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nift question papers for fashion management - MAT1



Mock tests of nift pg management ability test, MAT can be downloaded here. MAT just one of the tests students need to clear to get admission to the national institute of fashion technology. The ...

Mock tests of nift pg management ability test, MAT can be downloaded here. MAT just one of the tests students need to clear to get admission to the national institute of fashion technology. The question paper is uploaded as practice question paper for students of Academy of Fashion & Design



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    nift question papers for fashion management - MAT1 nift question papers for fashion management - MAT1 Document Transcript

    • ACADEMY OF FASHION & DESIGN G10, Central Plaza, Golf Course Road, Sector 53, Gurgaon Ph: 08800337062 MOCK TEST 3 MANAGERIAL ABILITY TEST — PAPER-ITime Allowed : 2 Hours Max. Marks : 100Total Questions : 1001. Haemoglobin is dissolved in the plasma of A. Frog B. Fish C. Man D. Eathworm2. A major shift in the 8th Five Year Plan from its preceding ones is A. The significant reduction in public sector outlays B. The concentration of public investment in infrastructural sectors C. Major investment in agriculture with a view to promote exports D. Major investment in sectors in which industrial sickness has been a chronic problem3. In recent years there has been some concern over the threat posed by the Mathura Oil Refinery and the Thermal Power Plants to the Taj Mahal in Agra. The scientific basis of any possible damage to the Taj is mainly A. Stratospheric ozone and the chlorofluoro carbons which destory it B. Acid precipitation and tropospheric ozone C. Increasing levels of atmospheric C02 which produce the greenhouse effect D. Ultraviolet radiation (240-260 nanometres wavelength) and the fumes from. the heavily polluted Yamuna river4. Which one of the following soil types of India is rendered infertile by the presence of excess iron? A. Desert sand B. Alluvial C. Podzolic D. Lateritic5. Consider the map given below: The map shows the sea voyage route followed by A. Thomas Cook B. Ferdinand Magellan C. John Cabot D. Vasco da Gama6. The speed of light will be minimum while passing through A. Glass B. Vacuum C. Water D. Air. .7. The ideal climatic conditions for the cultivation of rice are A. rainfall above 1 00 cm, temperature above 25°C B. cool and moist climate for the entire crop period C. rainfall below 100 cm, temperature below 25°C D. warm and dry climate during the entire crop period8. The time taken by the sun to revolve around the centre of our galaxy is
    • A. 25 million years B. 100 million years C. 250 million years D. 500 million years. 9. Water is a good solvent of inonic salts because A. It has a high boiling point B. It has a high dipole moment C. It has a high specific heat D. It has no colour10. The first to start a joint stock company trade with India were the A. Portuguese B. Dutch C. French D. Danish11. The caves and rock-cut temples at Ellora are A. Buddhist B. Buddhist and Jain C. Hindu and Jain D. Hindu, Buddhist and Jain12. Which one of the following determines that the Indian Constitution is Federal ? A. A written and rigid Constitution B. An independent judiciary C. Vesting of residuary powers with the Centre D. Distribution of powers between the Centre and the States13. Even though the Railways are the most pervasive mode of transport in India, it is the road transport which received the maximum impetus in most of the post-independence period. Which of the following are the reasons for this ? (1) Railways are cheap to operate but the associated capital costs are very high. (2) Given the geographic spread of the human settlements, it is unrealistic that the railways alone can serve the needs of transport. (3) The per unit (tonne/km) cost of transport is cheaper in road compared to rail transport. (4) Given the indivisble nature of the Railways, it is not always convenient for the population to avail of it with the same ease as private cars, buses or two- wheelers A. I, 2 and 3 B. I, 2 and 4 C. I, 3 and 4. D. 2, 3 and 414. The greatest diversity of animal and plant species occurs in A. Temperate deciduous forests B. Tropical moist forests C. Heavily polluted rivers D. Deserts and savannas15. The colour of an opaque object is due to the colour it A. Absorbs B. Refracts C. Reflects D. Scatters16. Phenylketonuria is an example of an inborn error of metabolism. This "error" refers to A. Hormonal overproduction B. Atrophy of endocrine glands C. Inherited lack of an enzyme D. Nondisjunction17. The principal difference between Buddhism and Jainism hinges upon A. Value of rituals and superstitions B. Impact of right action C. Means towards salvation D. Role of the vedas as the religious texts18. Ashoka had a number of high officials. the most important were A. Yutas B. Rajukas C. Mahamatras D. Dharma-Mahamatras
    • 19. Who constructed the magnificent Shiva temple at Ellora? A. Govinda III B. Krishna I C. Dantidurga D. Amoghvarsha I20. Who was the first Muslim ruler of Delhi ? A. lltutmish B. Qutab-ud-din Aibak C. Nasir-ud-din D. Ali Mardan21. The Bahmani Kingdom in the Deccan came into existence during the reign of A. Firoz Tughlaq " B. Muhammed-bin- Thghlaq C. Ghias-ud-din Tughlaq D. Nasir-ud-din Mahmud Tughlaq22. The earliest coins of India were A. Punch marked on both sides B. Made of gold C. Made of silver D. Punch marked only on one side E. None of these23. Kalhans Rajtarangini is A. History of Kashmir B. A treatise on adminstration C. Collection of lyrics D. About Chandraguptas reign E. None of these24. Black Pagoda is in A. Delhi B. Konark C. Madurai D. Calcutta E. None of these25. The best known example of the Hoyasala style of temple is found at . A. Halebid B. Ajanta C. Karle D. Madurai E. None of these26. Bagh, a village in Gwalior, is famous for A. Cave painting B. Architecture C. Sculpture D. All of the above E. None of these27. Who built the rock-cut temples at Mahabalipuram ? A. King Narasimha Varma B. Rajasimha Varma C. Mahendra Varma D. Hirendra Varma E. None of these28. The first History book was written by A. Euclid B. Julius Caesar C. AristotleD. Herodotus E. None of these .29. "Queensberry Rules" is the name given to the rules in A. Cricket B. Tennis C. Hockey D. Boxing E. None of these30. In which year was Pulitzer Prize established ? . A. 1902 B. 1908 C. 1918 D. 1948 E. None of these31. "Chauvinism" means A. Patriotism B. Altruism C. Brutality D. Exaggerated patriotism E. None of these
    • 32. A real image is produced by A. A camera B. . A magnifying glass C. A photocopier D. A mirror E. None of these33. Bromine is A. A colourless gas insoluble in water B. A highly inflammable gas C. A black solid D. A red liquid E. None of these34. Ozone attacks A. Mercury and Silver B. Silver and Iron C. Glass D. Copper E. None of these35. Which element is most abundant in the earths crust? A. Chlorine B. Lithium C. Aluminium D. Chromium E. None of these36. Which is the largest Gulf in the world? A. The Gulf of Mexico B. The Gulf of Cambay C. The Persian Gulf D. The Strait of Hormuz E. None of these37. The largest island in the world is A. Tasmania B. Cyprus C. Iceland D. Greenland E. None of these38. Kimono is a dress style of which Asian country? A. China B. Korea C. Japan D. Laos E. None of these39. How many States of the U.S.A. are not at tached to its mainland ? . A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four E. None of these40. The "Contra rebels" belong to A. Paraguay B. Brazil C. Argentina D. Nicaragua E. None of these41. "White Lily" is the emblem of A. Italy B. Greece C. Cyprus D. Guinea E. None of these42. Tirana is the capital of the country known as A. Yugoslavia B. Hungary C. Afghanistan D. Albania E. None of these43. The poet Harisena was the courtier of A. Samudragupta B. Skandagupta C. Chandragupta D. Lakshmana Sena E. None of these44. Sakas were finally overthrown by A. Devapala B. Chandragupta Vikramaditya C. Gautamiputra Satakami D. Kanishaka E. None of these
    • 45. The council of the Nine Gems" is associated with the name of A. Harshavardhana B. Devapala C. Chandragupta II D. Ballala Sena E. None of these 46. The Huna leader Mihirgula was defeated by A. Chandragupta B. Buddhagupta C. Yashodharman D. Rajyavardhana E. None of these 47. Pushyabhuti dynasty ruled over A. Thaneshwar B. Ujjain C. Sakai D. Patliputra E. None of these 48. The capital of Shashanka was A. Toshali B. Survanagiri C. Karnasuyama D. Mahasthangarh E. None of these 49. The Head of the University of Nalanda was great Bengali scholar A. Shreejnan Atisha B. Nagarjuna C. Basubandhu D. Sheelabhadra E. None of these 50. The Kaulinya System" was introduced in Bengal by . A. Ballala Sena B. Lakshmana Sena C. Vijaya Sena D. Hemanta Sena E. None of these 51. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which one of the following does not belong to that group ? A. 53 B. 73 C. 43 D. 63 E. 83 52. Taking advantage of the absence of his parents, Prabhat decided to call his friends at home for a party. Which of the following assumptions were made by Prabhat while taking the above decision ? (1) His parents would not come back immediately. (2) His friends will accept his invitation. (3) There will be enough food in the home to feed his friends. A. All the three B. only 2 and 3 C. Only I and 2 D. Only 1 and 3 E. None of these53. In a certain code BRACKET is written as DPCMCV. How is BLOCK written in the code? A. DJQAM B. DJQAM C. DJPAM D. DJQAN E. None of these54. Subodhs marks in English are as much more than Gopals marks in History as less than Pramods marks in English. To find out Subodhs marks in English, which of the following information given in the statements (1) and (2) is/are sufficient? I (1) Gopals marks in History.
    • (2) Pramods marks in History. A. Both I and 2 together are needed B. Only 2 is sufficient C. Either I and 2 is sufficient D. Both land 2 together are not sufficient E. Only I is sufficient55. If it is possible to make a meaningful word with the third, the fifth, the seventh and the tenth letters of the word PROJECTION which of the following is the third letter of the word ? If no such word can .be made, give X as the answer. If more than one such word can be made, give M as the answer. A. T B. N C.O D. X E. M56. If every alternative letter starting from B is deleted from the following alphabet, which of the following will be the tenth letter from the right end ? A B C D E FG H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A. G B. D C. H D. Q E. None of these57. What should come in place of the question mark(?) in the following letter series? DMP FLN HKL IJJ ? A. M I I B. MIH C. I I I D. MIF E. None of these58. Four of the following five sentences are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which one of the following does not belong to that group ? A. It is advisable to stay indoors when it rains B. One should avoid exposure to excessive cold. C. Overeating is. considered to be a health hazard. D. Regular and systematic fasting tones up body functions. E. One should eat whenever one feels hungryDirections (Qs 59-60): In a certain code language 1. pit na som means bring me water 2 na jo tod means water is life 3. tub od pit meanss give me toy 4. jo lin kot means life and death 59. Which of the following represents is in that language? A. jo B. na C. tod D. lin E. None of these 60. To find out the answer to the above question, which of the following statements can be dispensed with? A. I only B. 3 only C. 4 only D. 2 or 3 only E. None of these61. Forty per cent of the boys in a class play football and one-third of the remaining play volleyball. Half of those who play football also play cricket. Considering the above, which of the following statements is definitely true? A. Forty per cent of the boys do not play any game B. Those who play volleyball do not play any other game C. Some boys play football as well as volley ball. D. At least twenty per cent of the boys play cricket E. Those who play cricket do not play any other game
    • 62. On which day of the week did Prabhat go for a picnic? To find out the answer to above question, which of the following information given in the statements 1 and 2 is/ are sufficient? I. He had taken leave on Tuesday and . Wednesday 2. He wanted to take leave on the following day of the picnic but was not allowed A Only 2 is sufficient B. Either 1 or 2 is sufficient C. Both 1 and 2 together are needed D. Only 1 is sufficient E. Both 1 and 2 together are not sufficientDirections: In each of the questions given below, there are two statements followed by. fourconclusions numbered 1,2,3, and 4. You have to take the two given statements to be trueeven if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. Read all the conclusionsand then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the two givenstatements, disregarding commonly known facts63. Statements: Some pens are knives Some knives are horses. Conclusions: 1. Some knives are pens. 2. Some pens are horses. 3. Some horses are pens. 4. Some horses are knives. A. Only 2 and 3 follow B. Only 1 and 4 follow C. Only 4 follows D. Only 1 follows E. None follows64. Statements: Some men are goats. All goats are jackals. Conclusions: 1. Some men are jackals. 2. Some jackals are men. 3. All jackals are goats. 4. Some goats are men. A. Only 1 and 2 follow B. Only 3 and 4 follow C. Only 4 follows D. An follow E. None of these65. Statements: No chair is tree. All trees are trains. Conclusions: 1. No chair is train. 2. No train is chair. 3. Some trains are trees. 4. No train is tree. A. Only 4 follows B. Only 3 and 4 follow C. Only 1 and 2 follow
    • D. Only 2 and 3 follow E. None of these66. Statements: All buses are roads. All roads are rivers. Conclusions: 1. All buses are rivers. 2. Some roads are buses. 3. Some rivers are roads. 4. Some rivers are buses A. None follows B. Only 1 and 2 follow C. Only 2, 3 and 4 follow D. Only 1, 2 and 3 follow E. All follow 67. Statements: All doors are cots. Some cots are erasers. Conclusions: ( I) Some doors are earsers. (2) All cots are doors. (3) Some doors are cots. (4) Some erasers are doors. A. Only 3 and 4 follow B. Only I and 2 follow C. Only 3 follow D. None follows E. None of theseDirections: Below is given a passage followed by several possible inferences which can be drawn from the facts stated in the passage? You have to examine each inference separately in the context of the passage and decide upon its degree of truth or falsity. Mark your answer as "definitely true", if you think that the inference properly follows fromthe statement of facts given. Mark your answer as "probably true", if you think that the inference may be true in thelight of the facts given but not definitely true. Mark your answer as "data inadequate", if you think from the facts given that it cannot besaid whether the inference is likely to be true or false. . Mark your answer as "probably false" if you think that the inference is probably false in thelight of the facts given though not definitely false. Mark your answer as "definitely false", if you think that the inference cannot possibly bedrawn from the facts given or it contradicts the given facts.The smaller pesticide formulation units in India operate under heavy constraints such asobsolete technology, small scale of operation and dependence on larger units for rawmaterials. In view of the loss of expensive materials by the smaller units, it is important toeither eliminate or reduce losses to the extent possible through innovative and sustainablewaste minimization techniques. Operating profit margins of the units are very low and smalladverse conditions land these companies in trouble. Maximum losses suffered by these unitsare through poor house keeping, sub-optional operating practices and lack of properopportunities for recycling waste. 68. Smaller units should be operationally self-sufficient so as to minimise losses. A. Data inadequate B. Probably false C. Definitely true D. Definitely false E. Probably true
    • 69. Recycling of wastes through modern techniques can set off large part of the losses incurred by the smaller units. A. Probably false B. Probably true C. Definitely false D. Definitely true E. Data inadequate 70. Pesticide units should necessarily be on a large scale to make them economically viable. A. Data inadequate B. Definitely true C. Probably false D. Definitely false E. Probably true 71. Waste management process in India needs modernisation A. Probably true B. Data inadequate C. Probably false D. Definitely false E. Definitely true 72. Lack of funds compeis smaller units to ignore house keeping. A. .Definitely true B. Probably false C. Definitely false D. Data inadequate E. Probably trueDirections : In each of the questions given below, there is a statement followed by threeassumptions numbered 1, 2. and 3. An assumption is something supposed or taken forgranted. You have to consider the statement and assumptions and then decide, which ofthe assumption( s) is/are implicit in the statement. 73. Statement: During pre-harvest kharif season, the government has decided to release vast quantity food grains from FCI Assumptions: I. There may be a shortage of food grains in the market during this season. 2. The kharif crop may. be able to replenish the stock of FC!. 3. There may be a demand from the farmers to procure kharif crop immediately after harvest. A. None is implicit B. Only I and 2 are implicit C. Only 2 and 3 are implicit D. All are implicit E. None of these74. Statement: To improve the employment situation in India, there is a need to recast the present educational system towards implementation of scientific discoveries in daily life. . Assumptions: 1. The students after completing such education may be able to earn their livelihood. 2. This may bring meaning of education in the minds of the youth. 3. The state may earn more revenue as more and more people will engage themselves in self-employment. A. Only 1 and 2 are implicit B. Only 3 is implicit C. Only 1 and 3 are implicit D. None is implicit E. None of these75. Statement: To increase profit, the oil exporting countries decided to reduce the production of crude by 5 million barrels per day.
    • Assumptions: 1. The price of crude may increase due to less production. 2. The demand of crude may remain same in future. 3. Other countries may continue buying crude from these countries A. All are implicit B. Only 2 and 3 are implict C. Only 1 and 2 are implict D. None is implicit E. None of these76. Statement: "We do not want you to see our product on newspaper, visit our shop to get a full view" -an advertisement. Assumptions: 1. People generally decide to purchase any product after seeing the name in the advertisement. 2. Uncommon appeal may attract the customers. 3. People may come to see the product. A. All are implicit B. None is implicit C. Only 2 and 3 are implicit D. Only I and 2 are implicit E. None of these77. Statement: The Reserve Bank of India has directed the banks to refuse fresh loans to major defaulters. Assumptions: . I. The banks may still give loans to the de faulters. 2. The defaulters may repay the earlier loan to get fresh loan. 3. The banks may recover the bad loans through such harsh measures. A. All are implicit B. None is implicit C. Both 2 and 3 are implicit D. Both I and 2 are implicit E. None of theseDirections: Read the following information carefully to answer the questions given below it. I. A, B, C, D, E, and F are six students in a class 2. Band C are shorter than F but heavier than A. 3. D is heavier than B and taller than C. 4. E is shorter than D but taller than F. 5. F is heavier than D. 6. A is shorter than E but taller than F 78. Who among them is the tallest? A. B B. A C. D D. E E. None of these 79. Who is third from the top when they are arranged in descending order of their height? A. A B. E C. B D. C E. None of these 80. Which of the following statements is true for F as regards height and weight A. He is heavier than B and C but shorter thanD.
    • B. He is lighter than B and C but taller than D C. He is heavier than B and taller than E D. He is lighter than E and also shorter than E E. He is lighter than E and taller than E 81. Which of the following groups of friends is shorter than A? A. D, B, Conly B. E, B, Conly C. B, Conly D. F, B, Conly E. None of these82. Who among tl1em is the lightest! A. B B. C C. B or C D. A E. Data inadequate VIKALPA In this section of Vikalpa, a candidate is made to generate or tick mark the best alternative or options out of the given-options. In each of the given paragraph 4 alternatives are given along with the paragraphs, you have to choose the best alternative present. PASSAGE 1 Did I ever tell you about the time I went to sea? It was twenty years ago. I had had a little trouble with my father, who for some reason insisted on calling me a liar. Anyway I was a young man longing for a life of adventure. I left home and was taken on as a deck-hand in a whaler, that is, a ship designed for the business of catching whales; and we set out for the Antarctic in hopes of a big haul. As usually happens, the whole crew was keen to sight the first whale we saw. The look-out man reported to the captain that there was an island ahead; The captain could not find iton his map. It was no! an island at all; it was the biggest whale in the world. It was over threemiles long. As soon as the captain had realized what in fact it was, he did not hesitate. He orderedthat every harpoon should be fired the moment we came within range. Harpoons are theweapons used for catching whales. They were all shot into the body of the whale at thesame time, and the chase was on. The harpoons were connected to the ship by strongcables. So we in the ship had to follow the whales struggles, which were meant to tire it out. But it wasn’t tired out. It was irritated by the pinpricks of the harpoons, and it turned andtwisted this way and that. After a time it crashed into our ship, which sank like a stone, withthe loss of all hands : all, that is, except me. As the whales huge body crashed into theship, I took a mighty flying leap and landed on its back. Of course, I was much too small forthe whale to notice I was there. I rode on its back, wondering when it was going to dive. But,luckily, the sea was too shallow for it to do so.83. The writer went to sea because A. He was twenty B. He father called him untruthful C. He wanted a life of excitement D. Both B ~d C are necessary84. The whole crew was eager to A. Find an island B. Fire an island C. Spot a whale D. Haul in the whale85. As soon as the whale was sighted
    • A. The captain acted at once B. It was shot at C. The crew moved three miles away D. It started struggling86. The sailors in the ship had to follow the whales struggles ... A. To irritate it B. To save it C. To exhaust it D. To frighten it 87. When the ship sank A. Everyone was killed B. All the crew lost their hands C. Only the writer survived D. The whale was killed PASSAGE 2 The tragedy that befell the primary class students of Nath Hari Purandare School nearpune on Saturday is heart-breaking. Thirty-eight of them died while an equal number wereleft writhing in pain at the Sasoon General Hospital. The helpless children and_ their kithand kin deserve the nations utmost sympathy. Misfortune struck the children, who were ontheir way to Ramdara, a picnic spot, when the bus in which they were traveling was hit bythe speeding Bombay-bound Sahyadri Express at the unmanned level crossing. Before thebus could cross the tracks, the train dashed into its rear spinning the bus round andthrowing off many of the children. As reports suggest, the bus driver could not hear thewarning horn blown by the driver of another vehicle as the children, who were in a picnicmood, were singing aloud. Because of a curve preceding the level crossing, the train drivencould not have a clear, long distance view of the tracks. Carelessness on the part of thebus driver is obvious though it would be better to wait for the commissioner of Railwaysafety to conclude his investigation into the macabre mishap. Nevertheless, it is the lack ofa warning system at the level crossing that resulted in the accident. It goes without sayingthat most of the accidents are avoidable. There is need to make vehicle drivers consciousof the safety procedures they should adept while crossing railway tracks. On the part of therailways, train drivers should be forced to maintain mandatory speed limit while negotiatinglevel crossings. However the ideal solution would be to comment all unmanned levelcrossings into the manned ones. 88. The tragedy befell the students when A. They were at the picnic spot Ramdara B. Their bus was negotiating the unmanned level crossing . C. They were getting into the bus D. The bus has crossed the track89. The accident occurred because the A. Driver was driving carelessly B. Students were singing . C. Level crossing was not manned D. Driver could not apply the brakes.90. According to the written, the tragedy occurred because of A. The students B. The bus driver C. The train driver D. Lack of warning system91. We can avoid such accident in future by A. Having careful drivers B. Manning all the level crossings
    • C. Having a speed limit for train drivers D. Severely punishing the driver at fault92. Railway safety commissioners role is to A. Conduct enquiry its all such accidents B. To-look for the cleanliness of railway C. To ensure that the passengers should reach the place safely D. All of the above PASSAGE 3 In despair she had dropped the subject for the time, only to renew it at the firstopportunity. I become impatient at her repeated attempts and, seizing the new doll, Idashed it upon the floor. I was keenly delighted when I felt the fragments of the brokendoll at my feet. Neither sorrow nor regret followed my passionate outburst. I had not lovedthe doll. In the still dark world in which I lived there was no strong sentiment or tenderness.93. She had dropped the subject because A. She-was-bored B. She was angry C. She didnt know what do do D; She knew that I was not interested94. The speaker dashed the doll because A. She did not like it B. She didnt MOW what to do with it C. She was angry D. Her tutor persisted in going back to the subject95. When the speaker saw the fragments of the doll she was A. Sorry B. Dejected C. Ashamed D. Happy96. Passionate outburst means A. Expression of strong emotion B. Improper behaviour C. Extreme views D. Abnormal conduct97. The speaker broke the doll A. Because she hated it B. She didnt expect a doll for a gift C. In order to register her protest D. By mistake PASSAGE 4 Ramarao was a merchant and money-lender. His village Kopapur was an important placeof business. Ramarao was known for his honesty and keen sense of business. At the sametime he was kind heated. Any person approaching him with a request for charity would notgo empty handed. He had given donations to some institutes as well. Once, a youth fromvillage Mangrule approached him. Ganesh, the youth. wanted money on loan basis forpurchasing additional land. He had with him gold ornaments. He was a social worker as well.His wife Smita accompanied him. Smita was from village Vadgaon. Ramarao asked him,"Why have you come to such a distant village? You could have got money at some nearbyplace, say, Narayangao! Why have you come all the way to Kopapur?" Ganesh said,"Smitas mother comes from Kopapur. So Smita knows your reputation." Smita smiledindicating her concurrence. Well. then how much money do you need? What assurance do you give?" Ramaraoasked. Ganesh took out the ornaments. Ramarao inspected it and said, "Well, I can give
    • Rs. 10,000 on this". "But, Sir, we need Rs. 500 more". Ramarao said, "Well, I cannot givemore on these ornaments" Smita immediately took out her gold bangles and wedding ringand said "Will this do?" Ramarao saw the faith of the woman in her husband. He noddedhis head and said
    • to his personal assistant, "Subhash get ready! Start………! Turning to Smita he said, "I gotthe guarantee………, please stay with us for lunch and return, to your village in theafternoon. New. I will go to the temple. Subhash will do the needful".98. Why did Smita smile? A. Ganesh had agreed to her suggestion B. Ramarao agreed to give the loan C. Ramarao belonged to her village D. They got the loan approved E. None of these99. Why did Ganesh meet Ramarao? A. To retrun the loan in terms of gold B. To seek money on loan basis C. To sell his ornaments D. To seek donation for his family E. None of these100. Needy persons approaching Ramarao for charity.......... A. Would prove their honesty B. Would show him what a kind heart means C. Would return with some loan D. Would get some cash E. Would provide certain guarantee