AIESEC InformationSession from 2004


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AIESEC InformationSession from 2004

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AIESEC InformationSession from 2004

  1. 1. What is AIESEC?The international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential to have a positive impact in society.
  2. 2. International •Presence in over 800 universities in 89 countries and territories •The opportunity to live and work in a foreign country •Go to an international conference •Interact with people from all over the world on a daily basis The world becomes your playground..
  3. 3. Platform •Leadership Opportunities •Work Abroad •Conferences •Learning Networks •Discovery The opportunities are tremendous…
  4. 4. Youth •18,000 members •Local offices student-run •National and international offices run by students on leave or recent graduates •Passion, energy, and commitment We are the future….
  5. 5. Discover and Develop your Potential •Develop your leadership •Gain practical skills •Build a personal network •Get international experience •Explore yourself and your future Your future is in your hands…
  6. 6. Positive impact in societyOur greatest contribution to the world are the people that leave our organization.For 55 years, we have been developing people to be agents of positive change
  7. 7. But, what AIESEC is… Is also what you make of it…
  8. 8. The AIESEC Approach Active Role Build Networks Challenge Views Self-Discovery Build Capacity
  9. 9. The AIESEC ApproachGive people ownership of their learningand the learning of others
  10. 10. Are you stepping aside? Or stepping forward?
  11. 11. The AIESEC ApproachGive people theopportunity tobuild networksof support forthe future
  12. 12. Are thinking about doing something? Or is the universe conspiring to help you achieve it?
  13. 13. The AIESEC Approach Give people the opportunity to see things from a different perspective
  14. 14. Are you accepting things as they are? Or thinking about how they could be?
  15. 15. The AIESEC Approach Give people the support and environment to explore themselves and their future
  16. 16. Will you see where your future leads? Or will you lead your future?
  17. 17. The AIESEC Approach Give people knowledge and skills to make things happen
  18. 18. Are you swimming with the stream? Or creating a wave?
  19. 19. The AIESEC Approach Active RoleBuild NetworksChallenge Views Self-Discovery Build Capacity
  20. 20. The AIESEC Platform Leadership Exchange ConferencesLearning Networks Discovery
  21. 21. Do you want to join a student club? Or help lead a global organization?
  22. 22. The AIESEC Platform The fact we run a global organization with 18,000 people in 89 countries and over 5,000 partners with a bunch of university students is impressive. The fact the entire management turns over every year is even more impressive. `Leadership
  23. 23. The AIESEC Platform Get experience in: •leading teams •speaking in public •decision-making •turning your ideas into action Over 5,000 leadership opportunities a yearLeadership
  24. 24. Are you eating chinese take-out? Or dining in Beijing?
  25. 25. The AIESEC Platform The most intense experience we offer - our exchange program provides 3,500 members the opportunity to live and work in another country. Our programs offer positions of 2-18 months in fields of management, information technology, education, and development.Exchange
  26. 26. The AIESEC Platform What AIESEC Provides •Access to database of jobs •Cultural preparation •Visa services •Arrival logistical support •On-going activitiesExchange
  27. 27. The AIESEC Platform What You Need •Be involved as member •Complete selection process •Actively search for jobs •Pay Administration Fee •Cover AirfareExchange
  28. 28. Are you reading case studies? Or developing global strategies?
  29. 29. The AIESEC Platform AIESEC conferences are the moment the passion of our members, the power of our vision, and the strength of our network come together. We organize over 350 conferences at the national and international level each year. Every week, there is an AIESEC conference somewhere.Conferences
  30. 30. The AIESEC Platform What happens at conferences •Develop strategy •Get trainings •Meet people •Dance AIESEC songs •Have loads of funConferences
  31. 31. Are you reading theories? Or building your own?
  32. 32. The AIESEC Platform Learning networks are communities of current members that come together with externals to develop knowledge, skills, and networks around topics of interest. Example topics of interest include Sustainability, HIV/AIDs, and Entrepeneurship.LearningNetworks
  33. 33. The AIESEC Platform What is a learning network? •Virtual on-line community •Forum discussions •Resources on topic •Trainings or learning events •Exchanges in the areaLearningNetworks
  34. 34. Will you follow the masses? Or follow your passions?
  35. 35. The AIESEC Platform AIESEC engages young people right in the moment when they wrestling with the questions of the ambition and direction of the future. AIESEC’s role is to provide support and experiences that shake up your thinking and unlocks your true potential.Discovery
  36. 36. The AIESEC Platform What support is provided? •Goal-setting •Personal awareness and vision •Mentorship •Inspiring environment •Intense experiences like exchangeDiscovery
  37. 37. The AIESEC Platform Leadership Exchange ConferencesLearning Networks Discovery
  38. 38. Join AIESEC Get the opportunity to: •Develop your leadership •Gain practical skills •Build a personal network •Get international experience •Gain perspective •Explore your future •Have fun
  39. 39. The choice is yours… It’s up to you!…