Google Proof SEO Driving Clickless Direct Traffic


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No more Google Slaps, index drops, and algo change headaches by replacing Google with affiliates driving clickless direct traffic.

Experience level: Intermediate
Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers
Niche/vertical: Traffic

David Favor, Owner, David Favor & Associates (Twitter @davidfavor)

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Google Proof SEO Driving Clickless Direct Traffic

  1. 1. Direct Traffic MagicBack Story – 2003 Kennedy - $30,000/1000 people/week. My List - $300/1000 people/week. Direct Traffic Magic born when I ran these numbers.
  2. 2. Whats Direct Traffic? Technically: In Analytics, Direct Traffic Has No Referring Link. Practically: Conversation - Amplified + Bona Fide + Buzzified − Amplified - Content Strategies + Tech. − Bona Fide - Authentic + Valuable. − Buzzified - Tribe Buzz – You/Product.
  3. 3. Direct Traffic Sources Ad Cloaking, Email Embedded Links, Browser Bar Input. Our Focus is Browser Bar Input From Brand Traction. Rumor - IP Tracking Determines Real or Fake Direct Traffic.
  4. 4. Whats Exciting About Direct Traffic? Mindshare Management - Tribal Buzz Optimal Buyer Cashflow Escape the SEO Shell Game
  5. 5. Mindshare Management – Tribal Buzz Attract, Capture & Keep Top of Mind. Cloaked Gravity Well/Marketing Funnel. Baffle Competitors for Low or No Competition.
  6. 6. Optimal Buyer Cashflow The Ultimate Cashflow Feedback Loop Tribal Buzz Creates Repurchase Persistence. Repurchase Persistence Creates More Tribal Buzz.
  7. 7. SEO Shell Game Determine Working SEO + Tool Around It. Spammers Exploit It + Google Does Algo Change. Your Money Zeros + You Start All Over Again.
  8. 8. Direct Traffic Side Effects To Google, Direct Traffic Indicates True Value. Google PPC Slap Avoision Google Index Drop Avoision. Google Algo Change Friendly. Google Human Reviewer Friendly.
  9. 9. Direct Traffic Excels at Tribe Building 3 Types of Buyers. Each Has Pros/Cons. Design + Choose Your Buyers Well.
  10. 10. Customers – One Night Stands Price Centric. Burn Hours of Time + Gallons of Gas to save $1. Fast Cash. Low Profit. Small Ticket. Single Sales. High Return Rate.
  11. 11. Clients - Courtships Value Centric. Use You to Curate Value, to Save Their Time. Slower Cash Higher Profit. Medium/Large Ticket Repeat Sales. Low Return Rate.
  12. 12. Kin/Tribe - Marriages Joint Venture Partners. High Profit Centric. Client Perks + Long Cycle, Persistent Cashflows. Parallel Sales.
  13. 13. Direct Traffic Design Guide Gnosis – Know Thyself + Your True Calling. Destiny Design Guide Content Design Template – Writing + Speaking.
  14. 14. Message Design Template What you say. How you say, what you say. How long and how often you say it. Determine speed + magnitude of your outcome. Accelerants - Time, Tech, Money. Accelerants only speed up destiny.
  15. 15. Content Design Checklist Brain Candy: Unique. Entertaining. Edutaining. Actionable. Tribe Relevant: Narrow. Concise. Stripped of Cruft + Fluff. Psychoactive: Creates State Change, Gravity + Stickiness. Implementation: Requires Little Time, Money, Energy or Expertise.
  16. 16. Practical Direct Traffic Channels Classified Ads - IP Range Spread Refrigerator Magnets, Laminated How To Guides For Top of Mind. Conversations, Networking Introductions. Radio/Television/Podcast Spots + Interviews. Physical Books, E-Books & Print Magazines. Leverage Video Theft: Watermarks + Google Alerts + Obfuscated Blog Comments.
  17. 17. Special Example Cut Through Noise – Accessing Highly Qualified Pre-Focused Groups. Practice Your Craft - Writing & Speaking. Rapid Tribe Building - Attract, Capture & Keep Kin.
  18. 18. 101 Phase 1: Attend: Build Relationship with Organizers + Attendees. Phase 2: Speak: Leverages Your Phase 1 Relationships Into Speaking Engagements. Phase 3: Organize: Your Own Groups.
  19. 19. Additional Resources Questions? Be in touch. Join Inside Track Party to Track My Adventures. Time for Questions?