Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards 2010 Finalists


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Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards 2010 Finalists

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  3. 3. ‘Youths on a mission to light up Kibera slums using solar power’ Zachary Ochieng (CIO, East Africa)View here<br />“Over the years Kibera, the largest slum settlement in sub-Saharan Africa has been in the news for all the bad reasons—crime, violence, debauchery and other social vices. However, a group of young men and women have embarked on a mission to rid Kibera of this notoriety through a solar power project. The tiny hovels that dot one of the most densely populated settlements on the continent have now seen the light—literally.”<br />
  4. 4. ‘Series on Business & Technology’ <br />Michael Dynes (Africa Investor, UK)<br />
  5. 5. ‘Zimbabwe catches on to Facebook’ (Global Post, USA)View here<br />“What do Zimbabweans do when the landlines are down, the cellular network is unreliable and newspapers are relatively expensive?<br />Turn to Facebook, of course.”<br />
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  7. 7. ‘Ask Nigeria's LamidoSanusi’ (BBC World Service, Africa Have Your Say, UK)<br />“As the governor reforming the Nigerian Central Bank, he is spearheading a campaign against fraud and mismanagement - putting him at loggerheads with many of the country's financial elite...What do you want to ask LamidoSanusi?’”<br />
  8. 8. ‘Investor Relations Management in East Africa’Andrea Bohnstedt(Ratio Magazine, Kenya)View here<br />“A government that turned to the stock exchange for privatisations, an automated trading platform that made trading much easier, widespread retail investor enthusiasm and international investor’s interest in ‘frontier markets’ – companies listed on the NSE never had so much attention as in recent years...”<br />
  9. 9. ‘Leveraging Africa's Diaspora remittances’ SanouMbaye(Les pages de SanouMbaye, UK)View here<br />“For sub-Saharan African countries, migrant remittances increased from 3.1billion dollars in 1995 to 18.5 billion dollars in 2007 according to the World Bank, representing between 9% to 24% of GDP, and 80% to 750% of ODA, underscoring the social, economic and financial importance of migrant remittances in recipient countries, the migrants representing, de facto, their first fund providers. ”<br />
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  11. 11. ‘The Bujagali Hydro’Alex Halperin (This is Africa, UK)View here<br />“The long-running saga of the $860m Bujagali Hydropower plant in Uganda rumbles on towards the project’s due date in 2011, but disputes are surfacing over the project’s environmental and social impacts.”<br />
  12. 12. ‘The Politics of Power’ Suzanne Beukes (CNBC Africa, South Africa / USA)<br />“It’s the night before South Africa’s energy regulator, Nersa, makes its decision on Eskom’s tariff application. Eskom wants a 35 percent increase in power prices a year, for the next three years. But from business to unions, Eskom is only meeting opposition. What will Nersadecide? What impact will it have on the Africa’s biggest economy, still reeling from a recession?”<br />
  13. 13. ‘The Scramble for Blue Gold’Kerry Dimmer (African decisions, South Africa)<br />
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  15. 15. ‘Home Grown’Murray Hunter(African Decisions, South Africa)<br />
  16. 16. ‘Hunger looms as biofuels take root in Uganda’Francis Kagolo(New Vision, Uganda)View here<br />“The boda-boda journey to Kimina village in Pakanyi sub-county, Masindi, is distressing. The road is narrow, pot-holed and dusty. Yet after an hour of a draining ride, we “wake” up to the shock of a large plantation of ebiti (unknown trees), as residents here refer to them. The “trees” are of jatropha, a plant whose non-edible seeds can be harvested to make bio-diesel.”<br />
  17. 17. ‘Kenya rainmakers called to the rescue to combat climate change’Jean-Marc Mojon(AgenceFrance-Presse, France/Kenya)<br />“Long vilified as sorcerers, Kenya's Nganyi rainmakers -- with meteorological equipment consisting of trees, pots and herbs -- are being enlisted to mitigate the effects of climate change.”<br />
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  19. 19. ‘Prospectus’ Darren Kerr (CNBC Africa, South Africa/USA)<br />“Wilderness Safaris is about to list on the Botswana stock exchange and we reveal how they have grown over 25 years, how they practice sustainable tourism and how they hope to achieve capital to invest in more regions on the African continent.”<br />
  20. 20. ‘Land grabbing: The plunder of public beaches’Philip Mwakio(The Financial Journal, Kenya) <br />
  21. 21. ‘A Golden Opportunity’LanreAkinola(This Is Africa, UK) <br />
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  23. 23. ‘White Poverty in South Africa’Finbarr O’Reilly(Reuters, UK) View here<br />
  24. 24. ‘Series on Business in Africa’BunmiOloruntoba(A Bombastic Element, USA)View here<br />
  25. 25. ‘Spark Africa Series’(Africa Interactive, Various)View here<br />“Africa is often portrayed negatively in the news with images of famine, war and disease. But Africa is home to rapidly growing economies and great investment opportunities. The video series, Spark Africa, reports weekly on economic developments and innovative companies on the African continent.” <br />
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  27. 27. ‘China Takes African Market by Storm’ Felix Dela Klutse (Daily Guide Newspaper, Ghana)<br />
  28. 28. ‘Farewell Mobitelea’(Bankelele, Kenya)View here <br />
  29. 29. ‘Adenuga’sConoil owes N100 billion in taxes’Clara Nwachukwu(NEXT, Nigeria)View here<br />“After concluding that Conoil was an unrepentant cheat with at least N100 billion in unpaid taxes, federal tax collectors swooped down on the company’s Lagos headquarters on May 7 and shut down its operations.”<br />
  30. 30.
  31. 31. ‘The Engine Room’ Peter Guest (This is Africa, UK)<br />
  32. 32. ‘How Africa is Becoming the New Asia’Jerry Guo (Newsweek, USA)<br />
  33. 33. ‘TendaiBiti’Robyn Curnow (CNN African Voices, South Africa/USA)<br />
  34. 34.
  35. 35. PiaMinchener(African Decisions, South Africa)<br />
  36. 36. GemmaWare(The Africa Report, France)<br />
  37. 37. Daniel Osunkoya(NEXT, Nigeria)<br />‘Nigerian banks in battle of transparency’<br />‘Flooding in luxury estates’<br />‘We fear for bonds’<br />
  38. 38.
  39. 39. This is Africa(Financial Times, UK)<br />
  40. 40. Enterprise Kenya(Kenya Television Network, Standard Group, Kenya)<br />
  41. 41. Business Day Nigeria(Johnnic Communications, Nigeria)<br />
  42. 42.
  43. 43. Peter Guest(This is Africa, UK)<br />
  44. 44. Alex Duval Smith(JeuneAfrique/Guardian Observer, France/UK)<br />
  45. 45. Rob Rose(Financial Mail)<br />
  46. 46. Winners announced July 1st<br />