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Managing In An Accelerated World - Gigi Levy - Affilicon Fall 2008
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Managing In An Accelerated World - Gigi Levy - Affilicon Fall 2008


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  • 1. Managing in an accelerated world Gigi Levy 25th of November 2008
  • 2. The problem “The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be” Ambroise Paul Toussaint Jules Valéry (1871 –1945) French poet, essayist, and philosopher
  • 3. The ‘accelerated world’ Operating in an ‘accelerated world’ accelerated world Opportunities in an ‘accelerated world’ The online gaming market and 888 How does success look like 3
  • 4. The ‘accelerated accelerated world’
  • 5. The ‘accelerated world’ Pace of change is accelerating P f h i l ti More info = more choice & less loyalty Technology is everywhere A flatter world Everything is viral 5
  • 6. We live in risky times for businesses • Disruptive technologies • Frantic consumer behavior • Risky structural changes • No second chance • Reduced employee loyalty • No competitive advantage is safe 6
  • 7. So everyone must be able to move quickly “If the world around us is changing faster than we are, you can bet we are going to be left behind.” ,y g g Jack Welch
  • 8. Source: FutureBrand
  • 9. Source: FutureBrand
  • 10. The Long Tail - Books Harry Potter John Grisham 5,000,000 books Dutch 10,000 books Poetry 10
  • 11. The Long Tail - Gaming Blackjack Slot Machines 100s of games Skaat 10s of games 11
  • 12. “We have 6.2M customers and we should have 6.2M stores for them” 6 2M them” Jeff Bezos 12
  • 13. YouTube: • 10s of millions of videos loaded • More than 100M monthly users • More than 2Bn videos viewed • More than 10K viewing years In the US: • More than 30M blogs available • Only ~21K ‘official’ publications of all sorts… 13 13
  • 14. More than 2.5M Turks in Germany. Almost 40M Chinese out of China. Hispanics who speak Spanish at home are more than 10% of the US population and the fastest growing segment. 2.2M Buddhists in France, UK and Germany. 14
  • 15. Source: FutureBrand
  • 16. In average, people live 2.5 years longer every decade: •Born in 1940 – 63.6 Years •Born in 1950 – 68 4 Years 68.4 •Born in 1960 – 70.0 Years •Born in 1970 – 71.1 Years •Born in 1980 – 73.7 Years •Born in 1990 – 75.4 Years •Born in 2000 – 76.7 Years Born •Born in 2025 – 79.1 Years Source: FutureBrand Source: National center for Health Statistics
  • 17. Time compression 100 90 millions of people) 80 70 Cars 60 Radio 50 Television Internet doption (m 40 30 iPods 20 Ad 10 0 1 5 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Time (years)
  • 18. Operating in an ‘accelerated accelerated world’
  • 19. Being slow in an ‘accelerated world’ Sony and digital music players Film companies in a digital photography world Studios in the Internet era 888 and the Poker market So easy to miss 19
  • 20. Affiliate world is progressing From quantity to quality From spam to content p From content only to complex value propositions From linkage to service ownership From mail to web 2.0 From gray to cutting-edge F t tti d From talented webmasters to pros From short to long term 20
  • 21. The ‘secret weapon’ – people! A few clichés which are very true: People are a company’s main asset Success depends on great teams, not great technology or product These are even more true in an ‘accelerated world’ Everyone ‘knows’– but often do not act accordingly 21
  • 22. Building the right team takes time and effort Look for your ‘stars’: Get the job done Act on their commitments Always do more Care C Have fire in their eyes Love what th d L h t they do Hire for attitude and train for skill There is no such thing as too good Build a team rather than a group of great individuals Don t Don’t be afraid to recruit unique and different people 22
  • 23. Keeping great people Care p Empower Give positive feedback …and great compensation for results Listen Don t Don’t let people burn out Ensure everyone knows the strategy Make decisions Celebrate successes 23
  • 24. Culture fitting an ‘accelerated world’ Critical success factors Thought innovation Open mindedness Listening Excellence Caring Admitting and accepting mistakes Helps handle change and challenge p g g Care about people - the rest follows 24
  • 25. The online gaming market and 888 25 25
  • 26. The gaming world is changing Small operators s ffer suffer Big get bigger – a few leaders emerge Multi product strategies Competitive landscape Is changing 26
  • 27. The meaning of regulation Regulation is coming Big opportunity - also a big threat g pp y g Many types of new entrants Leveraging existing assets A major change 27
  • 28. So where is 888 heading? Maintaining our position as a leading B2C operator Becoming a leading B2B provider to new entrants
  • 29. Consolidation is coming Playtech Pl t h – WHO deald l Accelerated by current pressures Forced by regulation Many different potential deals… The present, not far future p ,
  • 30. Opportunities in an ‘accelerated world’
  • 31. It’s tiring to be told: ‘risk is also an opportunity’… “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” -- Thomas Edison
  • 32. Taking advantage of the ‘accelerated world’ g g • Competitors ‘share’ the same challenges • Being readier = over performing • Attitude • The second-team • Many examples: • Apple • Google g • Amazon • Dell • Skype
  • 33. Many new opportunities UGC SEM Vi lit Virality Social platforms New value propositions Niche domain leadership Consolidation
  • 34. And limitations are mostly in our minds “ The worldwide demand for automobiles will not exceed one million” Gottlieb Daimler “…if only due to the lack of chauffeurs.” 34
  • 35. How does success look like $$$… $$$ Clear strategy that everyone ‘sings’ sings You and your team are open minded Innovation is in the heart of the business You have t send Y h to d people home You enjoy what you do 35
  • 36. So... Stay open minded Innovate! Accept the accelerated world Identify trends early and act Ride the waves of change
  • 37. Thanks you!