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FYP Presentation

  1. 1. Muhammad Afif bin Aziz1091100132Digital Media Design 113 September 2012
  2. 2. Project Proposal
  3. 3. Research TopicWater Pollution in Urban AreaTitle“Water, One of The Important Needs in Life”Background ResearchMalaysia, one of the countries in the world whom has the problem in the urbanarea in terms of water pollution. Most of this problem happened due to theexcessive waste from the factory has been poured out into the river. Forexample, the paper making industry, it requires poisonous chemical substancesin the processing stage. The excessive waste of the chemicals have beenpoured into the river, so, most of the river in Malaysia have been polluted withthese dangerous chemical.Aim and Objectivei) To motivate people’s attitude in terms of handling the rubbishii) To create awareness to the people in the urban areaMotivationAs we all know, water is one of the most virtue things for human to survive andlife. Without water, we cannot live in the peaceful environment. I want to makemore research on this topic as water pollution is one of the most problems in theurban area or city. So, if we love our earth to be last long, we should beingserious on this issue.
  4. 4. Ideation and ConceptMy concept regarding this topic is more onto effects of water pollution tohuman. I plan to make an interactive installation art for my output.Review, Analysis and Precedent StudiesOne of the example of paper factory Waste product/chemical from the release chemical in the river farm poured into the riverDesign ApproachInteractive Installation Art
  5. 5. Research & Analysis
  6. 6. Research Material 1.1Water pollution is caused by point and non-point sources. Point sources includesewage treatment plants, manufacturing and agro-based industries and animalfarms. Non-point sources are defined as diffused sources such as agriculturalactivities and surface runoffs.Bod Pollution LoadDomestic sewage discharge, in the form of treated sewage and partially treatedsewage, remained the largest contributor of organic pollution load with anestimated biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) load of 883,391.08 kg/day. Theestimated BOD loading contributed by other major sectors were agro-based andmanufacturing industries (76,790.77 kg/day) and pig farming (213,215.00 kg/day).Table 6.1 indicates the total BOD load in kg/day discharged from sewagetreatment plants throughout Malaysia in 2006.
  7. 7. Research Material 1.2Government has already made campaigns in order to create awarenessregarding water pollution issue. Below is the example of flyer that thegovernment distribute to the people as the awareness campaign. These are the example of flyer from the government campaign in order to create awareness to the people regarding this issue. But, is this way of campaign give hard impacts to the people? Think.
  8. 8. Methodology 1 – Survey
  9. 9. Methodology 2 – Observation Rubbish found by the roadside cause by the human attitude, Another human attitude : simple throw the rubbish Simply throw rubbish in the drain. When raining, the rubbish will flow into the river and polluted the river
  10. 10. Idea Development
  11. 11. At default, the installation will When the user enter the room, the kinectnot be activated. If no one in sensor will detect the present of motion.the area/room, nothing will Then, the sensor trigger the LED lightshappened. No sound, no along the pathway to be switch on andlights, until the the ambiance sound starts to play as LEDuser approach the door of the lights on. Then, to access the info,the installation. the user need to put their right hand onto the touch screen monitor and the adventure begin. Users are free to access any data in the monitor.
  12. 12. Users can take time as long as they want to be inside the room.Then, when the uses go out from the room, once again the sensorwill detect the motion and switch off the LED lights and waiting forthe next user to come in. The process is repeated.
  13. 13. Contextual Studies
  14. 14. Contextual Studies Social Context • Water pollution is the major problem involve the social and human. • Involve in human attitude Political Context • Involve government in terms of solving and taking action process • Creating awareness
  15. 15. Content Development
  16. 16. Content Development 1Video, Montage, Animation & EffectsAdobe FlashCamtasia StudioAdobe PremierWindows Movie MakerProcessingPhoto, Illustration & Image EditingAdobe PhotoshopAdobe IllustratorMotion SensorWindows SDK
  17. 17. Content Development 2As we can see on both layout, the installation is like a room filled with lots ofinformation regarding water pollution. The use of technology is applied todeliver the information. As we can see, the use of LED lights along the pathwaygive the new feel and touch when people entering the area. In addition, thepresent of ambiance sounds makes the user feel calm and ready to access orread the information in the screen. The use of touch screen monitor is better asit is more user friendly compare to using mouse as a cursor.
  18. 18. Content Development 3 The basic setup of the Arduino
  19. 19. Content Development 4
  20. 20. Functional Specification WorksheetDescription : Installation + Interactivity + Informational DesignMedia Elements/Content :Text : Information on the screen are in the form of textImages/Graphics : The data/raw materials from the data collection is simplified and compileVideo : The scenery of the research location/areaAnimation : Appear on the screen (website-based)Sound : Ambiance sound is played throughout the journeyNavigation & Icons : Fully utilize in the website-based interactivity
  21. 21. Project Timeline
  22. 22. Budget
  23. 23. Flow Chart
  24. 24. Final Synopsis
  25. 25. Video Teaser