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How To Futureproof Your SEO Efforts

How To Futureproof Your SEO Efforts



This session will help people develop strategies that will work for the long haul, so they can avoid some of the ups and downs of SEO.

This session will help people develop strategies that will work for the long haul, so they can avoid some of the ups and downs of SEO.



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    How To Futureproof Your SEO Efforts How To Futureproof Your SEO Efforts Presentation Transcript

    • Futureproofing Your SEO Strategy Wil Reynolds – SEER Interactive
    • History
      • Relevance NEVER gets old
    • History Meta Tags & Cloaking Keyword Density PageRank Years (Real Content) Linking / Reciprocal Linking / Buying Linkbaiting / Social Media 1998 2007 Tech Savvy Marketing Savvy
    • History
    • History
      • Are all shooting for RELEVANCY!
    • History Video Google Universal Ask 3d Google One-Box Yahoo “One-Box” Linkbait Digg Del.ic.ous Reporting Links Google & Yahoo News Image Optimization Reputation Management Local Facebook / Myspace Social Media Wikipedia Directory Links PR Optimization Stumbleupon
    • Examples (after video / personal, what’s next?)
      • Feedburner – what spammers sign up for it?
      • Google Reader
        • Look at subscribers to blog
        • Growth of subscribers
        • Who subscribes (active blog readers or one timers looking to spam the search engines?)
        • Starred
        • Shared / E-mailed
      • Google is a Registrar
      • Yahoo owns Del.ic.ous and as of Feb just started testing the integration
    • Examples (after video / personal, what’s next?) http://www.techcrunch.com/wp-content/yahoodelicious.jpg
    • Examples (after video / personal, what’s next?) The search engines KNOW what converts on one site versus another…HOW? YOU TELL THEM! Conversion codes + Google analytics + Microsoft Gatineau + Landing Page Optimizer = FREE for you  & FREE Conversion data for Google. They have data on how well your site connects with their searchers.
    • Examples (after video / personal, what’s next?) http://www.techcrunch.com/wp-content/yahoodelicious.jpg
    • Examples (after video / personal, what’s next?)
      • Yahoo just bought buzztracker (hmmmm)
      • Data in AdWords / Yahoo / MSN (Conversion rates?)
      • Google Radio / Print
      • Borrowed from Rand Fishkin (SEOMOZ.ORG)
      • Link Traffic (Toolbars)
      • E-mail mentions
    • Futureproofing your SEO strategy
      • Step 1 – Start thinking more like a marketer than a techie
        • Stop worrying about:
          • Keyword density
          • Character limits
          • Meta tags
          • Number of links
          • Rankings
          • Algorithms
          • Patents
          • Traffic
      • Step 2 – Start think in about RELEVANCY & REVENUES
      • Step 3 – Go buy a HEAP of patience
    • Futureproofing your SEO strategy
      • Start Small & Realistic
        • SEOMOZ Keyword Difficulty tool
        • How we did it for ourselves (Local vs. Global)
        • New domains?
      • Stay Relevant
        • Land Grab of keywords = bad strategy
          • Spread yourself too thin
        • Build your theme first
      • Buy links, YES you heard me, if you are starting from scratch, get your directory links!
        • They should help you rank for smaller less competitive terms WHILE you are being patient and building themed links, which comes with time.
        • Evaluating Directories (more than PR)
    • What do these kids have to do with linking?
    • What do these kids have to do with linking?
      • They represent offshore workers from China, Costa Rica, Romania, and Jamaica?
      • They are child laborers who are held against their will and made to get links?
      • By standing next to each other they are building an easily identifiable “ link farm ”
        • NOTE: Should they move to different class c’s?
      • Nothing, as one would have to be Green to represent Google’s Pagerank toolbar
      • They all work on Google’s webspam team and smile for every site they zap from the results
    • What do these kids have to do with linking?
      • They illustrate link diversity
    • Paid Link Kid
      • Hates: Matt Cutts & no-follow tags
      • Likes: Microsoft / Yahoo
      • Less important than he used to be (hiding behind the other kids).
      • Still has value (why he’s in the picture).
      • Getting too many of this shady character can lead to penalties / banning / etc
      • Friends with Florida update kid (RIP)
    • Linkbait Kid
      • Hates:
      • Likes: + Social Media + Video + Stumbleupon + Mixx +
      • Digg algorithm changes
      • Social traffic can bring down a server
      • BE CREATIVE (takes time)
      • Be involved / know the right people
      • Result in legit links that may carry good long term value
      • Big shot in the arm
    • Blogger Kid
      • Hates: Comment Spammers
      • Likes: People who add value to her blog
      • Hard to court
      • Links attained are often on theme
      • The harder to get = the higher the value
      • Has a big ego, play to it
      • Link value likely to last a LONG TIME = most relevant
    • PR KID
      • Hates: Losing his job
      • Likes: Newspapers / traditional media
      • Old school
      • Links are typically high value
      • Likes press releases
      • Not going to drive the same quick value
      • Small but good impact - not in a shady way like paid link kid
    • What do these kids have to do with linking?
      • They illustrate link diversity
        • Bought (Asian)
          • Background, not really out in the forefront
        • Linkbait (Hispanic)
          • Hey everyone look at me, I’m wearing Delicious / stumbleupon / Digg colors
        • Niche Content (African American Girl)
          • Not as in the forefront, but is niche and has a voice (bloggers)
        • Press Releases / Real PR (Caucasian)
          • Smallest smile, tried and true tactics that get attention
    • Link Diversity
      • Trying to rank well for the future is important, but you can NOT forget what it takes to rank well TODAY, ok?
      • Free & Bought directory links are having LESS and LESS value everyday, but they still have SOME value.
      • Use them to rank well for easier terms, but they won’t help as much for competitive terms, to rank well for the long haul for competitive terms you have to have patience and build your profile.
    • Does Stuffing a KW Tag make you an SEO?
    • NOPE….Then….
      • Adding a digg / del.ic.ous button isn’t social media optimization
      • Writing a blog isn’t blogging
      • Developing a whitepaper isn’t promoting a whitepaper
      • Recording a video and putting it online isn’t video optimization
      • Doing a press release isn’t PR SEO
    • Wake up, you don’t have anything worth linking to!
      • Digg, del.ic.ous, stumbleupon, facebook, myspace, blogs, RSS, blah blah blah won’t mean SQUAT if you don’t have something worth linking to.
      • FREE is always good, giving something VALUABLE for FREE is HUGE…build a Digital Asset Inventory and keep building, some will strike out, some will catch on!
      • Again, Patience - some will strike out, some will catch on!
      • Become a marketer!
    • Asset Inventory
      • Promote Whitepapers
        • Syndicate
        • Whitepaper of the day
        • Paid search
      • Press Releases / Press Contacts
      • Understanding buying cycles / keywords used by analysts vs. developers vs. CIOs
      • Blogs
        • Development
          • Blog roll / link to / collaborate with influential bloggers in the space
        • Participation, build reputation, get to know them
      • Speaking events / tradeshows / career fairs at colleges (get the .edu link;)
    • Futureproofing your SEO - Google How do you get here? What just happened to the value of this #1 Ranking and the Traffic it drove? How do you classify your info by Main Ingredient & Cuisine?
    • Futureproofing your SEO - Yahoo How do you get here? What just happened to the value of this #1 Ranking and the Traffic it drove?
    • Jock Itch, Google and your search strategy Here we go again. How does this affect mayoclinic.com traffic? What will they do about this?
    • Jock Itch, Google and your search strategy Look at what happens when you click on “treatment” How does this affect mayoclinic.com traffic? Puts them in #2! Uh oh
    • Jock Itch, Google and your search strategy
    • Integration of Video into the SERPS
    • What happens to the top SERP Value? So what do we have here?
      • Who is allowed here?
      • Can you get there?
      • What industry is next, hotels?
      • What does it do to the value of a top SERP?
      • What if they did this for cheap tickets?
    • What happens to the top SERP Value?
    • Gord Hotchkiss – Eye Study – Impact
    • How do you optimize your digital assets?
      • Say something powerful, stop regurgitating the same information everyone else is
      • Remember the Internet is about FREE (NY Times)
      • Don’t be scared to give GOOD secrets away (someone else will)
      • Build a “theme” by raising your prominence on industry blogs / forums
        • Comment on popular blogs
        • Link to popular blogs in your blogroll
        • Become a “guest” blogger on those blogs
        • Build tools for the industry and give them away for free
        • Troll blogs for problems people have in your industry and develop solutions, marketplaces, whitepapers, instructional videos, etc
    • Optimizing Video
      • Video
        • Upload to Youtube / Google Video
        • Revver, Myspace, Metacafe
        • TUBE MOGUL – Save time (Thanks Shawn)
        • Podcast
        • Transcribe Videos
        • Embed tags into the video
        • Solicit syndication
        • Respond to comments
    • Fear Yahoo/MSN/ASK, well kind of
      • These sites are content developers as much as they are aggregators. Google doesn’t develop content!
      • Partnerships?
        • Local reviews in SERPS (Google)
        • Fantasy Football
        • Travel (already)
        • Hotels
        • Eco-Friendly items
        • Google co-op
      • If Yahoo / MSN develops content it increases the likelihood that they may place their own content above yours, pushing it further down.
    • How to Win? Do what you need to do TODAY to rank well ( http://www.youtube.com/wilreynolds ) PREPARE for what you need tomorrow!
    • Picking the right keywords – My Favorite Tool Who here has used MSN ad Intelligence?
    • Picking the right keywords
      • Wouldn’t it be great if you could:
      • Get REAL number of searches for terms
      • Determine if a search is more likely to be done internationally
      • Get the male/female split for search terms, along with age?
      • Be given related keywords for the main terms you type in (flaws with Google Suggest, use Yahoo for broader research)
      • SEE what related words your competitors are likely to bid on
      • Get reports on areas of the web that are catching a lot of search buzz based on dates you select?
      • Understand trends with real numbers not relative
      • Audit the trends graphs in Google trends
      • Get paid search clicks relative to position for all keywords and match types, also get pricing
    • Picking the right keywords And you can do it all in EXCEL (2008)
    • How to Win - Tools Always know what your competition is up to: Ranking Reports on your competition (Digitalpoint) Touchgraph - How are you doing building a theme? Are you competitors building the theme better? Review their links, determine value and follow Google Alerts Copernic Tracker (keep up with changes) Link value tools Competitive analysis Press mentions, what sources? Social Media Mentions Youtube Spyfu / quantacast / keyword volume on brand name (Google Trends or msn adlab) Mentions of SMEs at the sites of your competitors Mentions in forums: http://www.boardtracker.com/
    • How to Win? There are two constants with search 1 – It always changes 2 – the search engines are always looking to get the most relevant answers to people’s queries. How do you stay ahead? 1 – Read, Read, Read, experiment, experiment, experiment 2 – Develop a suite of digital assets around your business theme and continue developing them, when the next thing gets “hot” you’re covered