Old spice ad campaign


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Old spice ad campaign

  1. 1. Old Spice“The Man Your Man Can Smell Like”Austin Frantz – Jason Liddell – Benjamin Patterson
  2. 2. Purpose Viral campaign launched to market Old Spices Red Zone After Hours Body Wash Other Old Spice products were the focus for additional advertisements after the success of the initial campaign
  3. 3.  Old Spice revolved their campaign around Isaiah Mustafa, or “Old Spice Man”, to garner consumers‟ attention and deliver brand recognition The various commercial spots also informed viewers about the benefits of using Old Spice products, albeit in jest Although males are the product‟s targeted demographic, females were a central focus for the campaign as they are more apt to making household hygiene purchases Objectives Campaign Mission
  4. 4. Tactics The campaign, starring „The Most Interesting Man in the World 2.0‟ Isaiah Mustafa, launched in February 2010 and centered around the theme “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” The first 30-second commercial features Mustafa on a horse speaking rapidly to viewers about the endless possibilities men can achieve by using Old Spice, concluding with “I‟m on a horse.” A 15-second spot reveals that Mustafa is actually riding the horse backwards. The next series of commercials followed a single-shot format like the first, expect Mustafa transitions from the beach to other locations. Female viewers are asked rhetorical question that imply if their men use Old Spice they can bring them whatever they want. An additional commercial set that aired in early 2011 kept a similar theme as the first two series. However, other scents in the product line were advertised in these clips.
  5. 5. Social Media OutletsTwitter response video Behind the sceneshttp://www.youtube.com/wat https://www.youtube.com/wch?v=16QayksWEJo&feature= atch?feature=player_embedchannel&list=UL ded&v=kHCDajKs17E
  6. 6.  Earned media for the campaign soared, generating coverage from nearly every media and news outlet across the countryResults  Old Spice‟s YouTube channel reported more than 11 million views According to Nielsen, body wash and 160,000 subscribers sales increased 55% in the first three months following the first  “Old Spice Guy” created 180+ commercial, and over 107% around the time the response videos started personalized videos, which tallied showing almost 6 million views and over Individual products that slipped in 22,000 comments sales flourished after Mustafa displayed them in ads
  7. 7. Drawbacks High costs for the video  Two months after Old Spice productions, the actor, the bombarded Twitter, there team tracking Old Spice were only 23 tweets from mentions, the writers etc. their account. None of them were interactions with Multimillion dollar TV ad buy actual consumers who used the brand Old Spice spent $11.4 million in advertising in the first  Missed on opportunity to quarter of 2010, compared create long-term to the $7.5 million spent relationships with consumers total in 2009
  8. 8. Did it work?Evaluation  Old Spice became the number one all-time most viewed The campaign received branded channel on YouTube overwhelmingly positive reviews  Over 40 million YouTube views in 12 months Content was funny, exciting, and engaging  Twitter increase = 2700% Everyone had the opportunity to interact with Old Spice, and  Facebook interaction = 800% specifically Mustafa – bloggers, tweeters, celebrities,  Old Spice traffic = 300% etc.  Parodied on Sesame Street and Created a highly recognizable iCarly brand identity
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