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Soc_01_sulaiman_afolabi.ppt Soc_01_sulaiman_afolabi.ppt Presentation Transcript

  • Do what we watch on TV have an influence on us as people in a society?
  • Violence
    • Are violence scenes in movies appropriate for any audience in society regardless of age?
    • What effect do these violent scenes have on young adults in society?
  • Comedy
    • Does comedy keep us relaxed enough to actually make us friendlier people in society?
    • To what extent does watching comedy affect how seriously we take issues in society?
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  • News
    • Does how much information we have affect our social lives?
    • Can misinformation affect our social lives positively or negatively?
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  • Pornography
    • Can exposure to pornography lead to sexual aggression or not, among members of society?
    • How do sex scenes affect how a young man acts toward females in society?
  • Sports
    • Does watching sports on TV affect how sociable we are among people with similar passions?
    • Does how much sports we watch affect how much ease we allow into our lives, hence, the way we treat other people in society?
  • Entertainment
    • Does how much information we have on latest entertainment news make us more interesting people in society?
    • Do we have to base our relationships with other people in society on what is in vogue in the entertainment industry?
  • Cartoons
    • Do cartoons have a positive effect on how kids relate among themselves in society?
    • Do cartoons give kids the proper grip on reality as they grow older?
  • Drama
    • Do dramas and soap-operas have positive or negative effects on the way we act in society?
    • Will watching too much drama on TV make other people in society refer to us as being too “dramatic”?
  • Sci-Fi
    • Will watching sci-fi affect the way we think, hence, the way we interact with other people in society?
    • Does watching much sci-fi affect how intellectual people in society will find us to be?
  • Medical shows
    • Does how much we know about medicine improve our ability to live peacefully in society?
    • Can our knowledge of medicine obtained from watching medical shows enable us help people in need of medical attention in society?