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Project presentation1


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Team 2 MP3 Player

Team 2 MP3 Player

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Roger Lane, Cliff Bundick, Matt Lloyd and Ed McKenna.
  • 2.  Video Demonstration
  • 3.  Team Introduction MP3 Player Product – The Vision Project Management High Level Design Specifications Code Repository Future Desired Features
  • 4.  The mp3 player is a device used for entertainment purposes. The functionality of the player includes playing mp3 files from an SD card. This will provide its users with a portable compact way to listen to their music when on the go.
  • 5. Design Intentions avoid major screen scrolling increase view ability increase its physical longevity Simple GUI
  • 6.  People who love simplicity, Children Elderly Elevator speech –Don’t waste time or money on things you’ll soon grow to forget. Get straight to the point
  • 7. Tools used for project management included Black Blackberries Agile / Jira Scrum Methods Microsoft ProjectMajority of the project was managed traditionally. Jira was used some of the time
  • 8. Pros Ability to see task and progress (insert chart) A variety of Data charts allowed you to see team progressionCons Success of using Jira is dependant on how much the team invest Task deletion and additions were confusing at times. Not all permissions to access Task were granted
  • 9. Pros Direction given between team members was clear. More face to face interaction Team Discussion increasedCons Redundant work Organization Progress Measurement
  • 10. Pros Initially Provided a structured progression plan Tasks were divided between team members Provided a way to measure project progressionCons Up front planning Manually changing task deadlines and resources
  • 11.  Nios II Fast processor  Included hardware multiply and divide.  SDRAM used for main memory  Interrupt used for touch screen detection
  • 12.  SparkFun VS1053 MP3 Decoder MP3 decoder used SPI protocol. Used SPI Controller send/receive data to from decoder  Thanks team 1!!
  • 13.  Used address mapped registers to check status and send reset
  • 14.  Terasic 4.3" LCD Touch Panel Package  800x480 native resolution  Integrated touch panel  40 pin GPIO connection
  • 15.  Pixel Buffer  Stores video data as 320x240 16bit color  SRAM used to store data  Pixel Buffer DMA used to read SRAM and send data Resampler  Converts 16 bit color to 30 bit color required by screen. Scaler  Scales 320x240 resolution to 800x480 for LCD screen
  • 16.  Clock FIFO  Synchronizes data to VGA controller at different clock speed VGA Controller  Displays the image by creating timing signals needed by LCD screen
  • 17.  Coordinates received from touch panel via ADC SPI controller. Interrupt signal received from panel when screen is pressed. Interrupt and coordinates passed to Nios system using address mapped registers.
  • 18.  SD Card used to store songs for MP3 player to play SD Card Controller IP used along with Altera HAL API drivers to interface with SD Card.
  • 19.  Power Play Power Analyzer Tool Analyzed design’s total static / dynamic Thermal Power Dissipations Design Power Consumption  VCC INT – 3.3V  Power used = 142 mW  Current – 160mA
  • 20.  DAA-BA0005 Creative Zen Micro MP3 Player Product Features  3.7 Volts  680 mA  Rechargeable  12 hr Battery Life
  • 21. • Alteras DE2 EP2C35 offers up to 475 user I/O pins.• We use 53% of them (250/475 pins).
  • 22.  Tortoise SVN Trunk Folder – Used to hold main project design files Branch Folder – Used for team members to individually store edited files Repository contained separate files for project documentation, RTL code, C code, TCL scripts etc.
  • 23.  Automatically setup project, compiles and programs design onto DE2 Board Saves Time by avoiding repetitive task Reusability
  • 24.  Volume Control  Current design only allows for external speaker volume control Feedback to User  Song title, Track length, Play time Playlist Support  Ability to select specific song Multi-format support  Current design has limited support for playback files
  • 25.  Communication is Key!!!!! Organization