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  • Consumers Interact with video more, and we can measure this by completion rates, number of times shared, actions taken (or not) after a video has been watched
  • Consumers Interact with video moreIts more engagingThe performance of video is great51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide cite video as the type of content with the best ROI.EMARKETER, 2013
  • Put another way, how can affiliate be rewarded for their part in the consumer journey? Video is a pull mechanism. Contrast that with an email that pushes a special or promotion in front of a consumer. In contract, a video exists in its own right. It’s there to be discovered, and can be a doorway into still more discoveries for the consumer. Types of videos:How To VideosProduct demonstration videosProduct ReviewsWhite papersNews, industry updatesThe biggest difference for us to understand is that video is about building an audience, and then monetizing it. Direct Marketing typically has focuesed on the product first, then finding the audience for it.
  • You can drive highly qualified traffic with YouTube. Don’t forget that YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine out there. There is an SEO strategy to be played, and there is also a CPV opportunity. That’s right, I didn’t say PPC I said CPV or cost per view. Also, marketers can use YouTube in combination with Google search and the Google Display network, via adwords to distribute video.Create a Channel/ Content Strategy – Of course the hub for this would probably be YouTube. That’s where you get the most exposure. To be a content creator, you have to think in term of the audience, and audience development. What mixture of content can you bring this audience, and how best to monetize it. I contrast this with affiliate marketing, where the thinking has always been more oriented to the advertiser. If you look at this from the top down, there is probably a little more emphasis on developing the media and the audience as opposed to the direct sales strategy. Less empahsis on the pricing pomotion and product.You don’t even have to produce your own content to monetize video. You just discover and curated like upworthy, gawker, Buzzfeed – video wants to be shared.
  • Vid marketingdrivessales steve_w

    1. 1. Intro slide How Video Marketing Drives Sales January 2014 Steve Winterhalter
    2. 2. People don’t read EXTRA EXTRA
    3. 3. Push to ad drama
    4. 4. Video stimulates recall 4
    5. 5. You can measure engagement 5
    6. 6. Owned, Earned, Paid Owned Media Earned Media Paid Media
    7. 7. KMART
    8. 8. Online Adspend Growth “US Online Video Ad Spending 2011-2016”, eMarketer, May 2012
    9. 9. The present sitch viewed by a pro video professional .1% CTR (source: Doubleclick) • You are more likely to survive a plane crash than click on a banner ad. (Source: Solve Media) • 8% of web surfers are responsible for 85% of all clicks (Source: comScore) • About 50% of clicks on mobile banners are accidental (Source: Goldspot)
    10. 10. Present sitch specific to affiliates Video Addresses a Larger Spectrum of Purchase Intent Video Mktg. Affiliate Mktg.
    11. 11. Consumers Interact with Video Source: Invodo 2013 11
    12. 12. Video Views Convert Source: Invodo 2013 12
    13. 13. Things to consider before launching into video How Can Affiliate Marketers use video to generate sales? First, understand how the medium works: the different types of video devices and consumption patterns. For Example: • • • • Lean forward viewing compared to lean back Device type: iPad, desktop, mobile Timing: Watching day versus night Video types: product reviews, how to’s,
    14. 14. Ways to make money with video Two Avenues for Generating Revenue with Video Build an audience and monetize • Have others monetize it • Get a channel sponsor • Feature your own products or have exclusive representations You don’t even need to make your own video Use Video to drive traffic • Target audiences and monetize with performance links • Can be used with search, display, email, retargeting, etc.
    15. 15. Conclusion: Why video is awesome Conclusion: Why video is awesome • Very information dense • Video works in all three media types: paid, owned, earned media • Works through all stages of sales funnel awareness through action • Content can be advertising • Engagement: Great at getting and keeping audience attention + measureable • Converts better • Recall: It’s more memorable • It’s shareable, maybe even viral • Formats well to all devices – fits into our lives • There are different types of video formats-each bring a different way to market and to target
    16. 16. Thank You Steve Winterhalter