Life @ imysecy-(AF Designz)-


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Life @ imysecy-(AF Designz)-

  1. 1. Life
  2. 2. iMysecy – Your 24x7 Executive Admin What is iMysecy? • Are you constantly short of time and good staff? • Or can’t afford to hire someone? • You need to get a work life balance but don’t know how? Difficult to believe but possible in a connected & flat world. Get your own executive admin by signing on to for £35 a month! Just Send Us your Tasks & imysecy will get it done!
  3. 3. How does it work? Our team is made of talented For sure,we leverage technology staff in low cost countries like to do it India , Philippines , Chile as well “Better , Faster & Cheaper” as home based freelancers who are experts in their domain but efficiently managed by the iMysecy team. Access Talent & Lower your Costs!
  4. 4. What iMysecy is doing?Rafael got a 50 page Power Pointpresentation for a client madeovernight….. Amy is no longer behind with his expenses..He also got his logo and business cards designed…Ted was able to organize a successfulsalsa event in Geneva by promoting it onFacebook Jo gets his parties organized including online grocery shopping management….John hosted a webinar on packaging industryinnovation by inviting a targeted audiencesearched for him on LinkedIn… Be organized just anywhere – Office , Home or Travel !
  5. 5. iMysecy Career andOrganizations change the way • Imysecy is going topeople live or work. It is a gamechanger in micro outsourcing. It isleading the next wave of flattening ofthe world.• Previously it was large companieswho outsourced their activities toexperts and lowered their cost. Nowits the turn of small & mediumbusinesses as well as individuals todo this. All in all an excitingknowledge industry company to workin and be part of this change andphenomenon. Get Work Done at a Fraction of Cost !
  6. 6. Benefits @ iMysecy• Rewards - beyond •The other thing people seek iscompetitive pay structure for growth which iMysecy offers viaon site staff we offer home very heavy focus on promotebased working for those who from within and for people toprefer to. This can be very take on increasingliberating if you are not responsibilities and bigger rolesmobile from your city or due as they gain experience andto other reasons such as deliver and kids. •The team is constantly being• Beyond salary the early trained, is exploring and usingjoiners stand to gain the latest tools and technologieshandsomely via our which makes the work veryemployee stock options rewarding as well as keeps theprogram which looking at the Use ofteam ahead of Technologies A Hot Bed of Innovation and Cutting Edge the rest andrecent web 2.0 listings can trained in the best leadingbe very rewarding. technologies.
  7. 7. Skill Requirements Search, Create, Refine, Publish Content MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Word Press, Internet Search, Research Executive admin, Calling, Email management,Administration General support, Accounting, Communication skills, Call handling skills Social networks, websites, ecommerce Technology Web technologies, data base management, software programming Most Cost-Effective Way to Connect with Talented Freelancers & Contractors!
  8. 8. Work Levels @ iMysecy Director Fast VP Tracker Qualifying Team leaders & external 6- 12 AVP 2- 3 years experience in related skills & years demonstrated experience of running large teams and operations Qualifying Sr Associates & external 3 Team Leader 1-3 - 6 years experience in related skills and demonstrated experience of handling teams Sr. associate 1-2 Qualifying associates & external 2-4 years years experience in related skills Associate 1-2 years Qualifying trainees & external 1-2 years experience in related skillsTrainee 3months - 1 year fresh MBA, BBA, BCom, BA, BSc, art designers, accountants Extend Your Team and Access Experts Across The Globe!
  9. 9. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply to join the team !Or suggest this to someone who you think would find this as a great career option.Contact Information : Register On :Phone: US: +1.408.300.9495 UK: +44 203 411 7205 INDIA: +91 1882 239359 E-mail: Website: