Using Pay-Per-Call to Grow Affiliate Programs


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Online consumers want more human interaction. Learn how new pay-per-call technology is enabling advertisers to scale their affiliate programs and improve ROI for both advertisers and publishers.

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  • Shift to performance-based marketing due to emerging technologies like pay-per-call. Pay-per-call puts the affiliate networks in a position to compete for more of those offline dollars.
  • Leading affiliate networks are starting to participate and offer these services because new technologies are emerging to handle volume, quality filtering, etc. “ Ease of use” in setting up and managing campaigns.
  • Consumers are surrounded by all these different types of online and offline media. Consumers want flexibility in how they interact with an advertiser. Cell phone penetration is essentially 100%. We all have a phone in our pocket. It’s not about the phone; it’s about the phone number. Few examples of how this is working today.
  • Using Pay-Per-Call to Grow Affiliate Programs

    1. 1. Affiliate Summit West 2010 THE PAY-PER-CALL OPPORTUNITY Jason Spievak CEO, Ring Revenue
    2. 2. <ul><li>The Problem </li></ul><ul><li>The Solution </li></ul><ul><li>The Opportunity </li></ul><ul><li>Success Stories </li></ul><ul><li>Q&A </li></ul>Pay-Per-Call Agenda
    3. 3. The Problem: Shopping Online, Buying Offline Consumers are shopping online, but the majority are buying offline. Advertisers want inbound calls due to higher conversion rates and average sales prices, but affiliates do not want calls going to advertisers because they are not getting credit for them. URL (“click”) tracking does not track offline purchases. OFFLINE MEDIA CONSUMPTION ONLINE SEARCH, REVIEWS, ETC. OFFLINE PURCHASE ~ 42% motivated to begin an online search after viewing ~ 63% of purchases researched online convert offline. ~ 37% of Purchases Convert Online
    4. 4. As a Result, Advertisers Make Significant Concessions to Satisfy Affiliates MAIN LANDING PAGE AFFILIATE LANDING PAGE In most cases, when a prospect calls the merchant’s phone number, the affiliate will not get credit if there is a sale. So when a merchant puts their phone number on the landing page, especially in a prominent location, that can serve to ‘siphon’ legitimate commissions away from the affiliate. – Dan Murray, Ravenwood Marketing, June 2008 issue of FeedFront “ ”
    5. 5. 77% of active online consumers say they want more live assistance when making online purchases. Online Consumers Want Human Interaction HELP! I have QUESTIONS! Why can’t I find a phone number?! Source: Harris Interactive poll – August 2009
    6. 6. 54% of online consumers want live help before purchasing higher-ticket items such as insurance. Online Consumers Want Human Interaction HELP! I have QUESTIONS! Why can’t I find a phone number?! Source: Harris Interactive poll – August 2009
    7. 7. 40% want live help available even when purchasing smaller-ticket items such as software, electronics and mobile phones online. Online Consumers Want Human Interaction HELP! I have QUESTIONS! Why can’t I find a phone number?! Source: Harris Interactive poll – August 2009
    8. 8. 82% of active online consumers say they were not able to get live help when they wanted it to make an online purchase. Online Consumers Want Human Interaction HELP! I have QUESTIONS! Why can’t I find a phone number?! Source: Harris Interactive poll – August 2009
    9. 9. 52% of online consumers who abandon their shopping cart cite the lack of human interaction as a primary reason for abandoning. Online Consumers Want Human Interaction HELP! I have QUESTIONS! Why can’t I find a phone number?! Source: Harris Interactive poll – August 2009
    10. 10. The Solution: Track Calls Like Clicks Calls can be tracked even more effectively and accurately than clicks.
    11. 11. Expanding Reach In The Affiliate Channel Call Center + = More Personal Customer Contact + = Leads, Sales & Commissions More Leads, Sales & Commissions + = More Affiliate Promotional Opportunities Print Radio TV Mobile + = PAY-PER-CALL More High-End Products & Services To Sell TODAY Website Visits Affiliate Promotions Merchant Products & Services Customer Contact Customer Conversion THE AFFILIATE CHANNEL Leads, Sales & Commissions Display Search Email Blog
    12. 12. The Pay-Per-Call Market Opportunity Offline ($270 Billion) Online ($30 Billion) Mobile ($1 Billion) Annual US Advertising Spending $300 Billion Sources: Forrester Research, 2009; PriceWaterhouseCoopers: IAB Internet Advertising Report, May 2008; eMarketer, August 2008; The Kelsey Group; SNL Financial; Jupiter Research; US Contact Center Operational Report, 2008. Display Search Performance _________________________________________ Ad Spending Driving 20 Billion Sales Calls/Year Outdoor Print Radio Television
    13. 13. Pay-Per-Call Allows Advertisers to Pay Publishers for Referring Calls
    14. 14. It’s Not Just About the Phone. It’s About the Phone Number . MOBILE RADIO SEARCH ONLINE TV PRINT DISPLAY EMAIL BLOGS SOCIAL MEDIA
    15. 15. Does pay-per-call work for SEARCH? YES SEARCH CJ Pay-Per-Call is a great opportunity for many of our clients: Advertisers get access to large numbers of high-quality publishers who can expand their affiliate programs online and offline, and publishers get access to top-brand advertisers and an additional revenue stream. – Kerri Pollard, General Manager “ ”
    16. 16. Does pay-per-call work for DISPLAY & ONLINE VIDEO? YES Sources: Comcast and RingRevenue – 2009 DISPLAY The Pay-Per-Call Affiliate Program has been a valuable tool in our efforts to integrate our acquisition strategies and extend the reach of our marketing promotions. – Rita Zahir, Sr. Marketing Manager “ ”
    17. 17. Does pay-per-call work for DISCOUNTS & COUPONS? YES ONLINE We can now allow the consumer to choose how they interact with our advertising partners and allow our affiliate partners to participate in the revenue. – Peter Bordes, CEO “ ”
    18. 18. Does pay-per-call work for SOCIAL MEDIA? YES SOCIAL MEDIA Large advertisers engaging in social media are seeking inbound calls as well as online leads. Social media platforms now allow advertisers to incorporate pay-per-call into their creatives. – Sean, Rad, CEO “ ”
    19. 19. Does pay-per-call work for EMAIL? YES EMAIL Pay-Per-Call enabled us to incorporate a phone number into our email creatives, which allowed us to generate up to a 30% lift on the total conversions we delivered to the advertiser. Add Pay-Per-Call to your marketing efforts. Your email publishers will thank you! – Mike Stocker, CEO “ ”
    20. 20. Does pay-per-call work for REVIEW SITES & BLOGS? YES BLOGS Adding Pay-Per-Call to the Angie’s List affiliate program was key to delivering a 25% month-over-month increase in sales. And affiliates who advertise both a web address and a phone number stand to earn as much as 83% more!” – Ben Kiblinger, Co-Founder “ ”
    21. 21. “ Quote goes here. Quote goes here. Quote goes here.” Does pay-per-call work for STOREFRONTS? YES ONLINE We have added the Pay-Per-Call application to a number of clients’ programs. The numbers have been outstanding. When we saw in excess of 1,500 calls in less than 30 days for a retailer with an average order size of over $500, we were blown away as was our customer. We are now getting all of our qualifying clients into the program as fast as we can.” – Durk Price, President “ ”
    22. 22. “ uote goes here. Quote goes here. Quote goes here.” Does pay-per-call work for CATEGORY LEAD GENERATION? YES ONLINE Pay-Per-Call offers higher ROI potential because calls can increase conversion rates and give us new places - online and offline - where ads can show up.” – Russ Pechman, VP of Lead Advantage “ ”
    23. 23. Does pay-per-call work for MOBILE TEXT & DISPLAY? YES Source: Juniper Research –2009 57% of U.S. consumers want coupons and discounts served through their mobile phone. 24% of U.S. mobile phone users who have participated in a mobile marketing campaign elect to receive SMS alerts for sales and discounts. MOBILE
    24. 24. Does pay-per-call work for TV? YES TV Pay-Per-Call offers a great new revenue opportunity for both merchants and affiliates. Affiliate marketing is no longer just online. The system is simple to set up, easy to use, and integrates with a merchant’s traditional online initiatives . – Brian Littleton, CEO “ ”
    25. 25. YES Does pay-per-call work for NEWSPAPER? PRINT The potential to reach consumers making purchases over the phone is huge. We’re committed to providing the best solutions to our customers, so it was a natural fit for us to partner with … the leader in tracking and managing call-based campaigns. – Bret Grow, President “ ”
    26. 26. Does pay-per-call work for RADIO? YES RADIO Pay-per-call now enables radio stations to become performance-based affiliates to fill their remnant inventory. In addition to stations running prepared ads on a performance basis, radio personalities can now also use pay-per-call technology to endorse products more effectively in a referral model.” – Trygve Duryea, CEO “ ”
    27. 27. Does pay-per-call work OUTDOOR? YES We’ve been looking for ways to grow our affiliate program, and this is it. We want more calls. They convert at a much higher rate than clicks. – Todd Wilson, President “ ”
    28. 28. Does pay-per-call work for DIRECT MAIL? YES (Pay-per-call) has revolutionized our work (for a direct mail client) and helped us run a more profitable campaign.” – Ideocore Director “ ”
    29. 29. <ul><li>New technology is allowing affiliate pay-per-call to scale. </li></ul><ul><li>Easy to get started through your favorite affiliate network. </li></ul><ul><li>Want to learn more? Call (877) 745-1383 </li></ul>Pay-Per-Call Summary
    30. 30. Spread the Word About Pay-Per-Call and Win WIN A FREE PASS TO AFFILIATE SUMMIT EAST 2010
    31. 31. Thank you for attending! Questions about the Pay-Per-Call opportunity?