MA online and technical communication webinar - Nov 2011


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Overview of two online MA courses in communications offered at Sheffield Hallam University

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  • 1st BA in Communication Studies (1970s)1st MA in Communication Studies (1980s)Applied routes: MATC (1991) and MAOC (2001)
  • Noel Williams – writing, multimedia, consultancy in techcommA-F Dujardin – former tech writer/editor and trainer, comm consultancy (incl web comms), interest in online learningGeff Green – multimedia and online commsMike Beaken – writingD Farbey and K Edwards – still practitioners in techcomm, keen interest in online learningKaye Burnett – specialist in corporate communication, esp in public sectorJulie Gillin – PR and journalismCarmel O’Toole – PR
  • MA online and technical communication webinar - Nov 2011

    1. 1. MA Technical CommunicationMA Online Communication
    2. 2. Welcome to Sheffield Hallam University
    3. 3. Webinar outline  History  Staff expertise  Course content  Student experience
    4. 4. Expertise in Communication Studies1970s BACS 1980s MACS 1990s MATC 2000s MAEC
    5. 5. Brief historyMA Technical Communication MA Online Communication A suggestion from the  Need for a different Rolls Royce TC course: MAe-C (2001) manager  Collaboration with MA ‘technical authorship’ Computing Studies created in 1991  Renamed MAOC in 2007 Wider constituency:  evolving TC role  Constituency  editors, translators  Intranet comms  content managers  external web comms Renamed MATC in 2001  digital engagement
    6. 6. Team backgroundA team of Prof N Williamsacademicsand ‘hybrids’ - C O’Toole A-F Dujardinprofessionalswho are nowteachingtopics related Dr G J Gillinto former work Greenpractices MA Dr M K Burnett Beaken Dr K D Farbey Edwards
    7. 7. Course overview Master’s – dissertation project Pg Diploma – 3 short modules and a year-long module Pg Certificate – 3 short modules and a year-long module
    8. 8. Pg Certificate year TC Portfolio of reflective practiceCommunication Language and Information planning and writing design theory
    9. 9. Pg Certificate year OC Portfolio of reflective practice Corporate Digital media Social mediacommunication and society use in orgs
    10. 10. Student background Preferred  A good Honours degree  Relevant professional experience Suitable  Professional qualifications (eg professional membership)  Relevant professional experience One thing students have in common  a (long) gap since they studied formally  no experience of online learning
    11. 11. Value of professional knowledgeThere arethree keysources ofknowledgedevelopmenton the MA Peers Tutorscourse.Differentperspectiveshelp youconsideryour practice Literaturein depth.
    12. 12. The online learning experienceOnlinelearningenvironmentWorkpracticesReadingWork-basedtasksOwn timeand space
    13. 13. Social media useTraditional media Social media  Group blogging  Social bookmarking  Screencasting  Micro-blogging
    14. 14. A new challengeMode ofstudyLevel ofstudyStudyingyour practiceand contextManagingtime
    15. 15. Benefits of studying MA TC/OC Only online degrees of this kind in the UK A sense of achievement and self-validation: communication is an academic discipline A widening of perspectives on professional communication More aware of workplace practices (own and that of other workers in the same industry) A distinctive CV!
    16. 16. Any questions or comments?Online information• Prospectus• Study fair (1st December)• Application• Course leader
    17. 17. If you want to get started…MATC core readings MAOC core readings Denscombe, M. (2010) The Good  Denscombe, M. (2010) The Good Research Guide: For Small-scale Research Guide: For Small-scale Social Research Projects. Open Social Research Projects. Open University Press, 4th ed. University Press, 4th ed. Windahl, S., Signitzer, B. &  Windahl, S., Signitzer, B. & Olson, J.T. (2009) Using Olson, J.T. (2009) Using Communication Theory: an Communication Theory: an Introduction to Planned Introduction to Planned Communication. Sage. Communication. Sage. Burnett, R.E.(2005) Technical  Cornelissen, J (2008) Corporate Communication. Wadsworth, 6th ed. Communication: A Guide to Theory Schriver, K.A. (1997) Dynamics in and Practice. Sage, 2nd ed. Document Design: Creating Texts for  Ess, C. (2009) Digital Media Ethics. Readers. Wiley. Polity  Donelan, H., Kear, K. and Ramage, M. (Eds.) (2009) Online Communica- tion and Collaboration: A Reader. Routledge.