Hadis tentang ruang lingkup pendidikan (inggris)


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Hadis tentang ruang lingkup pendidikan (inggris)

  1. 1. HADITH SCOPE OF ISLAMIC EDUCATIONNenden Esa KM : 111 10 006Afif Kurnia Rohman : 111 10 007Dwi Cahyo N : 111 10 008Anisa Khomsiyah : 111 10 032
  2. 2. Human hadith are born in a state of nature• {
  3. 3. Mean of hadist:From Abu Hurairoh, he said, Allahs Apostleof Allah said, "It is not a child is born exceptin a state of nature. And the men who madehis parents he was Jewish, Christians can,and Zoroastrianism, as perfectly birth toanimals, whether her ears are cropped orother disability?. Then Abu Hurairoh read, Ifyou will let read, (keep up) nature God hascreated mans nature. No change in thenature of God. (Thats) religion straight.(Saheeh ditakhrij by Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn al-Mundhir, Ibn Abi Hatim and Ibn Mardawaeh).
  4. 4. EXPLANATION• From the hadith about kefitrahan man, it can be concluded that: Each man born in a state of nature, while if he changes form the Jewish, Christian;, Christian;, or any other, it is influenced by both parents and their environment.• Educational value in this hadith: in origin first creater all humans are born in a state of nature. And should kefitrahan must be maintained until death. As Allah says in the letter Ali-Imran verse 102. which means:? "O ye who believe, fear Allah actually really fearing Him, and do not you ever die but in the Muslim state".•• There are two factors that shape behavior, internal factors and external factors. Internal factors: Biological instinct, psychological wholeness, need ideas, external factors, the family, the social environment, of environmental social
  5. 5. Hadith Islam, Faith and ihsan•
  6. 6. • [ ]
  7. 7. Mean of hadist:From Umar radhiallahuanhu he also said: When we were sitting beside Rasulullah SAWShallallahualaihi one day, suddenly there came a man who dressed in a very white and veryblack hair, did not look at him scars and no long trips and no ones of us who knew him. Untilthen he sat down in front of the Prophet and his knees pressed to the knees(Shallallahualaihi Prophet SAW) and said: "O Muhammad, tell me about Islam?" ThenShallallahualaihi Prophet SAW said that: "Islam is that you testify that there is no Ilah (Godto be worshiped) but Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, you establishprayer, pay zakat, fasting Ramadan and the hajj if they can ", then he said:" you are right ".We were all surprised, she asked him also to justify. Then he asked: "Tell me about theFaith". Then he said: "You believe in Allah, His angels, His books, His messengers and theLast Day, and you believe in the destiny of the good and the bad", then he said: "you areright" . Then he said again: "Tell me about ihsan". Then he said: "Ihsan is that you worshipAllah as if you see it, if you do not see it then He sees you". Then he said: "Tell me about theHour (when it happened)." He said: "The were no more idea than the asking". He said: "Tellme about the signs", he said: "If a servant his master gave birth and if you see a bare leg andchest, and a poor shepherd, (then) raised its race", then that person passes and I kept silentfor a while. Then he (the Prophet) asked: "Do you know whos asking?". I said: "Allah and HisApostle know better." He said: "He was Gabriel who came to you (intend to) teach you yourreligion." (Reported by Muslim)
  8. 8. EXPLANATION• This hadith is a hadith a very deep meaning, because they come from a reliable two creatures of God, namely: Amiinussamaa (confidence beings in the sky / Gabriel) and Amiinul Ardh ​(confidence creatures on earth / Prophet). There are 3 basic Islamic teachings contained in these hadiths, such as:• 1. faith 2. Islam 3. charity
  9. 9. • Faith Says faith comes from the Arabic language, which is masdar of madliAmana, Yuminu, of faith, which means trust. Meanwhile, according tothe principal hadith that we explored earlier, faith is 1. Believe (a) Allahswt 2. Belief in His angels 3. His book Believing in the books 4. Believingin His Messenger 5. Belief in the Last Day 6. Believing in the Qada andQadar.• Islam Islam comes from the Arabic aslama yuslimu Islamization, whichmeans goodbye. Meanwhile, according to the hadith above subject,Islam is the Five Pillars of Islam, namely: 1. Creed 2. Salat 3. Zakat 4.Fasting 5. Hajj for those who are able• Ihsan Says ihsan, from ahsana yuhsinu ihsanan, namely Arabic meaningdo better, or improve. Meanwhile, when looked at from above hadithprincipal, ihsan is defined as the worship of God as we see Him, or atleast we feel constantly watched over by God.
  10. 10. CONCLUSION• In general, Islamic education aims to "increasing faith, understanding, appreciation, and practice of the students about the religion of Islam, so that a Muslim man who is faithful and devoted to God and morality in private life, society, nation and state."• Such reviews can be drawn from multiple dimensions going to be improved and targeted by Islamic religious education learning activities, namely: 1) Dimensions faith learners against the teachings of Islam. 2) The dimensions of understanding or reasoning (intellectual) and science students of religious teachings Islam. 3) Dimension appreciation or perceived inner experience of learners in the teachings of Islam. 4) dimensions of its practice.
  11. 11. Thanks for Your Attention….