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How and Why to Use Video in Your Marketing Strategy
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How and Why to Use Video in Your Marketing Strategy


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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2013 (August 18-20, 2013) in Philadelphia, PA). Session Description: We’ll explore why you should be using video and more importantly how to most …

This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2013 (August 18-20, 2013) in Philadelphia, PA). Session Description: We’ll explore why you should be using video and more importantly how to most effectively implement your video strategy across your various marketing channels.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Affiliate Summit East How and Why to Use Video in Your Marketing Strategy Hillel Scheinfeld, COO . @hschein, @viewbix
  • 2. Why Video?
  • 3. Why Video? • Blendtec VP of Sales and Marketing George Wright- Story Goes that George only had a $50 budget and needed something creative and inexpensive and so Will It Blend was born! • increased sales over *500% since WIB. Source: Social Video Marketing Lessons via BlendTec’s “Will it Blend?” ©, All Rights Reserved Follow us: @ReelSEO on Twitter | ReelSEO on Facebook
  • 4. Web Video Statistics • Video would soon be considered 90% of internet traffic. (Cisco) • 89 million people in the United States are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today. (ComScore) • Online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion in 2016. (Cisco) • 76 percent of marketers plan to add video to their sites, making it a higher priority than Facebook, Twitter and blog integration. • 84% of the US audience watched videos online in Jan. ’12 • Video consumption is up 43% from just a year ago Source: Source: ReelSEO, Internet Retailer
  • 5. Video Outranks all other web activities 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Watch Video & Video Sharing Social Ntworks Online banking Upload Photos IM Games Music purchase Blogging Twitter Percentage of time spent
  • 6. Top Search Engines #1 #2
  • 7. Who is watching Video: EVERYONE! Sources: ReelSEO,, fastcompany, Pew Research Center
  • 8. Mobile + Video= • Mobile and tablet shoppers are three times as likely to view a video as laptop or desktop users. (NPD) • Viewers are more than twice as likely to complete a video when watching on a non- desktop device
  • 9. So Video is BIG, great! BUT does it help???
  • 10. What am I trying to get out of my video??
  • 11. What do people do with Videos about products they …. • They share them on: Source:(Invodo) Is there an ROI on these Social Shares? 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Where Videos Are Shared
  • 12. Shared Videos Sell More Product • When someone watches a recommended video, their brand recall goes up 7% and enjoyment goes up 14% • Purchase intent goes up - video enjoyment increased purchase intent (for consumer products) by 97 percent and brand association by 139 percent 10 times more videos are shared on Facebook vs. Twitter *Unruly video study, January, 2012
  • 13. Video LIFTS Email Click- through
  • 14. Cisco case study View 44% more pages while on Are twice as likely to engage with high-value conversion activities on Are 41% more likely to return to Are 5 times more likely to click through on a blog post with video Video viewers
  • 15. Your Video will be your Website
  • 16. I’m Convinced but HOW?
  • 17. 3 steps in video marketing • 1. content creation – Capture – Import – Create • 2. content management – SEO – Metadata – Analytics • 3. content delivery – Multi platform – Player skin – Video rights (top reason not to use YT)
  • 18. Content creation DON’T FORGET TO TEST!! • Planning • Script • Talent • Location • Videography • Read John Cecil’s book • Watch Anthony Wong’s webinar on Viewbix's Blog about shooting video • Video Length is Key
  • 19. Planning Most important step that will save you time and Money!!! What is the Video about What is your message Call to Action Beginning Middle End
  • 20. Script • Purpose – Informational – Sales – Training – Advertisement • Tone – Comical, Professional, Personal
  • 21. Video Types/Stage of Sales Process Types of Video Productions Definition of Video Type Sales Stage 1. Advertisement High production value Awareness 2. Thought Leadership Talking head or interview Awareness 3. Business Challenges Industry trends Consideration 4. Case Study Customer or Cisco product stories Consideration 5. Demo Product/Solution deep dive Design 6. Technology Solution Multiple product solution Design 7. Video Data Sheet Product specifications Design 8. Training Course curriculum, How-to Post-sale 9. Event Presentation Event All 10. Program Series Program series All 11. Other On location event recording All
  • 22. Talent Male vs. Female Company Representative vs. Actor Younger vs. Older Dress code: Professional vs. casual Test using the same script Try multiple talents if possible (wide range) TEST! TEST! TEST!
  • 23. Videography • Personal Equipment vs. hired professional – You can use your Iphone or Ipad • Light it • Mic it • Stabilize it Location • Onsite vs. Offsite • Indoors vs. Outdoors • Sound and Lighting • These choices can add
  • 24. Length of Video Is Key TubeMogul study in Q1 CY’10. Hundreds of media companies (i.e. CBS), news outlets (i.e. AP) and YouTube stars (i.e.sxephil) were included in the sample, which spans video sites and platforms
  • 25. CONTENT CREATION SUMMARY TIPS BY JIM KUKRAL •Keep it under 2 minutes •ABC’s: Ask for the action (subscribe, click, download, etc…) •Get animated! • Tell a story infomercial like oxiclean state problem, show solution, then ask for call to action •Be authentic… nobody wants an ad
  • 26. Video is no longer Passive Internet Marketing “Video Marketing is to include Video into one’s marketing efforts to promote an offer. This can be done via a full motion Video or a screen-capture Video.” PROMOTE AN OFFER!!!! BUT An Offer with no ability to take an action is a lost opportunity
  • 27. CTAs on YouTube • Paid - Call to Action Overlays – – Can ONLY appear at the bottom half of a video player – Character limits: – Headline – 25 – Description line 1 – 35 – Description line 2 – 35 • Unpaid (use for all videos on YouTube) - Annotation – One style of font, a few different sizes, and multiple color backgrounds – No character limit – Can be placed anywhere – Only links to another YT Video Non-paid Paid
  • 28. Video without a CTA is a wasted view TRX Case Study from Sierra Tierra #convcon @sierratierra1. YouTube CTA Overlays #convcon @sierratierra 2. Other YouTube CTAs YouTube Overlay CTA Other YouTube CTA
  • 29. Video without a CTA is a wasted view Content CTA 65% decrease in CPA TRX Case Study Results
  • 30. Order Tickets Custom Branding Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Embed on web site Apps Transform your video into a mini-website
  • 31. Non Profit 13x ROI, 33% CTR, 30% App Usage 20% + Engagement Rates Huge increase in mailing list sign ups Travel Entertainment Real Estate Drives Leads and Sales via Apps like: Maps, Weather, Photos, Mailing Lists Increased Tickets Sales via: Custom Branding, Click to Order
  • 32. Source of Data 2012 Video Engagement Report - Companies Surveyed: 800+ - Impressions: 6 Million + - Business Size: 86% <10 employees
  • 33. Do Calls to Action on Videos Work? FACT OR FICTION? FACT ~11.5% of Views result in a Click on the CTA More than 22% average engagement rate with all apps Case Studies show up to 13x ROI
  • 34. Is the Web Better than Social? FACT OR FICTION? FICTION Engagement Rates on Social ~46% Engagement Rates on Website ~21%
  • 35. Is the Web better than Mobile? FACT OR FICTION? FACTION iPhone Engagement Rates: ~17% Website Engagement Rates: ~21% Tablets Engagement Rates: ~45-47% Android - iPad
  • 36. And One More Fact... Lead Gen Works as Well!
  • 37. Choosing the right OVP • Moving beyond the YT channel – why spend more? – OVP is used to deliver your own content rather than sharing someone else’s – Consider Rights and Security – Most popular OVP’s – Vimeo – YT – Ooyala – Brightcove – Kaltura
  • 38. Video companies to help create content • • Goanimate • Rappidfire • Animoto
  • 39. Video SEO • Using video content to enhance “regular” SEO • Getting ranked higher on YouTube • Getting your videos to rank in Organic SEO results with a video snippet
  • 40. Video SEO • Yes! You still need “regular” SEO • Video SEO is a part of your on page SEO strategy – not a replacement • Great content • Quality Inbound Links etc…. • You Need a Video Site MAP!! • • These are lists of videos on your site with meta data that help Google understand what the video is about. • Minimum configuration must include: • Video Title • Video Description • Page video is being hosted on • Thumbnail of the video (to show in SERPS) • Location of raw video file (swf, m4v, mov, etc) • There are about 10-15 additional parameters that can be listed
  • 41. Video helps conversion • Retail sites with web video increase their conversions by 30%. • Video and other multi-media product viewing options are rated more effective than any other site initiative. • Over 90% of shoppers found web video useful in making purchase decisions. • Video in email marketing has been shown to increase click-through rates by over 96%. • People who view a web video are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors. Source:
  • 42. Thank You!! Q&A Contact me @hschein