Conjugation -ER verbs
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Conjugation -ER verbs



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Conjugation -ER verbs Conjugation -ER verbs Presentation Transcript

  • Leçon 7:Conjugating –er verbs
  • Subject VerbWhat is conjugating?It is when I make my verb matchmy subject. I have to change the endings of my verb to make it match.
  • Parler (to speak) 1.) I take the verb and drop the –er to make my stem. --->parler : stem: parl-
  • 2.) Now I add the petals to my stem. If my subject is je, I add an e. If my subject is tu, I add an es If my subject is il/elle, I add an e
  • Parler1.) Stem: parl –2.) Add endings: Je parle (I speak) Tu parles (You speak)Il/Elle parle (He/Shespeaks)
  • Now you try: Conjugatechanter. What is my stem? 1.) Chanter = 2.) chant add the Now, endings: Je chante (I sing) Tu chantes (You sing) Il/Elle chante (He/She sings)
  • aimer
  • habiter (à)
  • inviter
  • organiser
  • visiter
  • regarder
  • When I have nous, I add –ONS to my stem When I have vous, I add –EZ to my stemWhen I have Ils/Elles, I add –ENT to mystem.
  • Parler (to speak)1.) Stem: parl –2.) Add endings: Nous parlons(We speak)Vous parlez(You speak (plural))Ils/Elles parlent (Theyspeak)
  • Now you try: Conjugateinviter What is my stem? 1.) Inviter = invit 2.) Now, add the endings: Nous chantons (We sing) Vous chantez (You sing) (plural, formal) Ils/Elles chantent (They sing)
  • Maintenant, conjugez aimer . Nous aimons Vous aimez Ils/Elles aiment
  • Jouer ( to play)Je joue (I play)Tu joues (You play)Il/Elle joue (He she plays)Nous jouons (We play)Vous jouez (You play/Y’allplay)Ils/Elles jouent (They play)
  • DANSER (to danse)Je danseTu dansesIl/Elle danseNous dansonsVous dansezIls/Elles dansent
  • Je … NE parle PAS
  • To make it negative:Je ne parle pasTu ne parles pasIl/Elle ne parle pasNous ne parlons pasVous ne parlez pasIls/Elles ne parlent pas
  • Mots utiles (Useful words)
  • Verbe + infintive (unconjugated verb)• To express what you like and don’t like to do: ex. J’aime voyager - subject + present tense +infinitive ex. Nous aimons parler françaisIn the negative: - subject + ne present tense pas +infinitive ex. Nous n’aimons pas parler français
  • More expressions where the infinitive follows:Je préfère: I preferJe voudrais: I would likeJe (ne) veux (pas) : I (don’t) wantEst-ce que tu veux : Do you wantJe (ne) peux (pas) : I can (I can’t)Je dois : I must
  • téléphoner
  • manger
  • nager
  • regarder la télé