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Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
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Albert Einstein


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Date and place of birth-dieAlbert Einstein (Ulm, Germany, March 14, 1879 - Princeton, USA, April 18, 1955) was a German physicist of Jewishorigin, nationalized after U.S. and Switzerland. He is considered the centurys most important scientific XX.1In 1905, as a young unknown physical, employed in the Patent Office in Bern, published his theory of specialrelativity. It sat in a simple theoretical framework based on simple physical principles, concepts and phenomenastudied earlier by Henri Poincaré and Hendrik Lorentz. As a logical consequence of this theory, derived theequation of physics best known at the grassroots level: the mass-energy equivalence, E = mc ². That year hepublished other works that would lay the basis for statistical physics and quantum mechanics.In 1915 he presented the theory of general relativity, which reformulated the whole concept of gravity. Oneconsequence was the emergence of the scientific study of the origin and evolution of the Universe by the branchof physics called cosmology. In 1919, when British observations of a solar eclipse confirmed his predictions aboutthe bending of light, was idolized by the prensa.3 Einstein became a popular icon of the science world famous, aprivilege available to very few scientists aFor their explanation of the photoelectric effect and his many contributions to theoretical physics in 1921 wonthe Nobel Prize in Physics and the Theory of Relativity, as the scientist who was given the task of evaluating it,did not understand, and feared risk that later prove errónea.4 5 In that time was still considered somewhatcontroversial.Before the rise of Nazism, the scientist left Germany by December 1932 to the United States, where he taughtteaching at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. Became a U.S. citizen in 1940. During his last years heworked to integrate in a single theory the gravitational and electromagnetic. He died in Princeton, New Jersey onApril 18, 1955
  • 2. who is? The magazine "Time" appointed him as the person of the twentieth century, and nobody dared to question the legitimacy of the Election. Barry Parker, one of his biographers more recent risks to say that Einstein was perhaps the most greatest scientist in human history, remembering when it in 1905, something more than a century, his Theory of Relativity (Energy, equals mass times the speed of light squared), which changes men the Conception traditional time and space .
  • 3. He is a genius The essence of a man like me is exactly what he thinks and how he thinks, not what he does or suffers. Einstein thus justified the reader of the ⎯ Autobiographical Notes, with black humor, said his obituary ⎯ were facing a little biographical book full of complicated mathematical formulas and concepts. Here, as in many other things, Albert Einstein was a peculiar man, "But Im like, I can not be otherwise." Perhaps because of this in his autobiography was the fascination he felt the day his father showed him a compass.
  • 4. Some facts: 1905 inventionBorn on March 14 Theof 1879 photoelectric- Scientist ceffect Being one of theDied on April 18, Was professor in most important1955 (76 years old). 1906 men of the world in science.
  • 5. By Ramon, Pol, Biel, Joel and Javier6th ATorre Barona schoolCastelldefels