Developing cross platform solutions


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Mobile and embedded applications are in high demand. Explore how one can develop multi-platform solutions using Aftek's AMF and RTMP libraries.

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Developing cross platform solutions

  1. 1. 30 Nov 2010 Developing cross platform solutions
  2. 2. Agenda  Reality today  Key challenges  Proposed framework  Applicable solutions  Framework details  AMF  RTMP  Aftek Offering
  3. 3. Reality Today  Customer needs are changing & so are the technological means to full fill the needs!!  Today financial transactions can be done using Web, mobile, set top box, smart cards, ATM’s etc.  Infotainment is not restricted to TV and tape recorders. It is accessible from web, mobile and more.  Most of the consumer electronic products today have embedded systems to provide intelligence.  One can control home appliances from mobile, web and indoor unit.  One can operate set top box from mobile.
  4. 4. Development Environment Today  There are many operating system – Windows, MAC, Linux  There are many mobile platforms – Win CE, Symbian, J2ME, iPhone & Android  There are multiple embedded platforms – Win CE, WinXP, Linux, Palm and more  Competition is cut throat, and there are new flavors of products / applications continuously coming in the market.  Solution needs auto-upgrade facility!!!  To keep product in market, product price needs to be reduced  User and usage trends change over time. Today financial transactions are done over mobile, once it was only personal banking.
  5. 5. Key Challenges Technology Challenges – Supporting application for different platform means newer/different technology, different communication methods. – This increases the overall code size, backend becomes more complex as it needs to support different interfaces. – Managing backward compatibility across platforms becomes extremely painful. – Code becomes fragile with time, Changes cause ripple effect with respect to performance, scalability and reliability. Cost Challenges – High infrastructure (hardware, application servers, database) maintenance cost impacts profitability of the business – High code maintenance cost impacts profitability of the business – Skilled resources are hard to find Business Challenges – Aging technology can’t keep pace with changing market, client demands, and competitive threats – To penetrate new market and to retain existing customers there is a need to provide newer access (touch points) to existing application. – Providing support for different platforms is an ever daunting ask. – There is a need to be able to quickly add new features/functions – There is a need to be able to quickly integrate with clients/partners
  6. 6. Loc al DB Local DB Local DB Slide 6 Proposed Framework Local DB Application Server storage ServerBusiness Logic (J2EE /.Net / PHP) AMF Server (BlazeDS / Flourine) iPhone Desktop Flex Web Portal FMS Server (Adobe FMS, Red 5) Blackberry/J2me Embedded devicesWindows CEAndroid RTMP/AMF ONE FRAMEWORK : ANY PLATFORM CROSS-PLATFORM AMF / RTMP LIBRARY (AFTEK IP)
  7. 7. Loc al DB Local DB Local DB Slide 7 Proposed Framework Local DB Application Server storage ServerBusiness Logic (J2EE /.Net / PHP) AMF Server (BlazeDS / Flourine) iPhone Desktop Flex Web Portal FMS Server (Adobe FMS, Red 5) Blackberry/J2me Embedded devicesWindows CEAndroid RTMP/AMF ONE FRAMEWORK : ANY PLATFORM CROSS-PLATFORM AMF / RTMP LIBRARY (AFTEK IP) Key Benefits – Peer-Peer messaging – Direct method invocation across layers and can be bi-directional. – Any form of data can be exchanged including audio/video/objects – Inbuilt support for jitter buffer and data chunk ensuring high quality of audio / video transmission. – On the wire data is compressed and hence it is very fast – In build security support and one can add customized security as well. – Seamless firewall traversal.
  8. 8. Applicable solutions  Solutions that can leverage the framework  Surveillance systems  Collaboration systems  Video conferencing, Teleconferencing, Chat  Infotainment / Set top box solutions  Control Systems  Industrial automation (APC)  Home Automation (DHG)  PDA Solutions  Transportation  VTS  DCU Significant Advantages – High Reliability and increased effectiveness – Reduced development time & cost – Feature upgrades and backward compatibility – No issues!! – Reduced maintenance cost – Reduced testing time & cost – Faster time to market – Increased profitability b
  9. 9. AMF Library Adaptation of AMF 3.0 protocol for clients  Remoting support based on RPC mechanism.  Framework is asynchronous in nature and hence non-blocking.  Support for Secured AMF channel.  No need for stubs and skeletons, neither on client nor server.  A performance boost for embedded applications communicating with enterprise server applications.  Ease of use with simple interfaces and events  Can connect to any AMF compliant server such as: • BlazeDS / LCDS • AMFPHP • RubyAMF • WebORB • OpenAMF
  10. 10. Real Time Messaging Protocol What is RTMP  Real time messaging protocol for streaming audio, video and data over internet.  Adobe standard for communication with flash media server which supports broadcasting of data.  RTMP based solutions enables instant-on, seamless viewer experiences, extending average viewing times so that companies can boost brand awareness and more effectively monetize their content. An estimated 80 percent of worldwide online videos are viewed using RTMP technology, making it the number one format for video on demand.  One of its kind which facilitates  Audio / video streaming  Remote procedure calls  Messaging  Shared objects
  11. 11. Aftek RTMP Library Aftek Library offers  RTMP protocol implementation having interfaces for playing, online audio, video contents.  Aftek RTMP library offers publishing of live audio/video using which surveillance systems, public announcing system etc can be developed.  Application can have direct control over media buffers enabling integration with third party or proprietary DRM solutions. The library also facilitates support for a range of audio video codecs.  The library is integrated with Adobe Flash Media Server family products
  12. 12. Aftek Offering Aftek offering  One can choose to develop solutions using our libraries.  Aftek can help you with design, development and testing of the Surveillance systems, Video analytics, Collaboration systems, Infotainment applications, Control systems, PDA, Transport systems and other solutions.  Aftek has extensive expertise in mobile application development as well as server side development.  Aftek has developed frameworks around specific areas which can be leveraged.  The libraries, frameworks and expert team enables us to deliver robust faster time to market solutions.
  13. 13. Android Competence Center Aftek Limited More details here…