ADMISSION NOTICE                                           JEE (Main) – 2013In pursuance of Ministry of Human Resource Dev...
B. Online examination (Computer Based Examination) for Paper 1 OnlyDates of            Paper         Subjects             ...
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JEE admission notification 2013


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Joint Entrance Examination is the qualifying entrance exam for admission to premier architecture colleges of India. Admission notice for JEE for B.Arch can be downloaded here

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JEE admission notification 2013

  1. 1. ADMISSION NOTICE JEE (Main) – 2013In pursuance of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, Notification, the JointEntrance Examination (Main) - 2013 will be conducted by the JEE Apex Board for admission toUndergraduate Engineering Programmes in NITs, IIITs and other Centrally Funded Technical Institutionsetc. Now, AIEEE will be known as JEE (Main) and IIT - JEE as JEE (Advanced).The admission to Undergraduate Engineering Programs at NITs, IIITs, other centrally funded TechnicalInstitutions, Institutions funded by several participating State Governments, and several other Institutionsshall include the performance in the Joint Entrance Examination, JEE (Main). The JEE (Main) will alsobe an eligibility test for the JEE (Advanced), which the candidate has to take if he/she is aspiring foradmission to the undergraduate programmes offered by the IITs.For admission to NITs, Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs) like IIITs etc. and otherparticipating Institutions, the merit/rank list shall be prepared based on 40% weightage to school Boardsmarks in class 12th or equivalent examination and 60% weightage to JEE(Main). The weightage to schoolBoard/Equivalent examination marks shall be considered only after normalization.Mode of ExaminationThe Paper-1 (described below) of JEE (Main) will be conducted in two separate modes i.e. Offline (Penand Paper Based Examination) mode and Online (Computer Based Examination) mode. The Paper-2 ofJEE (Main) will be conducted only in Pen and Paper based examination mode. A candidate will opt foreither Pen and Paper Based or Computer Based examination modes for Paper-1 only.Type of ExaminationJEE (Main) – 2013 shall have two papers, Paper-1 and Paper-2. Candidates may take Paper-1, or Paper-2,or both as per the course(s) they are seeking admission to.Subject combination for each paper, type of questions in each paper and mode of examination available isgiven in the table below. SUBJECTS TYPE OF QUESTIONS MODE OF EXAMPaper 1 Physics, Chemistry & Objective type with equal Pen and Paper based Mathematics weightage to Physics, OR Computer based Chemistry & MathematicsPaper 2 Mathematics – Part I Objective type Only Pen and Paper Aptitude Test – Part II & Objective type based Drawing Test – Part III Questions to test drawing aptitudeRequirement of papers for different courses is given in the table below.COURSE PAPERSB.ARCH/B. PLANNING(At Institutions other than IITs) Paper –2All other undergraduate courses Paper –1 Schedule of ExaminationA. Offline examination (Pen and Paper Based Examination) for Paper 1 and Paper 2Date of Paper Subjects Timings DurationExamination07.04.2013 Paper 1 Physics, Chemistry & 0930-1230 3 Hours Mathematics Hours(IST)07.04.2013 Paper 2 Mathematics – Part I 1400-1700 3 Hours . Aptitude Test – Part II & Hours(IST) Drawing Test – Part III
  2. 2. B. Online examination (Computer Based Examination) for Paper 1 OnlyDates of Paper Subjects Timings DurationExamination*During Paper 1 Physics, Chemistry & 1st shift 3 Hours08.04.2013 and Mathematics 0900-120025.04.2013 Hours (IST) 2nd shift (*) 1400-1700 Hours (IST) *If required*The exact slots/dates for computer based examination shall be displayed on the website by 1stFebruary 2013. The candidates will be required to make their slot/date selection through online modeduring 1st February 2013 – 15th February 2013. A candidate who opts for computer based examinationand does not make this selection, for whatever reasons, shall be randomly assigned a slot based on theavailability.Online Registration for JEE(Main) In order to appear in JEE (Main) and/or JEE (Advanced) 2013, the candidates are required toapply only online. The candidates are further advised to visit the website before filling up theapplication form for ascertaining their eligibility for appearing in examination as well as for admission.The online registration form will be available on JEE Main website from 8th November, 2012 to 15thDecember, 2012. For more details of JEE (Main), the candidates are advised to visit JEE(Main) For information about JEE(Advanced), the candidates are advised to visitJEE(Advanced) website . Executive Director JEE( Main)