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Prenentation poster

  2. 2. What Is Advertising‘Advertising is a process, not a medium in its ownright, although it uses different media forms tocommunicate. Advertising, in its simplest form, isthe way in which the vendor or manufacturer of aproduct communicates with consumers via amedium, or many different media’
  3. 3. Ways to advertise a new business• Print Media: Newspaper, Magazine,Leaflets. etc.• Websites• Blogs• Social Media and Networking SitesPrint MediaBefore distributing your product thinkabout the design-research shows is criticalin this form of advertising as the rate ofsuccess is very competitive; ‘Approximately80% of people will not open a brochure thatdoesn’t give a prime benefit or a compellingreason on the front cover’. (ProfessionalAdvertising).WebsiteMore and more people todayare choosing to use theinternet over the moretradition way of advertisingas its ‘cheap, flexible and costeffect’ way ofadvertising.(Small Business).Social Media and Networking SitesAn example of a social networking siteand its popularity is Facebook; it has700,000,000 estimated monthly visitors.(business insider 2011) Statistics alsoshow that since 1998 in the UK alonethe percentage of internet users hasgone up 70%.
  4. 4. Victoria OldhamVictoria Oldham is an Americanwriter, editor, blogger, publisher of her own shortstories and now is owner of her her business, GlobalWords. Global words provides a variety of courses forwriters at all levels. Courses are offered online and inperson, these range from single day elementworkshops to six weeks intensive editing services.
  5. 5. Advertising Global WordsWhen meeting with Victoria, she proposed the task ofcreating a leaflet, I suggested rather than using leafletsto advertise her business to stay internet based as shehas already got a website advertising her business anduse social media to promote. However she wasconfident that she wanted to use leaflets as anadvertising tool before using the internet, and I happilyaccepted the task proposed.
  6. 6. Market ResearchThe following leaflets were collected via twodifferent methods, one being handed to me inthe streets, and the other was left on show forthe public to pick up themselves if theywished. Both leaflets have a creative design,which is suited to the business it ispromoting which research shows is criticalin this form of advertising as the rate ofsuccess is very competitive; ‘Approximately80% of people will not open a brochure thatdoesn’t give a prime benefit or a compellingreason on the front cover’
  7. 7. As shown the YMCAActiveforlifebusiness card the leaflet has the sameoverall design which can be for ease ofrecognition for customers who would beable to associate to two and know theyare the same business. This in mindwhen it came to designing my ownleaflet and business card I have alsochosen the same layout and colouring.
  8. 8. My Artifacts
  9. 9. From when I was first asked to design a leaflet forwriter Victoria Oldham, knowing her business wascalled Global Words I had an idea of combining theglobe with the leaflet itself. The colour scheme i choseis blue and green, with the green symbolizing land andgreen the sea. I felt these were appropriate colours touse as the colours have been taken from the image ofa globe.
  10. 10. SurveyLeaflet10% NewspaperMagazine17%website23%Blogging0%SocialNetworking Sites50%When first meeting with Victoria she proposedproducing a leaflet, I was unconvinced by her choice ofmethod and suggested working to improve her websiteand blog. I suggested this because of the internetspopularity, which has been proven to make an idealplace to advertise. However I do think Victoria didchose a good way of advertising. Once one personknows about her business the word will spread personto person, otherwise known as ‘word of mouthadvertising’. However because of how big the internetis becoming, knowing she already has a website and ablog I would have stayed internet based andconnecting her blog with her website. This would havesaved costs on which the more traditional printmethods incur, and widened the potential audience bymillions.I asked 30 people which of thesemethods of advertising a newbusiness they thought way the bestway. The majority of people saidsocial media/ networking sites as itshas a worldwide audience and iseasily assessableIf Victorias business becomes larger and she is looking to expandher audience even further, I would suggest promoting herbusiness on social networking sites as today most people areconnected to at least one social networking site. An example of asocial networking site and its popularity is Facebook; it has700,000,000 estimated monthly visitors. (business insider 2011)Statistics also show that since 1998 in the UK alone thepercentage of internet users has gone up 70%. .
  11. 11. Poster