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African American Lace Front Wigs
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African American Lace Front Wigs


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Check out huge selection of lace front wigs for African American woman.

Check out huge selection of lace front wigs for African American woman.

Published in: Lifestyle, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. African American Lace Front Wigs
  • 2. Believe it or not, many of the celebrity hairstyles we so admire, are achieved with the use of wigs.
  • 3. Among the more popular wigs are the African American Lace Front Wigs .
  • 4. They are often so well fitted and authentic looking that we are unable to tell that the wearer is actually sporting a wig.
  • 5. The wigs are available online, or they can be purchased from the local beauty store, or stylist.
  • 6. Front lace wigs tend to be more expensive than some of the other wigs worn by African Americans.
  • 7. The reason for the disparity in price is due mainly to the fact that it costs a lot more to produce them.
  • 8. The higher production cost is as a result of the labor intensive nature of these wigs.
  • 9. It can take a wig master up to 50 hours to attach the thousands of strands to the lace, and then style it.
  • 10. In addition, these wigs are generally made of 100% human hair, which is more expensive than synthetic hair.
  • 11. African American lace front wigs give a very authentic look to a woman’s hair.
  • 12. The hair falls naturally, and often it is not possible to tell that it is a wig.
  • 13. This is partially because the lace tends to blend in with the scalp, and give a very natural looking appearance, especially at the hairline.
  • 14. The natural look of the hairline is also a result of the baby hairs which are attached at the front of the wig.
  • 15. Unlike some wigs that can damage the hairline, the front lace wigs provide protection for that delicate part of the hair.
  • 16. Wigs can be put on with a wig cap or by braiding.
  • 17. A wig cap is normally recommended for clients with shorter hair, as the hair can simply be placed below the cap.
  • 18. However, in the case of women with longer hair braiding is recommended.
  • 19. The wigs can be applied with a few simple steps.
  • 20. The hairline is first cleaned.
  • 21. This can be done with regular rubbing alcohol.
  • 22. Then a skin protector is normally applied.
  • 23. This helps to protect the skin from the liquid adhesive that is used to attach the wig.
  • 24. A thin smooth layer of adhesive is applied around the perimeter of the entire hairline.
  • 25. This must be carefully applied to avoid touching the client’s hair.
  • 26. Some women opt to attach the wig to a wig cap.
  • 27. In these cases it is important to use a natural toned cap.
  • 28. Using a cap will ensure that your natural hair is protected, and kept neat while you have on the wig.
  • 29. It is relatively simple to care for a lace front wig.
  • 30. The wig should be washed and kept clean in the same manner as you would natural hair.
  • 31. It is best to use a mild shampoo and conditioner to clean.
  • 32. African American lace front wigs are a popular alternative because of the natural look they offer.
  • 33. This look is achieved because the wigs can be custom fitted, and made to fit snugly on the head.
  • 34. Visit