Developing Sports Authority's Social "Playbook" | An Affinitive Case Study

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Sports Authority was looking to establish an integrated social marketing presence to develop 1-to-1 relationships with consumers while providing product “authority” and customer service in ways they’d …

Sports Authority was looking to establish an integrated social marketing presence to develop 1-to-1 relationships with consumers while providing product “authority” and customer service in ways they’d never done before.

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  • 1. Developing Sports Authority’s Social “Playbook”
    An Affinitive Case Study
  • 2. Overview
    Sports Authority is one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the United States, operating over 460 stores in 45 states.
    Faced with a previously disjointed online/offline experience and some customer service sensitivities to overcome, Sports Authority waslooking to establish an integrated social media presence to develop 1-to-1 relationships with their customers while providing product “authority” and customer service in ways they’d never done before.
  • 3. Establishing a “Social Footprint”
    The first task at hand was evaluating Sports Authority’s existing social marketing initiatives, then overhauling and bringing up to date their key social touchpoints (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).
    A content and engagement strategy built around holidays, sports seasons and other promotions/traditional campaigns was developed.
  • 4. Audience Development
    With their social touchpoints in place, the next objective was to quickly kickstart the growth of Sports Authority’s audience and generate maximum awareness around their planned social marketing efforts:
    • Targeted Social Ad Campaigns
    • 5. Daily Twitter Giveaways
    • 6. Seasonal/specific sport-themed sweepstakes
    • 7. “Fan and Win” Facebook sweepstakes
    • 8. Influencer identification and outreach
  • The “Wii Authority”
    To capitalize on the Black Friday/“Cyber Monday” shopping rush, Affinitive developed a “Wii Authority” microsite to promote Sports Authority’s exclusive arrangement as the only sporting goods retailer to carry the Wii Fit. In addition to providing product information, an interactive store locator and exclusive content, the microsite integrated a consumer promotion where people could enter each day to win one of 30 Wii Fit systems and virally share/promote.
  • 9. “12 Days of SA” Contest
    Additionally, for the holiday season, a “12 Days of SA” contest was launched that bridged consumers between Facebook and Twitter. Each day, a new prize would be announced on Facebook, and for a chance to win, consumers needed to follow @SportsAuthority on Twitter and retweet the daily contest tweet (using the hashtag #12DaysOfSA).
  • 10. “Like and Win” Facebook Sweepstakes
    Affinitive developed a Facebook sweepstakes platform that has allowed Sports Authority to run more than a dozen different sweepstakes to date, built around different sports themes (World Cup Soccer, Father’s Day/golf, Lacrosse, etc.).
    In order to enter the sweepstakes, consumers must first become a “Fan” of (aka “Like”) Sports Authority’s Facebook page, which “unlocks” the sweepstakes entry form.
    Additionally, Sports Authority benefits from significant opt-ins for future communications and the ability to link promotional consumer data with their internal CRM system.
  • 11. Targeted Facebook Ad Campaigns
    By creating a series of highly targeted ads (by demographics, schools, interests, etc.) and A/B ad unit testing, Sports Authority was able to quickly grow their audience, and with several campaigns worth of data could then accurately predict future fan acquisition and CPL (cost per “Like”) rates.
  • 12. “Paid” Media Amplifies “Earned”
    The targeted Facebook ad campaigns quickly built a massive, relevant audience. A well-executed content strategy was then needed to engage them:
    • Daily updates topping 100k impressions per post
    • 13. 100 comments/likes per post
    • 14. Ongoing customer service and post moderation
    • 15. Geo-targeted updates to create higher coupon and promo conversion rate
  • Driving Clicks to Bricks
    By creating distinct coupon codes, both online and in-store redemption can be tracked and segmented via Facebook vs. Twitter-specific coupons.
  • 16. Customer Service 2.0
    Customer service issues can be properly routed and escalated, in real-time and in a public way that allows happy customers to share their satisfaction and, in turn, become evangelists.
  • 17. Location, Location, Location!
    As the mainstream consumer adoption of Location-Based Services (LBS) continues to grow, Sports Authority is developing strategies to deliver geo-targeted promotions and reward their most loyal customers (those who most frequently visit their stores).
  • 18. Results*
    • 184,000+ Facebook Fans (5,000% growth)
    (#1 Sporting Goods Retailer on Facebook!)
    • 4,000+ Twitter Followers (520% growth)
    • 19. 10,000,000+ Facebook Impressions
    • 20. 5,000,000+ Twitter Impressions
    • 21. Thousands of consumer database opt-ins
    • 22. Thousands of coupons shared/redeemed (online/in-store)
    • 23. “Social Referrals” key traffic driver to
    • 24. Customer service/call center savings
    * Through June 2010
  • 25. Thanks!
    New York (Headquarters):
    135 West 26th Street
    8th Floor
    New York, NY 10001
    p: (212) 684-9100
    612 Howard Street
    Suite 100
    San Francisco, CA 94105
    p: (415) 278-9700