Should Last Clicks Still Rule
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Should Last Clicks Still Rule



Affiliate programs are getting a new look as brands get smarter about attribution. Find out today’s rules for attribution, determining affiliate value, and new ways to optimize an affiliate base.

Affiliate programs are getting a new look as brands get smarter about attribution. Find out today’s rules for attribution, determining affiliate value, and new ways to optimize an affiliate base.



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Should Last Clicks Still Rule Should Last Clicks Still Rule Presentation Transcript

  • Should Last Click Still Rule? Robert Glazer Performance Marketing Summit March 12, 2013
  • Last-in Does Not Have The Same Purpose Then: Now: 1#PMS13
  • Follow the Clickpath Understanding multi-touch attribution impacts how much that conversion is really costing you. Organic Paid Email Display Affiliate Advertising Transaction Search • There are often up to 5 touch points in a conversion • Some channels are always showing up at the end of the transaction and consistently overlapping with other channels.#PMS13 View slide
  • The Double Counting Problem You have a lot of players on your marketing team who are working with consultants or employees in each of these areas SEO Affiliates PPC Email /CRM Display & Re-Targeting Social Media#PMS13 View slide
  • When 1+1+1+1+1+1 = 2 Everyone is taking credit for the same sale, each channel acts like the others do not exist PPC: Email / CRM: $1M $1M Display & Affiliates: Re-Targeting $1M : $1M Total Company Revenue: Social Media: SEO: $1M $2M $1M#PMS13
  • See What Analytics Can Show You Email PPC Social Affiliates Display & Retargeting Incremental Affiliate Sales Organic Search#PMS13
  • Demand Generation vs. Interception Scenario 1: Customer wants a toaster, they research and Customer Buying look for the best deal for the chosen model. Commodity Product Loyalty/coupon sites can add value by affecting merchant selection. 6#PMS13
  • Demand Generation vs. Interception Customer goes directly to the chosen merchant with Scenario 2: purchase intent. They are either intercepted along the Customer Buying way or hop out of the cart before purchasing to look for Differentiated Product an offer that may or may not exist. For many branded, custom & differentiated products, coupon/loyalty sites likely do not play a role in the purchase decision. • Toolbars • Spyware • Forced Clicks • Incorrect Offers 7 • Cookie Stuffing • SEO or PPO Trademark#PMS13
  • Valuing The Entire Funnel Multi channel attribution allows for performance pay outs based on the value of each channel in Introducing the customer funnel. $50 Engaging Introducers: Content Sites $25 Bloggers Shopping Sites Closing $25 Engagers: Social Media Closers: Toolbars Coupon sites CRM Sale! ($100) 8#PMS13
  • Overvaluing Last In Is Expensive & Misleading How would it work for a baseball team that only valued a closer? Starting Pitchers Bullpen Closers • Content Sites • Social Media • Toolbars • Bloggers • Coupon Sites • Shopping Sites • CRMJonathan Papelbon Heath Bell Tyler Clippard Sergio Romo Vs. $11,000,000 $6,000,000 $1,650,000 $1,570,000 3rd place NL East Last Place NL East Most Wins World Series No Playoffs No Playoffs Regular Season Champions 9#PMS13
  • Tiny Prints Example • Individual order based attribution • Lowered commission for partners with high channel overlap and cart based clicks • Overwrite protection for content affiliates from coupon affiliates • Increased commission for affiliates who drive top of funnel and brand awareness • No toolbars = High performance and loyalty from quality affiliates 10#PMS13
  • Questions & Contact Info Robert Glazer Founder & Managing Director Acceleration Partners @accelerationpar 11#PMS13