The Tarvok Patriachacy - Chapter 1


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Chapter 1 of The Tarvok Patriarchacy. Jason gets a job and finds a wife.

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The Tarvok Patriachacy - Chapter 1

  1. 1. The Tarvok Patriarchacy: Chapter 1
  2. 2. Hey guys! I’m Annamarie, and this is my first legacy. It’s also one of my first times using the camera on TS2, so bear with me xPThis is Jason Tarvok, a 7-5-6-1-6 Cancer with a Family aspiration. His LTW is to marry off six children. Joy. His turn-ons are brown hair and glassesand his turn-off is fatness.Jason is actually my made-up lovechild of Mr. Spock and Dr. Beverly Crusher from Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation,respectively. (Don’t be hatin’ on my ships!) This makes him a quarter-Vulcan, explaining the eyebrows. He doesn’t have the ears, though, because Imade him in CAS and not Body Shop. I suppose he should’ve been a Knowledge Sim, but I’m doing the Strict Family Values handicap along with thePatriarchy handicap.
  3. 3. This is Jason’s “house”, made with 1,050 simoleans left over.“This sucks.”I don’t care.
  4. 4. The first thing he does is he sits down and watches the TV. Okay then.
  5. 5. "Stop watching me while I eat!“Its not my fault youre not doing anything interesting yet!
  6. 6. "This interesting enough for you?”Meh.Meet Miss Marisa Bendett.
  7. 7. From the left - Darren Dreamer, whose last name is actually Faith because hesmarried to my first-ever Sim, Marisa, who isnt in the welcome wagon, AngelaPleasant in her CC garb I gave her, and Nina Caliente.Everybody except Jason did a "Angelas a Popularity Sim!" at the same time. Itwas great.
  8. 8. Jason: I heard you died the last time Annamarie played you!Angela: Yeah. We dont talk about that.Seriously, I dont even know how she died. She got off the toilet and thenBOOM she was dead. So I very quickly exited, and now shes un-pregnant.
  9. 9. BOOM. Military career.
  10. 10. Cooking freaking MAC AND CHEESE.Either Darren or Marisa lost some aspiration points for that...
  11. 11. Some random person called and invited him downtown.I selected the Crypt O Night Club.
  12. 12. I accidentally deleted the picture that was supposed to go here. It wasJason shaking his head at the red counters in Crypt O’ Night. The captionwas this:Youre the second Sim Ive brought here, and both of you had to "Whatsthis?" the counters. Im sorry you dont like them.
  13. 13. This girl - Andrea Hogan – was just talking about my fail!SimSelf to thisguy.AND SHE HEART-FARTED MY SIMSELF.WHAT.
  14. 14. The trip was cut short because Sims collapsing of exhaustion does notlook good on my record.“It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened, though.”Shut up, Jason.
  15. 15. He keeps waking up to make his bed.He seriously just woke up, went "Yes!", and made his bed.
  16. 16. His old bed obviously upset him too much, so now he has a fancy-shmancy new one.Watch, hes gonna do the same thing.
  17. 17. "Im tired!“Stop complaining about being tired! Actually go to sleep instead ofconstantly making and remaking your bed!
  18. 18. Okay, he wasnt actually insane. What was bugging him was - and I didntrealize it - the TV was still on. He would wake up to turn it off, make his bedbecause of his neat points, remember he was tired, and then get back in bed.
  19. 19. Hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to work we go!Jason didnt like the lights I got him :P
  20. 20. Welcome home, Jason.Komei came by while he was gone and kicked over the trash can. WEDON’T EVEN KNOW YOU, KOMEI! D:<
  21. 21. “But I wanted to clean!”You’re in the military now. You work out.
  22. 22. This is what I get for having a serious Sim "Play" on a bench.I just wantedto see what the interaction was! ):
  23. 23. He appears to be better.
  24. 24. Guys, this is Christy Stratton. Jason met her the other night at Crypt ONight.Im sure shell look better with different hair and clothes :P
  25. 25. See? She’s not bad.
  26. 26. After he gets rejected for Going Steady, he goes to bed. And dreamsabout himself.Dont ask about his picture - thats how it looks in everybodys thoughtand speech bubbles and even in his little thing and the bottom of thescreen.
  27. 27. Now theyre Going Steady.Also, its fun to make serious Sims do more playful interactions because of the face they give you.Also, note - this was the next day. Christy showed up unannounced WHILE JASON WAS SLEEPING.
  28. 28. "I take thee, Christy Stratton, to be my lawfully wedded wife...“"I take thee, Jason Tarvok, to be my lawfully wedded husband...”Yup. Ceremony in front of the TV set. The best kind.
  29. 29. Christy Tarvok, nee Stratton. In the Criminal career path, brought in$9,000. 6-3-6-4-6 Cancer, Family Sim with a LTW to reach her GoldenAnniversary. Her turn-ons are stink and black hair, and her turn-off isfitness.Were gonna have to fix that last part.
  30. 30. Makeover!
  31. 31. The Zs are in the way of their faces, but they got a lullaby on their first try.And that brings us to the close of chapter one. See you guys next time, with anheir on the way!Oh yeah - I forgot to mention it, but Jason did get a promotion earlier.
  32. 32. CC CreditsEverything comes from modthesims.• Jason’s hair – AlfredAskew’s Alfie Lied: Backswept Curly Hair (Nouk Remix)• Jason’s skintone – ganchi’s “Idolatry of Freckles” Complete Genetic Skintone Set• Jason’s eyes – I can’t be sure because I don’t have a clear enough image, but PROBABLY one of the following: • something from AlfredAskew’s Bowls of Soul and Whatever: 5 Animation Friendly Eyesets • the green from emrejn’s Natural Eye Color Set• Jason’s shirt – “Forge shirt” from dustfinger’s Separated H&M Shirts for the Men• Angela Pleasant’s hair – Caiza’s Retexture of Coolsims Hair 84• Angela Pleasant’s dress – Sentate’s Cassandra Goth for H&M (Mini Collection)• Christy’s new hair – “ThinBraidsPontyail Short” from Nouk’s Nouk – Braid Pack, one style, 3 versions! For ladies of all ages.