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M qcardiac

  1. 1. CAR-diac™ matt quantz t
  2. 2. CAR-diac™ C omprehensive A utomobile R eal-Time and D iagnostic I nformation A cquisition C ontroller
  3. 3. Elevator Pitch (I Always Use The Stairs)The CAR-diac™ is a comprehensive scan tool that reads malfunction and diagnostic codes in addition to run-time data from RPMs to MPGs. It will save you money at the mechanic and at the fuel pump. Ensure your kids are driving responsibly. It makes the perfect for dads and grads, so don’t wait! Get YOURS Today!
  4. 4. What Does It Do?CAR-diac™:• diagnoses check engine (MIL) lights• displays real-time operating data• provides hands-free voice feedback• logs critical data
  5. 5. How Does It Work?• Communicates with the Engine Control Unit (ECU) via the OBD-II protocol• Sends Parameter ID codes (PIDs) and AT commands• Receives encoded data• The PID data is decoded and processed
  6. 6. Why Buy?• Save trips to your mechanic/dealer• Monitor your driving habits• Accurately tune your car• Spy on your kids• Reconstruct traffic accidents• Because you don’t own enough gadgets
  7. 7. Show Me The Brain!mbed NXP LPC1768 ARM Cortex-M3Fcpu: 96 MHz, 512 kB FLASH,32 kB RAM, Max CurrentDrawn: 120 mAPeripherals:Ethernet, USB Host, USB Device, SPI, I2C, CAN, AnalogIn/Out, PWM Out
  8. 8. Show Me The Body!LCD (Upgraded to 20x4) EthernetAudio Out VGA BUZZERSD Card EEPROM JTAGRS-232 PS/2 NGX mX Baseboard
  9. 9. Show Me The Mouth! SpeakJet TTS256Voice And Complex Sound Synthesizer IC Letter to Sound Translation IC
  10. 10. Show Me The Eyes!Honeywell HMC6352Digital Compass:• I2C interface• 20 Hz update
  11. 11. Show Me The GUTS!SparkFun’s OBD-IITo UART BoardUtilizes STN1110 OBD toUART interpreter
  12. 12. Show Me The GUTS!DB-9 Connector mates withDB-9 to OBD-II CableTTL UART Interface toMicrocontroller
  13. 13. Show Me The GUTS!Supports all legislatedOBD-II protocolsCan power itself and thesystem from the car battery
  14. 14. Find Me On The Internet Im There
  15. 15. Reflections• Interesting project• Learned a lot about ECUs and the sensor data they collect• Revealed an unknown method of commercializing ideas• SVN is a necessity, not a luxury• Need remote programming interface• Need off-line compiler• Need more time in a day
  16. 16. Questions?Image of full-scale wire frame replica Countach courtesy of the artist, Benedict Radcliffe. Used without permission. Same for the following picture of Pizza the Hutt.
  17. 17. Let’s Eat Some Pizza!