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Growing Your Direct Ecommerce Presence: Fiction and Fact


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Marketers have an array of choices to make when it comes to growing their brand's direct ecommerce presence. This infographic offers a check list of key facts for marketers to keep in mind as they determine the best strategy for their brands.

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Transcript of "Growing Your Direct Ecommerce Presence: Fiction and Fact"

  1. 1. Growing YOUR There’s an overwhelming array of ways marketers can grow their It’s True...There are MAJOR benefits of expanding yourDIRECT ECOMMERCE direct ecommerce presence. How do you know which is best for your brand? direct ecommerce presence. • Delivers considerably higher marginsPresence • Supplies expanded reach for distributionFiction • Provides access to customer data& Fact Typically consumers who buy from a brand’s website are a SUBSET of brand buyers. • Offers opportunities to develop customer insights • Meets consumers expectations to be able to buy brands directly FICTION: Direct online buyers have the • Presents a much richer brand experience via the brand’s website SAME needs as overall brand buyers. FACT:They have a DISTINCT set of needs. There are many different types of online shoppers on your site. FICTION: These groups have similar needs and wants from the online shopping experience. FACT: Not only do they have different needs, the mix and value Broad Selection of these groups depends on the category and brand. Retail Family Haters Bargain Provisioner Latest & Hunter Broswer/ Greatest Researcher Who shops online will vary by category. FICTION: Understanding general online behavior provides enough information on which to base an ecommerce strategy. FACT: Any given person can behave VERY DIFFERENTLY with –> >– different brands or on different sites. >– Broad Latest & Selection Greatest Bargain Hunters CREATE Hundreds of —> TEST To identify —> PRODUCE Optimal Variables characteristics Segmentation – Attitudes of people who – Site Needs are profitable for JUST THE FACTS: Identifying and describing a good 5% 23 % – Buying Behaviors your ecommerce 2% – Demographics SITE ecommerce target provides clear guidance on – Brand Segment Membership site design, strategies, and tactics. 31 – Database data A: Understand the basics of your online buyers. B: Pinpoint the segment that is the most profitable 16% Ecommerce Profits % of Direct % 25 % to the ecommerce site. C: Let the target segment drive the creation of –> digital personas, site design, tools, and site “positioning.” LOOK who’s MOST important?
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