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  • Take control over your energy use at home with using our smart plugs.Many people are unaware of when and where there energy is being used. Many people don’t realize that energy is being consumed even when electronics are turned off.The smart plug strives for awareness and energy conservation. We want users to be aware of where they are using energy, where energy is being wasted, and where they can save money each month on their electronic bills. Through the combined hardware and software, smart plugs allows users to easily monitor energy use of each device in their home from any location where internet is accessible. In addition to monitoring data, smart plugs aim to have user interaction with the devices. This enables users to control when energy is being used at anytime, from anywhere.
  • Kuyashii p pt

    1. 1. Smart PlugsKuyashii EngineeringKentrel RichardsonSarah SouzaMay 16, 2013
    2. 2. Elevator Pitch Control the energy use in your home. We want people to know when and wheretheir energy is being consumed. This awareness will allow users to cut back onenergy use. This saves money on an individual level. Reduces dependency on harmful energysources.
    3. 3. Who We Are The owner and visionary behind thisproduct is JEFFERY KERNS The development for this product isdivided between hardware and software. Software is done by Kuyashii Members are Kentrel Richardson and SarahSouza.
    4. 4. Our Audience Or current products are designed forresidential use. The design is simple and cheap enoughthat it can easily be expanded highdensity residential environments(apartment buildings, dorms).
    5. 5. Where is Your Power Now?The goal of this product is to monitor energy usage.Information from the smart plugs show ACTUAL usagein your home.Analyzing this information can show you where energyis being drawn, and where energy can be cut back.
    6. 6. Coal and You Majority of energy is provided by COAL. Multiple environmental issues Soil Erosion Dust, noise, water pollution Reduced bio-diversity Impact on health Respiratory issues Congestive heart failure Loss of IQ from air and water pollution
    7. 7. The Ultimate Goal We wanted to develop a product thathelped promote sustainability and energyconservation. Cutting down energy demand to offset theeffects of coal power. Since installation is simple (no licensedelectrician require), this can be used in RIThousing.
    8. 8. Quick Glance Software is accessible through web. Visually displays energy usage. Easily monitor the following: Which devices? What times? How much?
    9. 9. How Does This Work?Wireless Communication!Smart plugs collect and transmit datathrough radio signals.Radio signals are collected on a motherboard.
    10. 10. How Does This Work?The Smart Plug hardware transmits dataover radio signals.These radio signals are received by a mainboard.Smart PlugsTransmission through radio signals“Main board”I.MX53
    11. 11. How Does This Work I.MX53 Capable of receiving RF signals. Essentially a mini-computer runningUbuntu ver. 10.04 Allows use of Node JS and javascript tohandle received data. Connected to the internet through anEthernet cable.
    12. 12. This is the actual board used in the project.
    13. 13. How Does This Work? We utilized Google’s free ApplicationFramework and development tools. This allowed us to store data online. Provided an existing framework forcreating charts and data tables.
    14. 14. How Does this work Information is uploaded to the web. Users can view their energy usageanywhere with an internet connection
    15. 15. Why Use Our Product? Existing systems with similar capabilities arecostly. Smart plugs can be manufactured forapproximately $20 - $30.This is The Energy Detective system.Offers similar services to our smartplug including software, but costshundreds of dollars to buy.
    16. 16. Why Use Our Product? Easy installation. Installing a smart plug is as easy as installinga normal face plate on an electric outlet. Running the software only requires a user toconnect an Ethernet cable to a the mainboard.
    17. 17. Future WorkThe current project only allows for one waycommunication.This means data can be only sent from theplugs to the main board. And users cannotinteract with the plugs.Smart Plugs Main BoardUser(Internet)
    18. 18. Future Work Ideally, we want the projectto work in the other direction. This would allow the usercontrol over the plugs. Control when power is used atany time. Program the main board toturn off power at certain timesof the day.SmartPlugMainBoardUser(Via App)MainBoard
    19. 19. Questions?