Growing a Mature Affiliate Program
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Growing a Mature Affiliate Program



This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2013 (August 18-20, 2013) in Philadelphia, PA). Session Description: Mature affiliate programs require different strategies to achieve ever increasing ...

This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2013 (August 18-20, 2013) in Philadelphia, PA). Session Description: Mature affiliate programs require different strategies to achieve ever increasing goals. Learn some new ideas from some old pros to take a well-established program from great to even greater.



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  • AA (Airport /Sales) Sabre (Tech Director – Travel) President Pencils Plus - Retail Travelocity ( Holiday Autos/ All Hotels) TripAlerts Started two global programs 1&1 – Introducing Affiliate Marketing to Mexico (Vorcu) Over 15 years sales professional / over 5 years managing affiliate program Little bit of experience in Travel, Retail and Tech – Big Three
  • Dead dinner guest qualities, apply to presentation theme
  • Show of hands (Program Managers/ 6 months/1 yr/3 yrs) How many complete and follow annual Business Plans? (get to that later) Get out of the grind/ look at it fresh Personal: Came to 1&1 (mature program) look at as the new guy Some things to do first
  • Conclusions Leave with a story or joke Announce 1&1 at Meet Market table 45 and Expo booth 802

Growing a Mature Affiliate Program Growing a Mature Affiliate Program Presentation Transcript

  • Affiliate Summit East 2013
  •  John LoBrutto ◦ 1&1 Internet  Rick Gardiner ◦ iAffiliate Management  Mike Allen ◦  Jeannine Crooks ◦ Affiliate Window
  • Station Manager Sales Manager Technology Director US Sales Director Head of Global Distribution Director Business Development Director Affiliate Partnerships President
  • The dining with dead people question ? SMART CREATIV E OUT OF BOX
  •  Act like you are new to the program  Think how you can change your perspective  Develop a Business Plan or Sales Plan  Get out of the grind and look at things fresh
  • Start with a full review of metrics Overall program performance Commission review (is it working & competitive) Competitor Analysis (who is gaining Market) Are you competitive? (incentives/ creative/ tools) Program reviews (have networks pull GAP reports) Demographic changes Review creative strategy Talk to your product managers!!!!!!!!!! Add Widgets and other new tools to sell Ask your pubs!!!! Golden nuggets (small opportunity in big numbers)
  • Identify channels  Find product specific publishers  Add coupons & promo codes  Use the Loyalty/Rewards channel whenever possible  Add your products to Employee Rewards sites  Is your Product feed working?  Sort through potential Lead Generation partners  New Markets – Latin America/ India (English speakers)
  • Identify new trends  Have you joined the Daily Deals trend?  Look at Retargeting campaigns  How about Internet Radio (new markets)  New ideas to find the next big things  New technologies to maximize optimization  Don’t get bogged down in the old ways!
  • Manage your program like Art! Program management requires a talent in identifying all the leverage points SEM has much quicker results, but a similar art Analyze your ROI on Brand Identification too, not just the time period of a placement. Every publisher can be optimized, you need to find what works Really get to know your partners and their business Clean up inactive publishers in you program, but try to get them back first
  • Business Plan/ Sales Plans  How many develop and follow a plan?  How many develop strategies to support the plan?  Review everything! Outline everyone’s duties, responsibilities, milestones, review KPIs!  Keep what works, but do not be afraid to take risks  Make a list of “Can’t do’s” and identify the cause or barrier (corporate policy, network limitations, etc.)  Trust your plan, follow it, update
  • Churn & Optimize (No Secret)  25% of your active pubs will disappear each year  About 10% of your Top 20 pubs will drop off  Keep adding publishers (15 a month/ 3-4 a week)  Churn is part of our business, don’t think your performers will be there, keep finding new ones  Pick up the “Golden Nuggets” all around you and optimize
  • How can we have fun! Plan customer events Plan team building events Get to your Networks and meet face to face! Be a great Account Manager and spoil your accounts! Face time is important for sales, yet almost non-existent in our business, find a way! Shake things up on purpose It might be time to add a new network or leave a network Change duties and responsibilities of the team Review your process and make sure it still works!
  • Develop Out of Box ideas  Talk to your competitors: ◦ Get to know your counterpart ◦ Share ideas, industry trends, get ideas ◦ Good for networking, good to get out of your box  Get an outside firm to propose improvements to your program (Hint: take the good ideas)  Get your partners to think out of box too! ◦ 1&1’s new Mexico programs (rev-share model) ◦ Hats off to the OfficeMax - GoDaddy partnership!
  • Designated logos, trademarks and brands belong to their respective owners.
  •  Data. Perhaps even BIG Data  Different Growth Tactics  #SUCCESSes & #EPICFAILures
  •  Polling your affiliates  Understanding your affiliate mix  Identifying affiliate traffic sources  Identify new affiliate segments
  •  By Status ◦ Inactive, Active, Sales, Performer  By Category & Sub-Category ◦ Blogger, Coupon, Deal Curation, Loyalty, Review, etc.  By Traffic Source ◦ Display, Email, Organic, SEM, Social, Video, etc.
  •  Efficiencies vs. Inefficiencies  Alignment with business objectives  Terms & Conditions
  •  Program Structure  Top Affiliates  Terms & Conditions  Network Ranking
  •  Complimentary Products  Brand Synergies  Target Audience Overlap
  •  Global Expansion  Test Different Models  Find New Opportunities
  •  Improve ROI  Brand Synergies  Target Audience
  • Rick Gardiner, iAffiliate Management +1.612.216.1833
  • Affiliate Summit East 2013
  • GOOD BETTER BEST Adopt “old faithful” methods Banish “loser” irritations Customize “carrots” of motivation
  •  Create open-door policy  Establish personal relationships  Maintain trust - always  Give tailored content ◦ Vanity codes or exclusives ◦ Seasonal data and trends ◦ Unique information ◦ Industry news  Offer commission enhancements
  •  Missing program information ◦ No terms specified ◦ No search guidelines ◦ No contact info  Inadequate communication  Lack of updates ◦ Stale offers and promotions ◦ Outdated imagery ◦ No deep links
  •  Errors ◦ Broken affiliate links ◦ Invalid coupon codes ◦ Expired ads  One-size-fits-all incentives  Assuming it’s all about money  Ignorant requests (SEO/PPC, etc.) ◦ “No-index” page; change title tags ◦ Negative match unrelated campaigns
  •  Dropping all coupon sites  Overselling their program ◦ Always expecting premium placement ◦ Pushing low performers ◦ Not enhancing poor landing pages  Bemoaning “lack of performance”  Insisting we add them  Comparing to industry “whales”
  •  Personal relationships that span years  Trust that is reciprocated  Understanding our value proposition  Bending rules when able  Tailored content that is truly exclusive  Creative incentives (not just money)  Trackable coupon codes  Providing special affiliate tools
  • GOOD BETTER BEST Adopt “old faithful” methods Banish “loser” irritations Customize “carrots” of motivation
  •   Twitter: @mta1
  •  Be a partner  Assist both merchants & affiliates  Remove road blocks
  •  Regular GAP analysis  Constant survey of new affiliates  Data analysis & trends
  •  New functionalities  Adapting to new technologies  Develop what both the merchant and affiliate need
  •  Share information about both merchant and affiliate opportunities  Synergies with other merchants
  •  Get to know your merchants and affiliates  Keep things fair
  •  John LoBrutto ◦  Rick Gardiner ◦  Mike Allen ◦  Jeannine Crooks ◦