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AFD tutors have prepared this ceed question papers after analysis of the past 10 years past papers and recent changes to the CEED admission test. All AFDians preparing for the M.Des program entrance exam of the IITs & IISc are requested to attempt this mock test paper of ceed & submit to your tutors at Academy of Fashion & Design

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  1. 1. © copyright www.afdindia.com CEED - Mock Test CEED Mock Test - 1 Academy of Fashion and DesignTime : 2 1 2Part A - (4 Questions) 60 MarksPart B - (6 Questions) 40 MarksPart AQ1. Create a composition of 3 D objects – cones, pyramids and cubes titled ‘Harmony’. 5 MarksQ2 Attempt any one of the following: 35 Marks a) Care for the elderly is a problem with increasing significance today. Consider how a house can be adapted for the care of elderly residents so as to increase their independence and safety. Briefly discuss the issues faced by an elderly person. Choose any one aspect, list possible solutions and choose one final solution. Detail the same through neat sketches. b) Create a poster to promote and publicise a Design Exhibition. Your design will be evaluated on the basis of visual quality and innovativeness. Describe breifly the thought behind the design. c) Create a new mascot for the next cricket world Cup. Write down what qualities you have chosen to represent with your new mascot and how you have shown them.Q3. In the space provided make a freehand drawing of a telephone off the hook and a pen and notepad next to it. Your drawing should be large enough to fill the space provided. Use ordinary pencils for drawing. Do not use paints, crayons, color pencils etc. You will be judged for your drawing ability, in terms of correct proportion, perspective and quality of line. 15 marksQ4. Look at the scene given below. Imagine that you have hired this band for a joyous occasion.Write about that day in 200 words. 5 marks Academy of Fashion & Design, 2nd Floor Sharon Bldg,Near KanjikuzhyBridge, Kottayam-686004
  2. 2. © copyright www.afdindia.com CEED - Mock TestPart : BQ5. A or B 10 marksa) Design a torch for the use of children ages 6- 10. Show 5 rough sketches of the preliminary ideas. Justify your design and give details along with sketches if required.b) You are given a metal sheet with the dimensions 2m by 3m, design a shoe rack to hold the maximum number of shoes. Avoid using screws when designing the rack. Depict your design using neat sketches and labels if required.Q6. Shown below is a bus stop outside a local school. Evaluate the problems faced by children as they wait for their bus. List the experiences faced by the children and mention if any improvements can be made to the bus stop. 10 marksQ7. You are shown six fonts below. 5 marks Choose the best font for a) Headlines b) Wedding Invitation ABCDE abcde ABCDE abcde ABCDE abcde ABCDE abcde ABCDE abcde ABCDE abcde Academy of Fashion & Design, 2nd Floor Sharon Bldg,Near KanjikuzhyBridge, Kottayam-686004
  3. 3. © copyright www.afdindia.com CEED - Mock TestQ8 Reading comprehension 5 marksLizard Island is only 30 km off the far north Queensland Coast and 250 km north of Cairns, the mostnortherly city in Northeastern Australia. The 1012 hectare island is spectacularly rugged with vegetationranging from grassland to rainforest and encompassing pandanus swamp, eucalyptus woodland andmangroves. The most recent discoverers of this island were Sir Sydney Williams and another northQueensland businessman, Mr. John Wilson, now a Brisbane stock broker. For several years from 1968,they camped on Lizard Island for annual fishing holidays and in 1974 after obtaining a Queenslandgovernment lease with other business men built four cabins for guests, In the next step of developmentin 1978, the raised the number of bungalows to eight, then to fifteen in 1982 and in 1984 the complexwas bought by the Queensland State Govt. Insurance Office.The island is consistently visited by those who seem to be quite careful with their health. Each bungalowhas all the facilities expected in such an elegant resort including a well stocked mini bar. It is of this thatAustralian prime ministers for the last decade have taken heed, as they constantly retreat to this islandto rest, relax and lick the wounds of office. Since the island attracts people from all over the world, mostof the time it remains packed. One of the island resorts founders Queensland aviation pioneer Sir SydneyWilliams, affirms that a sturdy Arab sheikh once came ashore from a luxury yacht and tried to book asuite for the night. When told the place was full he promptly produced a cheque book and offered tobuy it. i. Who discovered the island ii. What prompted the Arab sheikh to try and buy the island? iii. Which of the following are not true - a) in the first step of development 8 bungalows were built b) Lizard Island is a very busy island c) Lizard Island is full of greenery iv. What was the first and foremost need that struck the discoverers of Lizard Island for the development of the island? v. Where is Lizard Island situated closest to? Academy of Fashion & Design, 2nd Floor Sharon Bldg,Near KanjikuzhyBridge, Kottayam-686004
  4. 4. © copyright www.afdindia.com CEED - Mock Test Q9. There is a stack of five blocks. you have to imagine out of the five possibilities, which one is the view from side A. Only one of these five is correct. Then do the same for side B and C. In each set of possibilities only one is correct. 5 marksQ 10. Using knowledge of pulleys, belts and gears, design a machine that uses a natural energy source such as wind or solar power, to drive a machine that does something useful. 5 marks Academy of Fashion & Design, 2nd Floor Sharon Bldg,Near KanjikuzhyBridge, Kottayam-686004