Understanding Performance Marketing in Asia


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This session is focused on helping marketers’ gain deeper understanding of the Asian market.

Experience level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Target audience: Affiliate/Publisher, Merchant/Advertiser, Network, Other
Niche/vertical: Asia

Eric Gerritsen, VP, Sales & Business Development, Neverblue Media Co

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Understanding Performance Marketing in Asia

  1. 1. Performance Marketing in Asia January 15, 2013 – ASW – Las Vegas Eric J. Gerritsen Vice President, Sales & Business Development, Neverblue- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  2. 2. GlobalWide Media background:• Diversified digital marketing and Internet technology company connecting advertisers and merchants to target consumer audiences worldwide• Formed in 2006, specializing in email marketing• Bought Neverblue Media Co. in 2012. Active in search, display, social, mobile• Early leader in international performance marketing. Active in Asia for 8 years• Verticals: Dating, travel, insurance, fashion, gaming, financial services, digital downloads• Offices in Los Angeles, Victoria, Hong Kong and London - A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  3. 3. Outline: • Opportunity in Asia: The Big Picture • For Advertisers & Merchants • For Affiliates- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  4. 4. Opportunity: The Big Picture Why Asia? Why Now?- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  5. 5. Asian Internet in Numbers:- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  6. 6. Asian Internet in Numbers:- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  7. 7. Asian Internet in Numbers: The next billion Internet users- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  8. 8. Asian Internet in Numbers:- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  9. 9. Global Adspend – Asia #1 next year Crossover point Is next year- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  10. 10. Asian Internet in Numbers:- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  11. 11. Digital Adspend:- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  12. 12. Big trend – Mobile marketing in Asia:- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  13. 13. Big trend – Mobile marketing in Asia: • 2nd largest mobile ad market after US • Need for great performance campaigns • Important to travel market – apps • Big for gaming • Affiliates with mobile experience emerged in 2012, leaders who can scale will emerge in 2013 • Pay-per-call models to emerge this year- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  14. 14. For Advertisers & Merchants- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  15. 15. History: 40 years of rapid economic growth60s-70s – Japan, first to rise, leaders in electronics and qualitymanufacturing80s-90s – “Tigers” Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, alsoMalaysia, Thailand – cheaper manufacturing90s-00s – China, India, also Indonesia00s-10s – China surges, India grows – watchIndonesia, Philippines, VietnamNow – developed Asian economies have all movedupstream into services and are also moving fromexport-led growth to domestic consumption ledgrowth- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  16. 16. Almost 1 billion Asians have joined the middle class in the last 30 years- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  17. 17. For Advertisers & Merchants: Economic Lifecycle Mapping Lifecycle Travel Education Medical Clothes Real Estate EntertainmentMaternity Dating Cars Consumer goods Insurance Funerals? Insurance PharmaDiapers Dates Electronics Health/Life Fashion Mortgages Hotels Universities Gaming Products/Services A billion new consumers need all these products/services Creating the biggest marketing opportunity in human history - A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  18. 18. A perfect confluence 40%+ CAGR Higher Internet penetration 16% CAGRRise of Asian middle class USA Asia Performance Marketing Move to digital Adspend - A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  19. 19. Key vertical markets• Travel• Gaming• Insurance• Data• Fashion• Market research• Dating• Financial Services - A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  20. 20. TravelWe expect to sell over One Million hotel room nights in Asia this year - A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  21. 21. For Affiliates- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  22. 22. 2013 Affiliate Trends:• Hunger for learning among affiliates• Move from Asian affiliates running American campaigns on American media to running Asian campaigns on Asian media• Huge inventory of mobile media – affiliates will figure out how to monetize, including pay-per-call• Three major domestic markets: China, India & Japan + major regional, pan-Asia market for travel, gaming, financial services• As more advertisers and merchants jump on board, more campaigns for affiliates to choose from• Hong Kong and Singapore to emerge as the leading centers for performance marketing in the region - A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  23. 23. Players need to invest in affiliates to win • Interact events in 7 Asian cities last year: - Shenzhen - Hong Kong - New Delhi - Bangkok - Shanghai - Beijing - Singapore • 8 more this year • 2,000 new Bangkok Interact - 2012 affiliates- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  24. 24. Out of Bounds Thailand in March • Fly our Top 20 affiliates to Phuket Thailand • All expenses paid • Adventure/bond • Invest to win- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  25. 25. Summary Asia Performance Marketing Trends:• Expect more advertisers and more merchants to get into performance marketing, to drive both Asia sales and drive global expansion plans• Many new players in China – lots of drama and confusion. Leaders will emerge• Payment terms in India could slow evolution down there• Leaders will start to rapidly separate from followers. Winners will invest and be local• Homegrown players will link up to major global players. M&A will start to figure into the picture• Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines will come into the mix adding another 100M Internet users in SE Asia• Large spoils will go to those who figure out mobile affiliate marketing in a specifically Asian use context• Travel will emerge as the #1 performance marketing vertical in Asia - A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  26. 26. Asia Where you want to be in 2013- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  27. 27. Asia Where We Are Unit B, 6/F, Teda Building
87 Wing Lok St
Ho sales@neverblue.com Jeff.kwokATneverblue.com (Director, BD-Asia)- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY
  28. 28. Performance Marketing in Asia Thank You eric.gerritsenATneverblue.com- A GLOBALWIDE MEDIA COMPANY