Advanced Local Lead Gen Strategies


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Local Lead Gen is still a relatively untapped profit center for affiliates. Learn about the process of local lead gen including landing page styles, lead delivery and alternative traffic sources.

Experience level: Intermediate
Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers
Niche/vertical: Local lead gen

Ad Hustler, Chief Hustler, Ad Hustler, LLC (Twitter @adhustler)

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Advanced Local Lead Gen Strategies

  1. 1. Affiliate Summit East 2012 Local Lead Gen Ad Hustler
  2. 2. Local Lead Gen What Is It?Generating leads or sales for local business through a variety of online methods.
  3. 3. Just The Facts Why Bother With Local?• 90% of consumer purchases are made within 20 miles of where people live or work *• Spending on digital media for local advertising ** will grow about 19 percent through 2014• Nearly all consumers (97%) now use online media to shop locally***• 83 Percent of the people using local search sites follow up their research with offline action (ie. Phone calls, e-mails & purchases) **** *Kelsey Group **Clickz ***BIA/Kelsey & ConStat/Google Places For Business ****TMP Directional Marketing/comScore
  4. 4. CompetitionYour Ad Dollar Competition: • Print (Mostly Newspapers) • Radio • Cable • Direct Mail • Outdoor Advertising (Billboards, Bus Stops, Shopping Carts, etc) • Phone BookDon’t Forget About Increasing Internet Competition: • ReachLocal • SuperPages • AT&T • Yodle • Niche Services: ServiceMagic,,
  5. 5. Now Is The TimeMore & More Local BusinessesAre Trying Internet Marketing. Most don’t think that their online marketing is effective.
  6. 6. Advantage Enter Local Lead GenBy guaranteeing results, local businesses are more likely to give your service a try.
  7. 7. The Formula But How Does It Work? Targeted Traffic + LP = Leads Sell Leads For ProfitMake Monies/Pop Bottles/Get Ladies
  8. 8. Targeted Traffic• Search Engine Marketing (By Far The Best)• Organic Search• Facebook Ads• Ad Networks• Media Buys• Classified Any Media That You Can Geotarget Can Work
  9. 9. Landing Pages 4 Pillars• Offer• Call To Action• Email Form• Tracking Phone Number
  10. 10. Landing Pages EMAILOFFER FORMCALL TOACTION Tracking Phone Number [Point Out 4 Pillars]
  11. 11. Landing Pages
  12. 12. Landing Pages +42% Increase In Leads
  13. 13. Landing Pages[Delete Name Of Client]
  14. 14. Landing Pages[Delete Name Of Client]
  15. 15. Landing Pages Tips• WYSIWYG Web Builder 8• CoffeeCup Form Builder• Simfatic Forms
  16. 16. TrackingEmails• Mail Forwarders• Hosted Forms (Logiforms, Wufoo)• LeadMeshPhone Calls• Tracking Numbers • (Local or Toll Free) • Callsource,800Response,IfByPhone,MongooseMetrics etc.Clicks•• LinkTrackr
  17. 17. Client IncompetenceYour Selling Me Crappy Leads!
  18. 18. Think Outside The Box Simple But Out Of The Box Tactics • Google Ad Extensions • Craigslist • Lead Arbitrage • Email (Database/CityTwist)
  19. 19. Suggested Resources Ad Hustler ShoeMoney CDF Networks WickedFire