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  1. 1. © copyright www.afdindia.com CEED - Mock Test FASHION ACADEMY OF FASHION & DESIGN IInd Floor, Sharon Building, K.K. Road, Kottayam-686004 MOCK TEST 4 - CEEDTotal Hours :2 1 Total Marks 100 21. Design a monument to an Indian personality you admire, using 3 D geometrical shapes. Explain your composition in not more than 100 words. 10marks2. Attempt any one of the following a. Design a self heating bag in which campers can reheat food. Explain through sketches what you would need for such an invention. b. A rocking chair that is safe to use in a room with small children. c. The Great Pyramid of Egypt was built approximately 5000 years ago. It is 137 metres high and its base covers 50,000 square metres. It is said that 100,000 men were employed for 20 years building it using huge blocks of stone. Describe the simple machines used and suggest alternative methods of construction. 10 marks3. Make a freehand drawing of your telephone. Your drawing should be large enough to fill the space provided. Use only ordinary pencils for drawing. Do not use paints, crayons, color pencils etc. You will be judged for your drawing ability, in terms of correct proportion, perspective and quality of line. 15 marks4.. Name the following symbols with the term that seems most appropriate to you. a. b. c. 6 marks5. Please do either a or b a. Design a poster stressing the importance of education of the girl child and the advantages it accrues for society b. Design a poster to educate the general population on the new act of parliament to make child labour illegal. 10 marks6. Answer the following questions: a. Acrylic is made from i. Wool ii. Acrilan iii.CelluloseAcademy of Fashion & Design, K.K.Road, Kottayam-686004 1
  2. 2. © copyright www.afdindia.com CEED - Mock Test b. Which of the following is not one of the seven wonders of the ancient world? i. The Taj Mahal ii. The Colossus at Rhodes iii.The Hanging Gardens of Babylon c. Who is the present President of the Congress party? i. Manmohan Singh ii. Sonia Gandhi iii.Rahul Gandhi d. The Shore Temple is in i. Tamil Nadu ii. Orissa iii.Kerala e. Manmohan Singh is the _____th Prime Minster of India i. 15th ii. 14th iii.10th 5 marks7. English Comprehension Passage Narratives are especially effective in speeches because they draw listeners into the action. Because listeners canoften “see” themselves enacting certain roles within the stories, narratives can encourage those transformations ofidentity and behavior that ethical public speaking makes possible. Moreover, narratives stimulate the process ofconstructive listening. Because stories prompt listeners to create meaning from what they hear, the audience becomesinvolved in the creation of the message. It becomes their discovery, their truth. Such involvement enhances the impactof the message. Personal narratives also increase identification between speakers and audiences. They can help bridge the culturaldifferences that separate people of diverse backgrounds. According to Vice President Gore, storytelling can even helpold enemies make peace. On one occasion, when Palestinian, Israeli, Jordanian, and Syrian leaders met to discuss apeace treaty, Gore saw the negotiations coming to a standstill. The situation looked unpromising until, in Gore’swords, “The breakthrough came when they told stories about their families. I have seen time and time again howstorytelling brings people together.” 1. In this passage, the word narratives means the same thing as A. truths B. stories C. details D. jokes 2. In this passage, the word negotiations means the same thing as A. stories B. truths C. arguments D. talks 3. The main idea of this passage is that A. Storytelling helps enemies make peace. B. Narratives serve many purposes in speeches. C. Narratives draw listeners into the action. D. Storytelling enhances the impact of a message. 4. The passage states that, according to Vice President Gore, peace talks were saved when the leaders began to A. tell stories about their families B. listen to each others’ speeches C. tell stories about each other D. explain their personal discoveries and meanings 5. According to the passage, narratives stimulate the process of constructive listening by A. involving the audience in the creation of the message B. encouraging listeners to share each others’ stories C. smoothing over conflicts D. enhancing the impact of the message 20 marksAcademy of Fashion & Design, K.K.Road, Kottayam-686004 2
  3. 3. © copyright www.afdindia.com CEED - Mock Test8. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of a mechanical egg beater (shown below). Using sketches redesign the beater to improve it. 10 marks9. Write a short story based on the following picture: 10 marks10. A cube, three units on a side, has to be cut into 27 one-unit cubes. What is the minimum number of cuts required to do so? 4 marksAcademy of Fashion & Design, K.K.Road, Kottayam-686004 3