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Using WordPress as a Web Framework


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A presentation at WordCamp Montreal on how we (Praized) use WordPress as a Web Framework for some of our clients and projects.

A presentation at WordCamp Montreal on how we (Praized) use WordPress as a Web Framework for some of our clients and projects.

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  • 1. Using WordPress as a Web Framework (ceci n'est pas un blogue) Sylvain Carle of Praized Media WordCamp Montréal 2009
  • 2. whois afroginthevalley?
    • Montréal Internet Geek, gone west, came back
    • 3. Been blogging for almost 10 years
    • 4. Been doing internet startups for 15 years
    • 5. Involved in the local community
      • BarCamp, WebCamp, *Camp
    • On the board of (current/ past )
      • Alliance Numérique, Ile-Sans-Fil
      • 6. FACIL, Linux-Québec, CAUCE and a few others
    • Human Hub
  • 7. traceroute
    • Company kickstarted during a Yulbiz event in 2006
    • 8. Three blogger co-founders (2 natives, one natural born)
    • 9. Got 1Mil+ funding from Garage Technology Canada (now CSL)
    • 10. Based in Montreal with plans for World Domination ;-)
  • 11. locate business model
    • Local Search industry is several Billions per year
    • 12. Propose a model based on users, not merchants
    • 13. Enterprisey Technology Stack
    • 14. Opportunity for Social Software for Local Search
  • 15. grep platform
    • Develop a platform for distributed local search
    • 16. Been thinking about platform for a long time
    • 17. Figured out that successful platforms are built on top of successful platforms
    • 18. Figured out that WordPress was an incredibly successful platform and would continue to grow tremendously
  • 19. more stack
    • Anti Not Invented Here Syndrome (re-use is king)
    • 20. Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) for servers
    • 21. Hosted at Amazon EC2 + Liquid Web
    • 22. Ruby On Rails for platform / API
    • 23. MySQL + Sphinx for search
    • 24. WordPress and PHP for distributed views
    • 25. jQuery + CSS framework
    • 26. TRAC for subversion + tickets + wiki
  • 27. talk wordpress
    • Two plugins, Community and Place Picker
    • 28. Open Source core libs wrapped for WP
    • 29. Works with WP, WP-MU, BuddyPress (and soon BBPress)
    • 30. Free hosting for local blogs with WP on
    • 31. (praized planet) is where most of our PR/Marketing efforts
  • 32. ifconfig plugins (praized)
    • Decided to develop for blog platforms (as Blogs or CMS)
    • 33. Found local talent on WP-Hackers Mailing List (Hi Steph!)
    • 34. Did initial release for MT and WP but WP has 95% usage on our network
  • 35. ifconfig plugins (you)
    • Use WordPress for views (themes) and extra feature needed thru other plugins
      • Existing knowledge from sysadmins to designers
    • Using the WordPress native models (users, posts, comments)
    • 36. Both these are now much easier with the new WP API for pretty much anything
    • 37. Backpress is the project to look for even more
    • 38. Future is probably “packaging” plugins+themes for specific applications on top of WordPress
  • 39. uptime
    • API supports XML and JSON
    • 40. PHP classes to wrap all call in WP
    • 41. OAuth and Microformats
    • 42. 50 Mil+ call last month to
    • 43. Open Source Licenses for most software
    • 44. Working on Opening licenses for GeoData and places
  • 45. apt-get install developers
    • Building a developer community is a process of love, patience and passion
    • 46. Work with existing developers for similar platforms, our scope is “Open Web”
      • Firefox and integration under development
    • Blogs, mobile apps, web apps, libs in + languages
    • 47. International, all our software is i18n, all our target platform are, wordpress is by far the most succesful
    • 48. We end up having wordpress installations that are not blogs at all, check out for an example
  • 49. ping me + Sandbox for developers @afrognthevalley @sylvaincarle on twitter @afroginthevalley on