStake Holders Involvement) Those things must contain betwen other things>>> ARRANGE standard activities parallel to the Member Educational Cycles where we need include> -How to “Sell it” as added Value to the Companies.  Values active Application -How to “stick it” in the Trainees as the way to  Promote the Nature of our Organisation involve themselves. -How to Convince the  Identification of the best Environments to work SN,s to “Spread it” in the world as Change Agents.  How to work based in the Vision -How the Members can ENJOY IT and work for  Core Work based in individual Contribution it. -How Alumni can Help  Understanding of the Rol and Main Responsabilities of us to Understand the AIESEC Historic reason and Relevance of IT!9
  10. 10. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience ADAPT the Learning Tool to AIESEC Colombia INCLUDE in each activity at least 1 of the 4 Dimentions of AIESEC Way in terms of S&L. GET External assesment to find, set and support activities (Specific, Stadard and Unique) to develop Leadership Skills required to work and involve Stake Holders in the searching the best way to make a contibution to the vision of aiesec Colombia and a contibution to the Colombian society. EDUCATE people to understand and improve the Core Work trough active participation in international AIESEC Issues and Different AIESEc Environments at Global Level TROUGH CEED,s and live the Reality to be Trainee or foreinger. CREATE the Plataform for Projects in wich StakeHolders can involve and the members or trainees develop a Global Entrepreneurship thinking. GIVE the main dots about how to use properly the Information Sistems as a REAL support. EXPLAIN how people can Learn from AIESEC and not only be there as smll stem in my own carreer. INVOLVE StakeHolders as trainees, Organisations to work with AIESEC Together in order to Achieve mutual results and support growing. SHOW the relevance that the Stakeholders can give us. FIND the Key Aspects to make simple ways for CUSTOMER INVOLVEMENT and AIESEC INVOLVEMENT as the Core of Stake Holders Involvement” 9What strategy do you propose to solve the Financial and Legal problem of AIESECin Colombia during next year?10
  11. 11. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience To get an External or Alumni and work with him in the BOA. Create a plan to Negociate with the Colombia state to fix all the pst year unpaying Taxes. Have everything clear in terms of “retencion en la fuente” Educate LCP,s and EB,s not only in Official national Finance Meeting but set a Training Cycle focussed in those issues. Make and ensure historic registration of everything and create order in gathering all of our finace and legal information. Invest in DT,s that let us with the money from the a national fund create a “cushion” to ensure growing and sustainability. Arrange Formal co-operation agreements with the main Chambers of Comerce in the Cities, Dian (At national, regional and local level), Das, Banks, and Other attorney state organisation. Set the posibilities about revenue from Donations and how we can audit it to avoid inconvenients in the future. Control the use of Standard Contracts with trainees and companies. Make agreements with Colombian Entities to get from State Properties (A car, Appartments, Offices etc) taken from ilegal people. It maybe gives to AIESEC colombia the posibility to take somo advantage of thatà Give a clear idea (Concrete activities) abount how we can mange the money that we have been taking from trainees for Service and Learning issues. Make a new Local Compendiums and set minimum things to take in account everytime and educate the members about HOW they can use it. Get an agreement with Foreing Affairs Ministery and other organistions thatsupport us in the easiest ways to run Logistics(All legal papers, such Visas, work permits etc...). Serac information about all the posibilities for traiees and SN,s respect Insurance Companies to give them differnt options. Make a proposal about the logistic in Salary deliveryà Get National partners (or maintain the current) that ensure at least the operative costs of the MC. All the rest of the money that comes from our core work will be used to cover activities at local level and to put money in a national Fund. Sign an agreement with North-South Foundation to learn about getting revenue from International funds directed to NGO,s or non profit Organisations. Buy and distribute a Accounting Software and educate people in its use. Make a Finance and Legal Standard manual or Guide for AIESEC Colombia.11
  12. 12. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience10What do you think about giving continuity to the work done by former MC? Howwould you do it? What would you like to continue?Well I think continuity is one of the basic things to take in account if weexpect a good future. AIESEC Colombia need it, that,s why I think ispretty important follow the work done by former MC to know what theywant for the aiesec colombia,s future and after their plan the next MCcan create a new one with the parmeters of the previous.Follow the steps, leave tracks and built history are part of a big whole ithe organisational success. Then YES, I,m agree with the work done byformer MC and I want to use their “thinking” to make at least a piece ofthe nest future in AIESEC Colombia.HOW I WILL DO IT?STEPS Think in the framework and environment created by the MC work. Identify a Key legacy for contribution to the Colombian society and the AIESEC sistem. Set a clear Idea about what was planned to achieve the last year and what does the former MC is actually doing to achieve the expected results Search Suggestions and Improvements for the Future. Based in those “Learning Points” make a transparent and realistic plan with 3or4 Big priorities, then set and define (According to AIESEC Colombia Today,s reality and Vision) how we measure the expected results and what thing we expect to learn andor achieve. Make an Specific operational Explanation and Time Lines that leave a very good idea of what AIESEC Colombia people need to do to contribute with the plan. The last thing the MC *In process must do is a suggested model to run the transition based in the continuity of the past plan that they cretedà In addition, I think is important to remember and highligth that Part of the MC Responsability is to create Excitement about12
  13. 13. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience current and Next plans to ensure well implementation at individual, local, regional and national level.WHAT I WANT TO CONTINUE?DOTS Keep close relation with members. Mantain good relation internationally Make tracking to Alumni strategy and retain current partners to atract other ones. Hold strong particiption in aiesecÃnet and fi bugs in I2Ã Set NEW strategic markets to raise TN,s. Set NEW strategic actions to follow the delivery time improvement and customer satisfaction trough implementation and use of the measurement sistem, SN module and Keep in mind the Idea of AIESEC Colombia fund to support LC,s parallel growing.!!! 11Do you think the current MC structure is effective according to the needs ofAIESEC in Colombia? If there needs to be a change, Which would be your idealMC Structure?The current Structure is OK but my Suggestion is:13
  14. 14. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience The Image are here but the Document to Read better is Attached! 12 What is necessary to do in Aiesec Colombia to make that the current exchanges we are doing, become an unique learning experience for our Trainees, companies and members and at the same time ensure our contribution to Colombian Society? Educate the highest quantity and quality of Agents of Change in the Global Network of AIESEC trough AIESEC Involvement, developing key activities focused in Learning (In each Stake Holder) to take all the basic Information to to create Leadership Skills that are columns in the AIESEC Values and that let us live with a clear vision of our country woorking as one, a country that share and grow thanks to the contribution from Alumni who are Entrepreneurial Examples and eho are recognised because are Responsible inside their society. KEY ACTIONS: Formal and organised AIESEC Values Implementation. Create conciense about the reality in our social, economical, political, technological, educational, cultural environment and how we can act in front of it. Promote and give a wide and clear frame to understand and apply our philosophy and Identity trough Every Stakeholder.14
  15. 15. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience To prepare and Integrate ll of our trainees in order to understand the reason of our Core Work and the relevance of AIESEC Involvement and why for us is Important receive from they an Active Role (trainees making a positive Track and SN,s backing to “Apply” all they learned). Full Involvement with NGO,s Run at least 1 activity with no less than 1 Learning Dimention (According to AIESEC way). Promote entrepreneurship based on High Social Impact Projects that are True chalenges for comunity involvement and where the AIESECers are the Learders. Insert in the Member Educational Cycle Agendas and Schedules with Trainees *Incoming and outgoing where everybody work on development and ideas implementation to Built the required skills to contribute with the vision of AIESEC Colombia. Stron Alumni Involvement and Externals in no less that 50% of the Service and Learnig Activities Promote long term projects runned by Trainees incoming and outgoing where they Work Based on Entrepreneurship focused in Colombia. Refund the AIESEC Colombia History as part of an Internal Benchmarking, researching about S&L Activities from Past that are able to suit Today. 13How do see AIESEC in Colombia the 30th of June 2003? Every Exchange Team and all the members and account managers are motivated to work with the New Modified Core Work Process EVERY Activity in LC,s in Learning or Service has at least 1 of 4 AIESEC Way dimentions identified and understood15
  16. 16. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience Aiesec Colombia Really knows wich are the Best Activities to Develop Leaders in Colombia and the Future Entrepreneurs. All of those activities are easy to implement. Every Members are managing a complete In or Out X Process (And all the newies are participating) The most of the Trainees are completly satisfyed with Aiesec Colombia and each LC, the trainees are participating in core activities (doing marketing calls and facilitating sub processes of the Core Work in PreparationTraineng moreover having an active Rol in their direct Communities Aqlumnis are “alive” again and their communication is amazing and the communication with AIESEC is exciting (Almost Everything is managed with At least 1 Alumni (in their own Companies or in companies where they work) are taking or will take trainees and are helping and supporting the Sn,s preparation as future key for their companies taking in account that the SN,s will be employees in the companies where they work. Every member of AIESEC Colombia want to be part EB, Every LCP is taking the chalenge applying for any MC position, the staff teams work with very ampowered and motivated peolpe from every LC. All the VP,s take the same positions again to ensure continuity in weak areas of their LC,s. Every Member built needed skills and want to be trainee in AIESEC or Want to start their own Bussiness after leaving AIESEC. The LC,s recognise wich are the best ways to make fundaraising based in the CWP to warranty debt payment and sustainability. Every member is thinking to be Ceeder or to be Delegate in 1 or more national Conferences in foreign Countries of AIESEC and they know how to get Resources to hold all the travels. At least 20% of the SN,s became aiesec members. The MC is 100% self payed thanks to the national fund as a succesfull strategy.16
  17. 17. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience More than 50% of the MC is candidate or Elected member of any International MC or part of International AIESEC Task Force The MCP is running for an AIESEC International Position. AIESEC Colombia is approaching in X results to India and turkey and knows how retain the goals and how we can give continuity to reach the Top *Colombia is still appearing in the Top 10 x Countries in AIESEC but in any quater of the year Colombia get a position between the Top 5) Every LC,s are in the Top 100 LC,s in the world Every member understand and apply in their life and in AIESEC at least 1 of the corporate values The forums are full of contributions because all the members are motivated to share experiences, information, knowledge... and recognise the relevance of it for AIESEC and think is very important leave an historic and sistematic information gathering as part of a BIG strategy in the future to ensure continuty All the country (Aiesec Colombia) and each members recognise and understand the AIESEC RELEVANCE and is thinking in promote and “sell” it to the rest of the stake holders and are incredibly pasionated with the organisation an its success based on X results (Everybody want to put at least “One Number” “With Quality”) getting Individual, Team and LC results and know that this thing is a KEY POINT in their carreers development and their succesfull lifes The past year Goal was overcome in a range between 7% and 18%. Colombia is sending uncommon SN,s profiles, and the LC,s are taking trainees from weak X Countries. The Turism sector is clearly identified and the Firt TN,s per LC are emerging. The resell rate is 12% or 13%.17
  18. 18. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience Various SN,s after their reintegrtion process are taking the AIESEC program Again! The Recent AIESEC alumni are promoting AIESEC in their Companies or they are starting own bussiness with other alumni. The Realisation rate is more than 75%. None of the SN,s has not Traineeship. (*Every SN Get a TN) Everybody is confortable using the Insigth 2 sistem to support Matching and general X Management and all teh members are using as a powerful tool for communication and fo contacts and opportunities sharing The positioning with externals and the money quantity that comes from external environment is very high The companies are contacting AIESEC to know the programs and other benefits, maybe to access X or participate in our events and conferences AIESEC Colombia MC count with minimum 1 partner in each functional area The BOA is conformed by influent people from each Key sector and each Strategic Sector to achieve our Vision The positioning based in Stakeholders satifaction es very high and the Promotion strategies mouth to mouth is effective though is holdedsupported because we have an Excellent marketing material that is atractive and very clear. The national project to run Regional Exchange Partners is started with “rigth foot” and the marketing activities were well taken. 14How do you see yourself in 20 years? What do you want to have accomplished bythen?18
  19. 19. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience I have my Own Company that give Consultive Services in Strategic Marketing for Mass Media Sector I have all the material things that I need to be happy (The basic things) Maybe married with no more than 2 childs Travelling a lot specially cold countries (Russia For Example) Living in Colombia or in other country but coming often to Colombia I,m writing 2 Books the first is in my favorite Adminitrative trend and the other one is about an history based on my own life experiences I have a good health and I,m very active (sports such walking, swimming, martial art…) I have a very good social life (good friends, wine, and wery good food) I have a Big Library with all of my favorite Books, music and movies I,m teacher in a MBA program. I have a small farm where I can cultivate some vegetables, breed wild animals and home animals like dogs. I,m member of a "logia masona" or I,m part of a Rotary Club taking high positions. Enyoying at least one movie each week, and watching TV or Reading Magazines all the nigths. Cocking for my self (I,m studying to be Junior cheff) I,m taking Art classes I spend my time on weekends with my parents, brother, sister and family in generalAND MUCH MORE BUT REALLY I NEED LOTS OF PAPER SHEETS!!!“Parte de la clave del éxito en AIESEC y en la Vida es la DESESPERACION... Desesperacion por la Excelencia! Desesperacion por Cumplir!”19
  20. 20. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience Sahil Kaul Presidente AIESEC Internacional 2001-200220
  21. 21. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience AIESEC Colombia Local Committee CaliAdd: Calle 60 N # 3 B bis 79 / Tel: 6544283E mail: Andresfelipevelasquezhenao@yahoo.comBirthDate: 12th DecemberStudies & Working ExperienceProfileBackground in Psychology able to work trough Organisations in Areassuch Human Resources and Marketing.GoalTo be part of the AIESEC Colombia MC team as MCVP by the term 2002-2003 to support continous growing and follow getting sustainable resultsfor AIESEC, and making a contribution to the vision of AIESEC and tothe Colombian Society.Current Academic StatusAt moment, I,m in the last part of my Tesis and the quarter part of myTraineeship. My tesis is about 3 Topics, Inteligence, Work Performance,and Academic Achivement. I,m working on my traineeship in a projectto create the basis for the general management in Human Resources.Main Studies and Academic ActivitiesI got my degree (as classic bachelor) from Colegio Franciscano de Pio Xiiin Cali 1994 after 11 years of study in the same institution. I started theUniversity studies at January 1996 in Pontificia Universidad JaverianaCali. After my 7th semester and thinking in the posibility to give added21
  22. 22. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experiencevalue to my professional focus and parallel to my formal Psychologyclasses, I attended courses in Bussines Administration as freelancestudent in the same University, taking matters like Organisations,Management, Law, Human Resources, Marketing, IntroductoryEconomics, Advertising, Consumer Behavior, Market Research andSustainable Development.I hope to get my Bachelor Degree in Psychology at the begining ofOctober in 2002!.Practical and Proffesional ExperienceSince 1995 I,v been working in many different kind of organisations(Almost 15) performing various roles and responsabilities during events,mid time works, full time works (Formal, Temporal or Voluntary and asa trainee) and in my own university traineeship. The experienceachieved on those works were focused specially in areas such HumanResources, Marketing and General Management. All the previous workexperience plus my AIESEC experience gave me the profile that I havetoday.Organisation Experience Topic Kind of Work City Year Duration DevelopedInstituto FES de Liderazgo Education and Training Mid Time Work Cali 1993 12 months1st Ocean Pacific Games Logistic, Event Management, Event Work Cali 1995 - 1 1 month Turism & LodgingVelasquez Asociados Consultores Legales y Empresariales Temp. Work Cali Since 1991TICKET Clothes Factory & Stores Sales and Customer Service Temp. Work Cali 1995- 8 months 1999KARENS Bar & Restaurant Sales and Customer Service Temp. Work Cali 1998-1 1 monthALCALA Club & Bar Sales and Customer Service Temp. Work Cali 1998-2 6 monthsP. Universidad Javeriana Education and Training Mid Time Work Cali 1997and 24 monthsPsychometric Division 1998ADEMCA / Proempleo Human Resources Full Time Work Popaya 1998- 6 months n 2_1999-1BAHIAO Club and Discotec Promotion, Communications Temp. Work Cali 1999 - 4 months & Advertising 2000VIP Logistic, Event Management Temp. Work Cali 1999-2 1 monthPlatinum Logistic, Event Management Temp. Work Cali 2000-2 1 month22
  23. 23. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC ExperienceP. Universidad Javeriana Manage Internal Promotion Voluntary Work Cali 2000 2 monthsStudents wellfare Office and and CommunicationsPsichological Assesment CampaignsEC Comunications Sales and Advertising Full Time Work Cali 2000 6 monthsHotel Casa del Alferez / Rec. Human Resources as Trainee Full Time Work Cali Since 2001SofitelSocial WorkI worked with Interact [Rotary Division for Students] from 1992 to 1995and its “Programa Bandera” in a forgotten zone in the Valle del Caucaregion.I was part of another NGO named “Accion Ciudadana” where Iperformed a rol as Secretary during almost 4 months.CoursesName Where Main Topic City Year DurationYouth Leadership Program FES Leadership Institute Leadership Cali 1993 12 months DevelopmentEntrepreneurship Summer Camp Icesi Young Entrepreneurs Cali 1990 1 month DevelopmentAvance Level 1 and 2 Educational Cali 1991 y 1 week each Development 1998Personal Productivity Effectiveness Cali 1999 8 monthsCost Accounting for Small and ADEMCA Accounting Basis Cali 1999 1 monthMedium IndustriesArt Studio & Contemporary Universidad Javeriana Cali 2000 6 monthsPaintingImage Semiology Studio Universidad Javeriana Cali 2000 6 monthsMusical Analisis Banco de la Republica Cali 2000 1 weekConferencesFamily & Society Universidad Javeriana Bogota 1996 3 daysGraphic Mind Thinking Auditorio de la FES Cali 1998 3 days23
  24. 24. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience1st Organisational Psychology Universidad Javeriana Cali 1998 3 daysMeetingClinic PsychologyUpdate and Universidad Javeriana Cali 1999 3 daysCognitionLanguage SkillsI have Spanish as my mother tongue and a English B level in average:Good Understanding, Good Speaking, Good reading and Good Writing.Computer Skills and Aplications ExperienceI have Good PC use and Application Skills in Text Processors, SpreadSheets, Presentations, E mail Management Programs, Database,Publications and Other top office work Applications such InternetBrowsers and Small FREE programs to support work and entertainment.OtherI was in the Colombian Army in the year 1994 into a Protocol Companyof Batallon Guardia Presidencial in Bogota.24
  25. 25. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience AIESEC Experience5 years of AIESEC Involvement and during this time I performed thenext Positions in the Dates below with the specific Achievements:HR Team Member and Recruit Coordinator More than 50 people recruited for AIESEC in Cali in the Term 96-2 More than 30 Training Sesions runned for Newies and Oldies with Internal and External Topics and with AIESECERS and Externals as Facilitators.External Relations Director Aiesec - Universidad Javeriana CALI Around 1997-1 me and my team from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana got the Phisical Space to run all of our main activities after previous office lost in Universidad San Buenaventura.OC Marketing, Logistic and Academic for the Seminar Vision Profesional at 1996-2 We got 75 people in average as participants from 7 of the main Schools in CaliOC Marketing, Logistic and Academic for the Forum Empleo Universitario at 1996-2 We got 50 peolpe in average as participants from 5 of the main Universities in CaliMK Team member and Sales Coordinator 97-2 As account manager of the AIESEC Canada Calendar Project Idea we visited lots of companies during this semester selling more than 60% of the project.VP in Charge of Marketing Sales & EE.RR. 199825
  26. 26. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience Working as a team with the LCP 1997-1998 and the OCP SDL 98 we got Colgate, Honda, and Postobon Between others as Sponsors of the Conference.Member of the Exchange and International Projects & Programs Team 1999 In ICX supporting Marketing & Sales I visited Ecopetrol, Banco de Occidente, and Jhonson & Jhonson to sell the AIESEC traineeship program. I OGX supportin Service & Learning (Preparation) I arrange and facilitate 2 complete Preparation Seminars and Preparation Process for SN,s and focused in Culture Shock.VP OGX 2000Results: Network with LC,s in Costa Rica, Republica Dominicana, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brasil, Portugal, Irlanda, Kenia, Grecia, Polonia, Rep Checa, España, Canada, Hungria, Japon, India, Turkia, Egipto. 3 SN,s Realised, 2 SN,s Matched 2 SRB,s with full externals in many different Roles and positions I made a New Practical Interview Forms I made a New and more complete Procedures Diagram for SN,s in Spanish based in Aiesec International Standard Core Work Process Flow Chart.LCP 2001 – 02 I created and developed the LC Cali Membership Strategy and Carrer Plan and its Member Side (Flow Chart based in the AI Core Work Process but focused in HR Management). I created and developed a practical tool to improve SN,s Delivery (Called in our LC “sistema de plazas”, that wants to give REAL X opportunities to Program Candidates and Potencial Customers (Specially Focused in Reverse Matching) Searching, Negotiating, Signing and Managing 4 agreements with the main Private Universities in Cali. The agreements include TN Taking, Support Core Work activities for promoting and Helping us26
  27. 27. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience with the International Programs to send students abroad for, giving Infraestructure, cash and sponsorship in lots of things we got another benefits from this amazing Partners based in the National University Strategy.CONFERENCESExchange and New SDLTechnologies National Cali April 1998Meeting OCCali July 1996 Logistic Support and TDM Attendee Cali May 1998 OC Logistic SupportNATSManizalez July 1996 NATSDelegate (Working Group Madellin July 1998Research and Internet Trends) External OCTDM CONALPereira October 1996 Bogota January 1999 Delegate Delegate (Working Group Student Review Board)SDLMedellin April 1997 ALDS 1999Delegate and Delegation Leader ApplicantAnalitic Leader Award NATSTDM Medellin July 2000Medellin May 1997 Delegate Delegate and LCP representative ALDS 2000 OC applicantCONALBogota January 1998 LCPMDelegate (Working Group Bogota November 2000Marketing and External Delegate as LCPRelations) CONAL Barranquilla January 200027
  28. 28. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience Delegate as LCP NATS Cali July 2001 Delegate as Current LCP (Facilitator of Working GroupEXPRO 2001 University Strategy)Applicant TDMLCPM Bogota October 2001Bogota April 2001 Trainer Delegate as Current LCP LCPMSDL Bogota November 2001Bogota April 2001 Delegate as Former LCP Delegate as Current LCP ALL the LocalLCPM and Finance&Legal Motivation/Induction CampMeeting and Planning Meetings!!Cali Junio 2001 As Delegate, Oc Support, TeamDelegate as Current LCP Leader or EB and as Facilitator.AREAS RANKING BY EXPERIENCEX Both Sides but more focused on OGX and AppliedInformation Sistems in this Side.Brief Experience: I arranged and facilitated 2 complete Preparation process and seminars in both 1st and 2nd semester of the 1999 as X team member. 3SN,s matched and realised in 2000 as VP OGX 3SN,s matched and 2 realised in the first semester of 2001 as LCP. Lot of Networking in more of 25 countries by searching traineeships for Industrial Engineers, Electronic Engineers, Bussines Administration Students mainly. Excellent Experience managing Reverse matching (The lack of results are because I worked with the LCVP OGX in Communications Campaigns in all of the Universities to switch the mind of most of the students to think less in US, UK, Canada, Australia and other TOP countries as the only choice opportunities, instead we try to convince people to think more in Brasil, Mexico, India, Turkia, Rusia,28
  29. 29. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience China and other more that provide amazing cultural experiences as good choises to go abroad). I developed a complete and usefull Procedures Diagram with new different additions based on Core Work SN Side Flow. I developed a Tool to Help Matching as a part of an internal strategy to increase results decreasing Delivery Time in the SN side.Member DevelopmentBrief Experience: The Membership Strategy of my LC was developed during the firt quarter of my LCP term. Improvement of the members management process by active participation on as a perfet tool to empower membership and make close tracking based in Open, Clear and honest Communication. I have excellent skills to Promote AIESEC on Universities to motivate people for joining. I have been participating on several selection sesions both for potential members and SN,s. I have good developed skills to facilitate working groups taskforces and conferences. I have the ability to find key competences in strategic teams. I have background to arrange and facilitate, Training Cicles, give close coaching and make performance evaluation based on feedback. I have identified wich is the best carrer plan for an AIESEC member and the idoneos profile. I have an special feeling to create good work environments and anlalise key points of Organizational Behavior. I Motivated and Empowered all my EB team as LCP and really I gained skills to move peolpe and positive energy.External and Public RelationsBrief Experience: I made a formal agreement wit Universidad Javeriana de Cali29
  30. 30. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience I managed with my EB team the agreement in Icesi that was signed again for the term 2002-2003. I negotiated during the most part of the year 2001 with the Universidad San Buenaventura to sign an agreement. Finally was aproved by the Principal and the official launch isnin the first classes day in January 2002. In the last few months I have been working with 4 key students (members of AIESEC Cali) in the process to sign an agreement with Universidad Autonoma de Occidente. The document is already approved but we need to get legal assesment before the signatures. We start an informal conversation with Univalle, but we know is a long term project. My LCVP OGX and I visited Centro Colombo Americano, Alianza Colombo Francesa to create parterships supporting Promotion, Communications. Really the Aggreement Document is not signed but we are working with they and we hope are strong parterns (Well at least the Colombo Americano is taking 2 traineeships and they want to take more... ;)) More... We are negotiating with ANEIAP to be partners holding and suporting activities one of each other. And more... Taking the experience in Medellin we are trying to open a road to hunt la Alcaldia de Cali (Is a “big Animal”), I made contacts but the marketing calls are so hard.ROLES AND RESPONSABILITIES THAT I WANT TO “TAKE” 1. Alumni Strategy 2. University Strategy30
  31. 31. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HPersonal Data, Studies & Work Experience and AIESEC Experience 3. 4. CWP SN 5. SN National Strategy 6. Preparation (Entrepreneur Based Preparation) 7. National Partners in SN area 8. Students Data Base 9. Insight 2 (Membership and SN,s) 10. S&L SN,s and Stake Holders Involvement 11. Measurement Sistem (TN and SN side) 12. Positioning and Branding 13. Fundraising and Infraestructure31
  32. 32. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HGeneral QuestionsACCORDING TO THE ROLES OF AN MC I WANT TO TAKE Specially for SNand MEMBER Management...Give to the LC,s all the things they need to run Core Work and Ensure Sustainability! Suit, Execute and Develop, simple and effective sistems and processes to provide coaching, train members, give advice, support fundraising trough Core work Activities, arrange tracking to the Local Plans trying to find priorities, evaluate performance to see quickly what is the best way to give specific support in a better manner. In LC OGX and HR areas using Suport networking in countries where we can move good and REAL opportunities for Colombians, explore new countries and research if we need to create specific skills according to the global market of aiesec taking new trends in mind. Promote an Excellent Image of Colombia trough our SN,s and Trainees in reintegration. Made proposals and agreements to get from strong countries an special trait and a commitment to claim priority for Colombian SN,s. Suit the Global directions to our AIESEC Colombia Reality and the needs of the LC,s. Develop sustainable leadership based on our corporate/organisational values and promote strong AIESEC involvement in SN,s and trainees. The key action for this is Full training and preparation. Have an strategic role at International conferences (participate in key usefull task forces for CWP development in SN side in the LC,s but thinking in “Growing Together” Work with an Open Minded attitude to be part of a Coordinated & Synchroniced Team. Send Information and Inform just on time to the LC,s the main trends to take advantage from it. Send information about achieved results for the country. Create, analise, share, organise Key Statistics and amke it manageable and really usefull to take the possibility to tell with certain way if the colombian SN,s really have or havent X changes.32
  33. 33. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HGeneral QuestionsRESULTS ACHIEVED PAST YEARLCP 2001-2002Topics & Results:FACILITATE CORE WORK DEVELOPMENT: We brougth two ceeders who support and create skills for X development and decrease delivery Time Creation of a new Strategic Sistem to make a fast and better Delivery for SN,s (Sistema de Plazas) I developed with the VP OGX 2 types of Forms to make the 1st phase of eXchange more easy I Negotiated as a team with the VP OGX in Universities to provide the idoneous environment for promote and communicate all the things for position AIESEC Programs in Students. In addition, we went to Centro Colombo Americano, Alianza Colombo Francesa and Intituto Colombo Aleman I we got suppot for the Preparation process of Students Ougoing and discounts to take International Language Tests. We Develop Corporate marketting material (Specially Presentations) it is very effective!!! Creation of the plataform for Service and Learning and Quality Process We brougth 2 ceeders (One of them was negotiated by me with LC arequipa in Peru and he helped us in training based on Insigth 2 and Matching with an Reverse SN who is searching a traineeship in Peru) I, the LCVP S&L and LCVP ICX got an apartment for our trainees at the 1st semester of my term and in the 2nd semester we get a Huge apartment for all the trainees but was very hard to convince some members to accept this big opportunity.SUSTAINABLE LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Local Membership Strategy was developed Permanent Coaching/Training/tracking to give support at least once in the week. Values Implementations Guide was given and strategic points were set and fit33
  34. 34. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HGeneral Questions An Internal positioning and empowerment Statement based in the 4 dimentions of AIESEC Way and S&L was developed (Current Called L.U.L.O. and used as Lulo Republic). More Than 10 candidates in EB Positions 1 team building runned in average per month to set a good team and clear communications and gossip problems in the LC. A Big Delegation in the last TDM of the year 2001 composed by Members(Newies, Oldies and EB), Trainees and SN,s in Preparation (Almost 30 people) Main Teams are 75% consolidated I created a tool called Members Side that support part of the membership strategy and Carreer Plan Based in AIESEC. We recover a lost leadership from Universidad Javeriana creating a big and strong team who works in many Core Work areas and thae are pushing amazingly key contacs in the University to Built our Board of advisors and tocreate more Clients and join more stakeholders to our local Office. We decrease the Member Rotation Rate.DEVELOP SKILLS IN MEMBERS TO RUN CORE WORK Practical Trainings Arranged to support I2 certification and use, giving assesment and coaching. 2 Intensive Trainings in XIN and Xout per Semester (The first ones focused on Oldies and the Second Ones Focused on Newies).NETWORKING We brought close relations and communications based on matching with LC,s in the Following countries: Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brasil, Italia, Grecia, Polonia, Rep Checa, Slovaquia, Hungria, Russia, Rep Dominicana, Portugal, Spain, UK, Ireland, Austria, Turkey, Egypt, India, Taiwan, Sigapore, Malasya. "Download" REAL opportunities for Students to go abroad trough AIESEC programsENSURE SUSTAINABLE LC GROWING Negociate, Sign and Manage Agreements with the main Universities in Cali In Order to increase our results based in the national University Strategy and taking the Universities as Strong partners in all of our main activities) Search, Find, Convince and Start to work with an External from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana who is giving proffesional legal and financial support in the Finance and Legal Area of the LC. The34
  35. 35. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HGeneral Questions firts advices are now taken in account and our planning have many dots related to work based in strategic actions. We make a Financial Proposal Based in Service & Learning All the Financial and Gestion Reports after Nats 2001 were send to MC. We create a better physical and Virtual infrastructure, creating registration sistemas, uploading lots of Usefull resources to our communities and promoting strong participation trough local community forums. Planning Cut,s per quarter done to give tracking reports to General Assembly. Good External Relations with ACRIP (We hope they will be one of the Strongest Partners the next year). Performance and Appraisal Evaluation after NATS to give feedback and make a better place to work the next year. The strategies for continuity are clear and most of the members are empowered with the actions needed to make a better future High motivated peolpe making fast and good contributions trough Alumni Strategy is working and the firt step to get all we need to built a basis is arrange a meeting to recover "part of our past". The responsible members of the project who are working with Silvio velasquez are Maria Claudia Berna and Dora Elena Cortes! 2 EB and LCP elections process arranged and the expectations were fullfilled. New TN raising possibilities with ELS Language Center, Michelin and Baxter. I selled 3 TN,s on Universidad Javeriana, 2 TN in Colombo Americano (With Our Ceeder Prashant) I matched 3 SN,s during my term. I ran all the process to send our of our SN,s (Who has a strong AIESEC involvement) as a Ceeder to Canada in LC UBC as part of the preparation and after that we plan to get his Traineeship in a Company wich he visited the last year. This guy went to Canada after join AIESEC and one more time after Join AIESEC, in his second chance he made contacs in the LC,s and negotiating with the LCP, with me and with LCVP OGX (Giovanny Rincon) to think in a project that benefit both LC,s and Universities like Javeriana and Icesi. (Another girl who is SN too is at the end of a Similiar process and this SN actually is managed by LCVP OGX and I) I made a proposal to negotiate the debt with the Lodging Place of NATS and we get a good credit to pay all the money in small parts.35
  36. 36. AIESEC Colombia MCVP_2002-2003_Application Andres F Velasquez HGeneral QuestionsOTHERS We get Full Membership at the last NATS. We had a succesful Logistic of the last NATS holded by AIESEC Cali (but we lost money because the lack of delegates as a weird trend in the last few national conferences =(... ) We are at moment one of the best LC,s in colombia in terms of External Relations and Marketing thanks to a well segmentation activities and strong focus in organisations that can and whant to support our Core Work Activities. I arrange with the Javeriana University the "1 feria internacional javeriana" and with the next HR VP arrange the 2nd.36