The Tarvok Patriachacy - Chapter 1
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The Tarvok Patriachacy - Chapter 1



Chapter 1 of The Tarvok Patriarchacy. Jason gets a job and finds a wife.

Chapter 1 of The Tarvok Patriarchacy. Jason gets a job and finds a wife.



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The Tarvok Patriachacy - Chapter 1 The Tarvok Patriachacy - Chapter 1 Presentation Transcript

  • The Tarvok Patriarchacy: Chapter 1
  • Hey guys! I’m Annamarie, and this is my first legacy. It’s also one of my first times using the camera on TS2, so bear with me xPThis is Jason Tarvok, a 7-5-6-1-6 Cancer with a Family aspiration. His LTW is to marry off six children. Joy. His turn-ons are brown hair and glassesand his turn-off is fatness.Jason is actually my made-up lovechild of Mr. Spock and Dr. Beverly Crusher from Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation,respectively. (Don’t be hatin’ on my ships!) This makes him a quarter-Vulcan, explaining the eyebrows. He doesn’t have the ears, though, because Imade him in CAS and not Body Shop. I suppose he should’ve been a Knowledge Sim, but I’m doing the Strict Family Values handicap along with thePatriarchy handicap.
  • This is Jason’s “house”, made with 1,050 simoleans left over.“This sucks.”I don’t care.
  • The first thing he does is he sits down and watches the TV. Okay then.
  • "Stop watching me while I eat!“Its not my fault youre not doing anything interesting yet!
  • "This interesting enough for you?”Meh.Meet Miss Marisa Bendett.
  • From the left - Darren Dreamer, whose last name is actually Faith because hesmarried to my first-ever Sim, Marisa, who isnt in the welcome wagon, AngelaPleasant in her CC garb I gave her, and Nina Caliente.Everybody except Jason did a "Angelas a Popularity Sim!" at the same time. Itwas great.
  • Jason: I heard you died the last time Annamarie played you!Angela: Yeah. We dont talk about that.Seriously, I dont even know how she died. She got off the toilet and thenBOOM she was dead. So I very quickly exited, and now shes un-pregnant.
  • BOOM. Military career.
  • Cooking freaking MAC AND CHEESE.Either Darren or Marisa lost some aspiration points for that...
  • Some random person called and invited him downtown.I selected the Crypt O Night Club.
  • I accidentally deleted the picture that was supposed to go here. It wasJason shaking his head at the red counters in Crypt O’ Night. The captionwas this:Youre the second Sim Ive brought here, and both of you had to "Whatsthis?" the counters. Im sorry you dont like them.
  • This girl - Andrea Hogan – was just talking about my fail!SimSelf to thisguy.AND SHE HEART-FARTED MY SIMSELF.WHAT.
  • The trip was cut short because Sims collapsing of exhaustion does notlook good on my record.“It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened, though.”Shut up, Jason.
  • He keeps waking up to make his bed.He seriously just woke up, went "Yes!", and made his bed.
  • His old bed obviously upset him too much, so now he has a fancy-shmancy new one.Watch, hes gonna do the same thing.
  • "Im tired!“Stop complaining about being tired! Actually go to sleep instead ofconstantly making and remaking your bed!
  • Okay, he wasnt actually insane. What was bugging him was - and I didntrealize it - the TV was still on. He would wake up to turn it off, make his bedbecause of his neat points, remember he was tired, and then get back in bed.
  • Hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to work we go!Jason didnt like the lights I got him :P
  • Welcome home, Jason.Komei came by while he was gone and kicked over the trash can. WEDON’T EVEN KNOW YOU, KOMEI! D:<
  • “But I wanted to clean!”You’re in the military now. You work out.
  • This is what I get for having a serious Sim "Play" on a bench.I just wantedto see what the interaction was! ):
  • He appears to be better.
  • Guys, this is Christy Stratton. Jason met her the other night at Crypt ONight.Im sure shell look better with different hair and clothes :P
  • See? She’s not bad.
  • After he gets rejected for Going Steady, he goes to bed. And dreamsabout himself.Dont ask about his picture - thats how it looks in everybodys thoughtand speech bubbles and even in his little thing and the bottom of thescreen.
  • Now theyre Going Steady.Also, its fun to make serious Sims do more playful interactions because of the face they give you.Also, note - this was the next day. Christy showed up unannounced WHILE JASON WAS SLEEPING.
  • "I take thee, Christy Stratton, to be my lawfully wedded wife...“"I take thee, Jason Tarvok, to be my lawfully wedded husband...”Yup. Ceremony in front of the TV set. The best kind.
  • Christy Tarvok, nee Stratton. In the Criminal career path, brought in$9,000. 6-3-6-4-6 Cancer, Family Sim with a LTW to reach her GoldenAnniversary. Her turn-ons are stink and black hair, and her turn-off isfitness.Were gonna have to fix that last part.
  • Makeover!
  • The Zs are in the way of their faces, but they got a lullaby on their first try.And that brings us to the close of chapter one. See you guys next time, with anheir on the way!Oh yeah - I forgot to mention it, but Jason did get a promotion earlier.
  • CC CreditsEverything comes from modthesims.• Jason’s hair – AlfredAskew’s Alfie Lied: Backswept Curly Hair (Nouk Remix)• Jason’s skintone – ganchi’s “Idolatry of Freckles” Complete Genetic Skintone Set• Jason’s eyes – I can’t be sure because I don’t have a clear enough image, but PROBABLY one of the following: • something from AlfredAskew’s Bowls of Soul and Whatever: 5 Animation Friendly Eyesets • the green from emrejn’s Natural Eye Color Set• Jason’s shirt – “Forge shirt” from dustfinger’s Separated H&M Shirts for the Men• Angela Pleasant’s hair – Caiza’s Retexture of Coolsims Hair 84• Angela Pleasant’s dress – Sentate’s Cassandra Goth for H&M (Mini Collection)• Christy’s new hair – “ThinBraidsPontyail Short” from Nouk’s Nouk – Braid Pack, one style, 3 versions! For ladies of all ages.