Web 2010 – Ten Trends Defining Your Future
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Web 2010 – Ten Trends Defining Your Future



As the internet becomes the critical hub for all business and personal communications, discover ten trends that will allow businesses and individuals to differentiate themselves and succeed online.

As the internet becomes the critical hub for all business and personal communications, discover ten trends that will allow businesses and individuals to differentiate themselves and succeed online.

Jay Berkowitz, CEO, Ten Golden Rules (Twitter @JayBerkowitz)



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Web 2010 – Ten Trends Defining Your Future Web 2010 – Ten Trends Defining Your Future Presentation Transcript

  • Web: 2010 Discover the 10 Trends Defining Your Business Future JayBerkowitz TenGoldenRules.com
  • Web: 2010 Discover the 10 Trends Defining Your Business Future * What innovations are driving success? * Top social media websites for business? * What is the future for Google and who is poised to challenge their market presence? * How can you use the internet to build your personal brand? * How do you make money in Social Media? * How do you Twitter? Do I need a Long Tail? What’s a PeoplePond? * http://presentation.tengoldenrules.com
  • Recent Media Wall Street Journal
  • Recent Media Business Journal
  • Recent Media B&T Australia
  • Recent Media FOX TV
  • Web: 2010 Discover the 10 Strategies Defining Your Future
  • Strategy #1 Micro Communications
  • We take our news in small ‘bites’ RSS Subscription
  • Micro Communications - Twitter
  • Twitter = Microblogging, 140 Characters Personal Information Stats Other Twitter users this member is following Past tweets Most recent tweet
  • @MissionPie
    • @MissionPie Pssst! Hey you! Yeah, I'm talking to you! Keep this is on the down low, but we'll have STRAWBERRY RHUBARB later today!!!
    • 8:10 AM May 2nd
  • Micro Marketing
  • The Three E’s - Educate
  • The Three E’s - Entertain
  • The Three E’s - Engage www.Twitter.com/Iconic88
  • Strategy #1 Micro Communications
    • Strategy: Short Communications for a short attention span
    • Business Applications: RSS Subscriptions, Twitter for Business, Qik
    • Advanced Strategies: The 3 E’s: Educate, Entertain, Engage
  • Virtualization
  • Virtualization
  • Training in Second Life
  • ErinBlaskie – Virtual Assistant
  • GoToMeeting – Virtual Meetings
  • Guru – Virtual Employees
  • Date.com – Virtual Dating
  • Strategy #2 Virtualization
    • Strategy: Businesses and segments going virtual
    • Business Applications: Virtual Assistants, Virtual Employees, Virtual Meetings,
    • Advanced Strategies: Provide Virtual Services, Virtual Training
  • Free! #3
  • Free Music - RadioHead
  • Podcasts!!! FREE on iTunes
  • 83,794 Links to the Site Alexa Rank 26,826 Google Page Rank 6/10 SEO Quake Toolbar
  • 1,440 pages indexed or ‘read’ by Google Alexa Rank 19,587 Google Page Rank 8/10 SEO Quake Toolbar
  • 1,367 Links to the Site Google Page Rank 4/10 SEO Quake Toolbar
  • 155 Links to the Site Google Page Rank 3/10 SEO Quake Toolbar
  • Compete.com
  • SpyFu
  • Strategy #3 Free!
    • Strategy: Amazing Free Products with a revenue model attached
    • Business Applications: Free Plus Paid, WordPress, Analytics, SEO Quake, SpyFu, Compete, iTunes
    • Advanced Strategies: Ad Model, Analytics = AdWords Performance, Upgrade Model (Compete, SpyFu)
  • Strategy #4 Social Search
  • Social Search Search.Twitter.com
  • Brett Hurt CEO
  • Strategy #4 - Social Search
    • Strategy: Add reviews to websites, participate in ratings and reviews
    • Business Applications: TripAdvisor, Google, CNET, Amazon , Yelp!, Angie’s List
    • Advanced Strategies:
    • Build a Community around your Information Product! Ask for Ratings, Get Listed, Maps
  • Strategy #5Customer Service is the new Marketing Department http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvVp7b5gzqU
  • Strategy #5 Customer Service as the New Marketing Department
    • Strategy: Monitor your brand in Social Media and develop a dialogue with your customers and prospects
    • Business Applications: Richard at Dell, Amazon, Zappos,Technorati and Google Blog Search, Radian6
    • Advanced Strategies: Monitor your Brand Message, Join the Conversation, Be Genuine. Be Transparent. Experiment.
  • Strategy #6 Disintermediation – Part 2
  • HARO – HelpAReporterOut.com
  • Sample HARO Media Leads
    • URGENT 0) Homeowners default on modified mortgages (USA Today)
    • 1) Companies doing well (Marketwatch.com)
    • 9) New parents fighting about money (Pregnancy Magazine)
    • 10) Social Networking Articles/Blogs etc. (EBook)
    • 28) Finding the best IT talent (Processor Magazine)
    • 31) Best cruising deals of 2009 (Los Angles Times)
    • 32) Finances during long-term travel (Book)
  • Strategy #6 Disintermediation – Part II
    • Strategy: Take advantage of ‘news hole’, disintermediate existing business models
    • Business Applications: Develop products to connect directly with consumers
    • Advanced Strategies: Help-A-Reporter free to the consumer with sponsor revenue, Niche opportunities?
  • Strategy #7
  • Zygna - $40 Million
  • Widgetbox
  • Blog Widget Created to Serve Headlines Blidget’
  • Strategy #7 Super Widgetization
    • Strategy: Develop applications to go direct to the desktop, Facebook, iPhone
    • Business Applications: Facebook, Apple/iPhone, Amazon, eBay, Widgetbox, Facebook Applications, Straight to the iPhone
    • Advanced Applications: Create an Application or Widget to make something easier and to bring your business to your audience, Create a Blidget!
  • Video!
  • Sales increased 5x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qg1ckCkm8YI
  • Best Practices – Entertain, Great Music, Celebrities, Spoofs
  • Best Practices – Educate “How to Videos”
  • Meta data – Tag your videos, use all the title and description and include long target phrases Tag Videos for Blended Search
  • TubeMogul – Distribute to 14+ Sites with Great Reporting
  • Strategy #8 - Video!
    • Strategy: Videos build viral traffic and conversion
    • Business Applications: YouTube, “How To” Videos, Name and Tag videos with keywords
    • Advanced Strategies: TubeMogul, Communities, Great Thumbnails, Web 2.0 Celebrities, parodies, comedy
  • Strategy #9 Personal Brand!
  • “ Start right now : as of this moment you're going to think of yourself differently! You're not an "employee" of General Motors …. Starting today you are a brand Tom Peters ‘The Brand Called You’ Fast Company in August 1997
    • 1. Be You Own Brand Manger
    • Develop your brand marketing plan.
    • How are you going to promote your brand? How are you going to take it to the next level?
    • Set specific, measurable goals
    • 2. Determine Your USP
    • What makes you Distinctive?
    • How can you enhance your unique skills
    • I determined my USP was a combination of brand and online
    • I wrote “The Ten Golden Rules of Internet Marketing” which shaped my life
    • 3. Follow your passion!
    • Where do you like to hang out
    • What do you love to read?
    • Create your content in an area that you really care about
    • 4. Listen
    • “ Listening is my first move in starting to understand social media. G o and read blogs. Go visit Twitter.com and more importantly search.twitter.com , and see what people are saying. Read comments on people’s blogs and see which ones seem to get any response. Search using Google and Technorati.com, and start listening to conversations that are out there.”
    Chris Brogan
    • 5. Embrace Your Inner Author
    • Create unique content.
    • Write a blog. Write a book or a free eBook
    • Submit articles to industry publications.
    • Create a website.
    • Build great content on Facebook and LinkedIn
    • 6. Build Your Net
    • Set a goal to make a few quality connections
    • Give to Get
    • Ask about them
    • Add new contacts and follow up
    • Be my friend!
    • Safety Net
    • 7. Volunteer to Shine
    • Volunteer to develop new skills
    • Work in a comfort zone then push yourself
    • Enhance a skill through freelance opportunities. Guru, e-Lance and BINTRO offer an opportunity for you to sell personal assets that might not be part of your current job but can be on your future resume!
    Missy Ward winner of the ShareASale Pay It Forward Award!
    • 8. Innovate to Lead
    • Test new technologies. Take a free trial.
    • Report on how new tools they work on your blog.
    • Position yourself as an early adopter and soon people will be asking you about the next big thing!
    • 9. Entrepreneur
    • Entrepreneur is a verb
    • I wish I started earlier in my career.
    • Employers look to hire people who have managed their own business
    • No barriers to starting.
    • Start selling products as an affiliate CJ, LinkShare, or Share-A-Sale.
    • 10. Speak Up!
    • The biggest differentiator for my career
    • Toastmasters
    • Volunteered for the social committee at work and the charity association
    • Presentation Zen
    • Practice makes perfect!
  • PeoplePond.com and Google Profiles
  • Strategy #9 Build Your Personal Brand
    • Strategy: Carve out a Unique Niche for your Personal Brand
    • Tactics: Brand Manager, Follow your Passion! Innovate, Entrepreneur, Volunteer, Toastmasters
    • Advanced Tactics: eBooks, White Papers, Public Speaking - Presentation Zen, PeoplePond.com and Google Profiles
  • an evolving extension of the World Wide Web in which the semantics of information and services on the web is defined, making it possible for the web to understand and satisfy the requests of people and machines to use the web content . It derives from World Wide Web Consortium director Sir Tim Berners-Lee's vision of the Web as a universal medium for data, information, and knowledge exchange. (Wikipedia) is the study of meaning . The word "semantics" itself denotes a range of ideas, from the popular to the highly technical. It is often used in ordinary language to denote a problem of understanding that comes down to word selection or connotation. (Wikipedia)
  • Tim Berners-Lee
    • “ I have a dream for the Web [in which computers] become capable of analyzing all the data on the Web – the content, links, and transactions between people and computers. A ‘Semantic Web’, which should make this possible, has yet to emerge, but when it does, the day-to-day mechanisms of trade, bureaucracy and our daily lives will be handled by machines talking to machines. The ‘intelligent agents’ people have touted for ages will finally materialize.”
  • Did you mean…
    • Micro Communications
    • Virtualization
    • Free!
    • Social Search
    • Customer Service as Marketing Department
    • Disintermediation – Part 2
    • Super-Widgetization
    • Video Video Video!
    • Personal Branding
    • Semantic Web / Web 3.0
    Web: 2010: The 10 Strategies Defining Your Business Future
  • What is TenGoldenRules.com?
  • What is TenGoldenRules.com? Affiliate Program Management
  • What is TenGoldenRules.com? Landing Pages & Conversion
  • What is TenGoldenRules.com? Video
  • What is TenGoldenRules.com? Viral Marketing
  • What is TenGoldenRules.com? Search Engine Marketing
  • What is TenGoldenRules.com? eNewsletters
  • What is TenGoldenRules.com? New Program Launch Strategy
  • What is TenGoldenRules.com? Blogs
  • What is TenGoldenRules.com? Social Media
    • Try 1 thing today!
    • Please ‘pay-it-forward’
      • Join the Conversation!
      • Podcast call in 206-888-6606
      • Be my friend! Linked In, Twitter @jayberkowitz
      • Speaking Opportunities
      • Consulting, Search, Conversion, Affiliate
    • http://presentations.tengoldenrules.com
    • f/u
    • Q&A
    Web: 2010: The 10 Strategies Defining Your Business Future Jay Berkowitz www.TenGoldenRules.com 561-620-9121 [email_address]