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Android Affiliate Mobile Marketing
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Android Affiliate Mobile Marketing


Published on

How best to integrate your affiliate program for the mobile web & applications along with mobile advertising & marketing options for all devices including the fastest growing mobile platform, …

How best to integrate your affiliate program for the mobile web & applications along with mobile advertising & marketing options for all devices including the fastest growing mobile platform, Android.

Experience level: Intermediate
Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers
Niche/vertical: Mobile Marketing/SEO

Michael Martin, Owner, Mobile Martin (Twitter @googleandblog)

Published in: Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Affiliate Summit East 2010
      Android Affiliate Mobile Marketing
      Michael Martin PMP
      Owner, Mobile Martin
    • 2. Topics
      • Mobile’s Importance to Affiliates
      • 3. Android’s Importance to Mobile & Search
      • 4. Mobile Search Importance to Affiliates
      • 5. Mobile SEO
      • 6. Mobile User Behavior
      • 7. Mobile Advertising Options
      • 8. Other Affiliate Opportunities in Mobile
    • Why Mobile is Important to Affiliates
      • 1st personal mass media of the 6 before it
      (print, recordings, cinema, radio, TV, Internet)
      • Permanently carried & always on
      • 9. Built-in payment mechanism
      • 10. Provides real one-to-one marketing
      • 11. Most accurate audience measurement
      • 12. Allows augmented reality to be used in media
      • 13. Mobile Web Will Overtake Desktop in 5 years – Morgan Stanley
    • 14. Why is Android Important to Mobile & Affiliates?
      • Smartphones are used by approximately a quarter of the nearly 250 million mobile users in the US & will be over 50% by 2011 according to Nielson
      • 15. Smartphones such as Blackberries advanced mobile email & the iPhone advanced applications while Android is advancing the mobile web
      • 16. Google licenses Android essentially for free to a multitude of manufacturers in order to expand this mobile web & search market
    • Why Does Google care about the Mobile Web & Search?
    • 17.
    • 18. Why Should Affiliates Care About Mobile Search?
    • 19. How Does an Affiliate Get Ahead in Mobile Search?
      <div xmlns:v="" typeof="v:Person">
      <span property="v:name">Michael Martin</span>
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      <span property="v:locality">San Diego</span>
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    • 20. What is a Mobile User Internet Behavior?
      According to Opera the bulk of mobile web usage is between 8pm & Midnight
    • 21. What is Mobile User Purchasing Behavior?
      • Mobile users are more about finding than searching
      • 22. Mobile users purchase based on location & impulse
      • 23. Smartphone use is led by Males 24-35 making over $100K
      • 24. Same demographic leads in mobile shopping & coupon use
    • Location-based services provide for retailers a combination of information (deals & products nearby) + financial incentive (mobile coupons & vouchers) which can be compelling for consumers
    • 25. How Does an Affiliate Monetize Mobile Efforts?
      Mobile ads that offer a location generally see an average 8 percent increase in click-through rates over plain-vanilla mobile ads, and click-to-call mobile ads see a 6 percent increase in clicks according to Google
    • 26. Other Mobile Affiliate Opportunities
      • Apps
      • 27. App Directories
      • 28. Augmented Reality Advertising & use for Real Estate
      • 29. Click to Call – Pay per Call
      • 30. Location Based Ads
      • 31. Mobile Payment Services
      • 32. Mobile Casino Games
      • 33. Mobile Video
      • 34. Mobile Web Directories
      • 35. Near Field Communication (NFC) Services
      • 36. Online to Offline Affiliate Marketing with Mobile Coupons
    • Thank You
      Michael Martin PMP
      Twitter: GoogleAndBlog
      Mobile Marketing Site:
    • 37. Don’t forget: You can copy-paste this slide into other presentations, and move or resize the poll.
      Poll: Q&A for Android Affiliate Mobile Mark...