Use Social Media Listening to Improve Customer Experience


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Learn how to gain immediate ROI with Social Media

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Use Social Media Listening to Improve Customer Experience

  1. 1. Voice of the Customer 3.0: May 2010 Integrating Social Media to Improve Customer Experience Does your organization practice VOC 3.0? Add Your Voice! • Do you have concrete social media goals? We’re currently surveying companies • Are social media insights driving change? with social media VOC programs to • Does your organization ask that social media analysis be benchmark best practices. We’ll send included in all research projects? results to participants. • Is social media analysis shared broadly across departments? To take our quick survey, go to: • Are you reporting social media themes / trends daily? • Is your social media program driving tangible ROI? VOC 3.0 adds social media to the research toolbox and makes listening a regular practice. While many companies have launched social media efforts, they are failing to demonstrate where it fits and how it generates positive ROI. Where does social media fit into research – almost everywhere! If you are getting started or are struggling with driving solid results, ‘Improving Customer Experience’ is a great business issue to tackle. In this report, Blueocean Market Intelligence demonstrates: • How to combine secondary research with social media mining to build a listening framework. • Two concrete examples of how social media can be put into action to improve products and services. What’s Inside Defining Good Customer Experience Page 2 Why Focus on Customer Experience? Page 2 Companies that Get it Right Page 3 How to Listen Page 3 VOC 3.0: Beyond Tracking Mentions Page 4 ROI of VOC 3.0 Page 4 VOC 3.0 in Action: Page 5 Example 1: Tracking Launch Results - Apple’s iPad Page 5 Example 2: Improving Customer Experience - Retail Page 9
  2. 2. Defining Good Customer Experience Customer experience is the sum total of a consumer’s interactions with a company or brand. The concept of i “customer experience” has been around for over a decade and has been a buzzword for nearly as long. The explosion of social media offers businesses of any size the opportunity to engage in the core activity required to understand and improve the customer experience: listening. Good customer experience requires putting customers’ needs first in all decision making. We found the following common themes when customers talk about good experiences and we believe they make up a powerful Customer Experience Framework: Quality Simplicity • Offer best in class products/services • Streamline to make product/services • Make proactive improvements based on easy to use and understand customer feedback • Make your location (physical or • Guarantee products/services meet online) easy to navigate - clean, well quality standards designed, organized, well staffed • Quickly resolve or replace if quality • Create an easily understood problem breaks down resolution process • Routinely exceed expectations Empathy Empowerment • Consider how customers really use • Clearly communicate about products/services products/services to empower • See products/services and problem customers to make good decisions resolution from the customers’ • Ensure employees are perspective knowledgeable about the • Listen and value customers’ time products/services they sell • Give customers an incentive to • Empower employees to move issues return/repurchase by apologizing for ahead without constantly checking issues, delivering on promises and with “higher ups” providing proactive updates • Provide customers with ways to solve their own problems (excellent instructions or FAQs for example) Why Focus on Customer Experience? Research has shown that customers who rate their experiences with a company highly are also more likely to be ii loyal and spend more . Companies that get customer experience right engage people and provide authentic iii experiences that they deem valuable in their lives . The companies who do this well don’t just have customers, they have fans who evangelize about them both on and offline. 2
  3. 3. iv In a survey of 141 executives by Forrester Research : Customer Experience Index (CxPi) Scores by Industry • 90% of respondents believe that customer experience is “very important” or “critical” to their 2010 strategy • 80% say their goal is to differentiate themselves through customer experience • However, only 11% feel their companies have a “very disciplined” approach to customer experience. While executives scramble to integrate customer experience strategy, consumers are seeing very little excellence. Certain industries routinely score more highly on customer experience than others, but high ratings or “excellent” ratings on Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CxPi) are rare. Companies that Get it Right While many companies have a lot of work to do to improve their customer experience, there are companies who are already getting it right. A number of indices track customer experience. Companies that v rate highly across these indices include the following : Tech Retail Finance Health Travel • Apple • Barnes and Noble • Credit unions • Kaiser • Marriott Hotels • Dell • • Sun Trust Bank • Humana • Southwest • Hewlett Packard • Kohl’s • US Bancorp • Medicare Airlines • Google • Macy’s • Medicaid Apple is an iconic company when it comes to customer experience and one of few technology manufacturers who excel in this area. Apple routinely tops lists of companies with best customer service and is one of only two tech vi companies on the 2010 list of customer service standouts and third on this list overall . A recent poll found that vii 64% of Apple users are “very satisfied” with their experience . A few important areas they get right: • Apple’s focus on how their customers will use their products results in devices that work intuitively to increase productivity, and tap into users’ creativity and desire for attractive design. • Their high-rated customer service quickly resolves or replaces products if quality breaks down. • Customers routinely say that they exceeded expectations. How to Use Listening to Improve Customer Experience To create a cohesive and positive brand experience, it’s essential to think like your customers. There are numerous ways to listen in to what customers are saying about their experience with a brand. Getting the customer 3
  4. 4. experience right means listening to what customers think and integrating their feedback into the process of innovation in product development, brand management, service and employee training. Traditional methods like surveys and focus groups provide opportunities to dig deep into what customers think, but ongoing measurement is costly and slow to pick up on emerging issues. Online social media and the explosion of consumer-created content provide 24 hour listening labs that allow unmediated access to what customers are saying. Finding relevant, timely content is crucial. Efficiently channeling that information to product managers and other decision makers is also critical to successfully integrating customer feedback into all business practices. VOC 3.0: Beyond Tracking Mentions Most large and some small companies engage in some form of social media listening to track their success at providing good customer experiences. A recent study found that 62% of large US firms surveyed have a “voice of viii the customer” (VOC) program in place . However, another survey of executives found that while 82% of US ix executives use social media for brand building, only 19% use it for research purposes . So, while many companies may be monitoring brand mentions and/or tracking sentiment online, few have mature VOC programs that integrate customer feedback into all business processes. We call this VOC 3.0. VOC 3.0 is distinguished by: • Access to tool(s) to track a variety of channels and forums. • Ability to dig deep into conversations to harvest actionable insights, not just track mentions and sentiment. • In-depth reporting that is shared broadly and frequently (daily and/or weekly). • VOC managers that follow-up on key issues with internal teams to ensure customer perspective is being integrated throughout all customer touch points. • VOC managers report out to customers via social and traditional media to let them know how their input has affected product development or resulted in new fixes for issues. • Process to quantify and report ROI. VOC 3.0 Programs Can: ROI of VOC 3.0 • Identify emerging issues early before they snowball. It can be hard to clearly quantify the value of using social media, • Identify gaps in the market. however, there are tangible ways to prove VOC 3.0 ROI. When • Spark innovation. focusing on Improving Customer Experience for example, • Guide development of training programs and measure and monetize the value of: new products. • Reducing customer service contacts • Reveal areas of confusion or customer pain • Refining new products before launch points, reducing reliance on customer support. • Fixing existing product/service pain points Implementing a holistic VOC program will help companies achieve the hallmark of good experience: quality driven by customer-centered product development paired with efficient problem resolution and employee engagement. 4
  5. 5. VOC Reporting: Examples The following examples show social media listening in action. We’ve chosen two examples and have created sample reports from two different industries: a report on issues iPad users are experiencing (new product launch monitoring), and an example of how to use a listening platform to continuously track customer experience problems and delights to drive action in retail stores. These reports use broad social media listening that includes blogs, Twitter, forums, Facebook and news outlets to identify: • Top community conversation themes • High authority “voices” • Product cycle specifics • Examples of negative experiences NOTE: These are examples only and do not represent actual client work. Example 1: Tracking Feedback on Apple’s iPad Apple famously centrally controls the design and distribution of their products to ensure perfection. When Apple recently released the iPad, eager customers waited in long lines to be among the first purchasers. Now that users have the iPad in hand, we’ve tracked feedback and identified customer experience themes that can guide future iterations of the iPad. Overview While overall satisfaction with the iPad is high, social media research identified emerging issues plaguing iPad users. The objective of a report like this is to twofold. First, it identifies users’ issues in real-time to address them immediately if necessary. Second, the information can be funneled to product managers to help formulate product enhancement plans and prioritize fixes. iPad Community Snapshot: Who’s Discussing the iPad? Overall Sentiment Geographical Hotspots 5
  6. 6. Age Distribution Gender Distribution Industry Distribution Country Distribution iPad Problems/Issues Key Issue Themes based on Text Analytics Blog Buzz Graph Investigation of the term clusters in buzz graphs point to these key issues causing frustration among iPad users: • A high number of references to “dongles” and ports reveals many conversations about iPad’s lack of key features and issues charging through USB ports. • Internet connectivity problems is leading to high buzz about issues with wifi and maintaining web access. • The iPad’s inability to read Flash is also a pain point for users, resulting in many comparisons to other tablets that do have Flash capability (like the Eee Pad). • Searching into discussions about iPad apps reveals users’ rd frustration that the iPad can’t multitask when running 3 party apps. 6
  7. 7. Sample Verbatims: Lack of Key Features There is a large volume of conversation about various “dongles,” or connectors that can create an iPad port for a USB card and other uses. Many customers feel that the lack of a USB port is a serious omission that limits the usefulness of the device. Users feel that requiring customers to carry extra “dongles” to create needed ports is unweildly and inconvenient. Here's My 48-Point iPad Review What features would you like to see on the iPad? “No USB port is a crime. No camera is a crime. This device would “I just got the camera accessory kit. One part is an sd card be sick for video conferencing. it could be a phone killer at home. reader. The other part is a USB port where you plug a (still) No removable memory is unforgivable. Every device and camera into. In other words, still no live video and no capturing computer I own has compact flash, SD or Micro SD. Would it kills images directly on the iPad.” Jobs to allow an SD card slot?” Type Authority Posts in Thread Original post date Type Authority Post Freq Comments Delicious In Link Facebook N/A 2 Apr 29, 2010 Blog 10 1,731 37 640 17,816 RE: Bill Gates on iPad: "It's a Nice Reader, But..." “There's so much potential with this device, yet Apple limited its “Perhaps it's just me, but the Ipad doesn't have USB or flash... functionality. For example, why not give it a stylus so that not very useful isn't it?” Type Authority Followers Updates Country students could write/draw notes while in class or for artists to Twitter 9 31441 14997 USA create a drawing?” Type Authority Post Threads Views Comments Original post Forum 10 330 NA 329 Feb 11, 2010 Sample Verbatims: Charging Problems Users immediately started noticing that iPads were not charging up as expected through USB ports, leading to reports on the issue by mainstream media and eventually Consumer Reports. Users feel the inability to charge the iPad through some USB ports makes maintaining battery power while on the road more difficult. Apple iPad Not Charging Via USB For Some Users Ipad Not Charging “Various Twitter users, the team at Consumer Reports and our “ ‘iPad "Not Charging’ via USB port seems to be a common own Giz editors are reporting problems getting their new iPads to complaint. Saw someone I knew @dshen tweet about it too. charge via USB. So far, it looks like it will only charge when Charge using A/C I guess.” plugged into a Mac.” Type Authority Followers Updates Country Type Authority Source Avg. Circ. Location Twitter 4 199 1,636 USA News 10 NA USA The iPad's charging challenge explained Apple iPad charging woes: USB hubs, non-Macs and “iPad users may have noticed an odd message when connecting weak ports not rejuvenating to some computers or USB chargers: the words Not charging in “Consumer Reports, TUAW and our own Chris Ziegler have the iPad’s menu bar. We experienced the same issue during our confirmed that their powered USB hubs wouldn't charge the initial testing, leading us to wonder if there was something wrong iPad, and we're even seeing reports that some Wintel rigs won't with our test unit. The issue is simply that the iPad has heftier either. The only sure bets right now are Apple computers and charging requirements than iPods and iPhones, and some USB your nearby AC outlet, leaving iPad owners with fewer options ports—especially those on older computers and most USB hubs— when it comes to topping off that battery when away from your don’t provide enough power to charge the iPad during use.” abode.” Type Authority Source Avg. Circ. Location Type Authority Post Freq Comments Delicious In Link News 9 NA USA Blog 10 1,055 250 28,364 30,136 7
  8. 8. Sample Verbatims: Web Connectivity Issues Complaints about problems accessing or maintaining web connections began soon after the iPad’s release and result in a high number of posts, particularly in forums. Users are experiencing issues where other devices have consistent connectivity. While Apple responded by suggesting the problem relates to how networks are named, users continue to experience a variety of connectivity issues and problems with their iPads repeatedly “forgetting” their network passwords. Wifi forgetfulness Re: Weak Wifi “My iPad has asked me for the password to my home wifi “My signal keeps fluctuating from strong to weak, while my network 5 times today. Anybody else have this issue? The first few MacBook and iPhone show a consistent signal at the same days it remembered ok, and now it has become forgetful. Is there location.” some way I missed to set my main network on home setting so it Type Authority Threads Views Comments Original post in Post date remembers?” Forum 10 662 96,759 661 Apr 29, 2010 Type Authority Posts in Thread Original post date Facebook N/A 3 Apr 10, 2010 Dost thine iPad trouble thee? Many iPad Users to Report Wi-Fi Problems “Weird! I'm having three off those problems. Weak connection, “Some people thought that it related to the orientation of wi-fi losing signal and forgetting network passwords. Other than that antenna or a software bug. If it is bug, it will be easier to fix it. this thing is a champ. If lots of people are having this problem If a problem with the device itself, it is going to be a bit tougher then I'm sure it's a software bug and will be fixed in the first for Apple to solve it and many users may return it. One user update. I'm usually an apple hater, I love win 7 , my zunehd, bing, pointed out ‘If you are using public wi-fi, then you are not going etc but this iPad is cool. Yes I know it's limited and is an to be able to make changes to router settings.’” unnecessary luxury device but it's good at what it does.” Type Authority Post Freq Comments Delicious In Link Type Authority Post Freq Comments Delicious In Link Blog 10 403 0 44 10,489 Blog 10 1,055 250 28,364 30,136 Sample Verbatims: Browsing Problems due to Flash Incompatibility The iPad’s inability to read Flash surprised customers who are new to Apple and/or are not tech enthusiasts. Apple’s rationale for avoiding Flash (stated to be security concerns) is not widely known. The lack of Flash causes a choppy browsing experience as many sites are not yet iPad compatible. Many consumers are considering Flash-enabled alternative tablet PCs and/or book readers. Web Browsing on the iPad is Getting Annoying RE: Bill Gates on iPad: "It's a Nice Reader, But..." “I hear so many people talking about taking only the iPad on “But then, boy, she was disappointed and I was ashamed when vacations or weekend getaways and I just cannot see this. Mobile Apple presented this toy.... She can't surf the whole net cause phones a lack of flash support is acceptable but, on larger devices flash is missing, she can*t use a camera for video chatting and I it impacts the web browsing experience. When you’re on a laptop, can't put all my music on that pathetic 16 Gig... I wanted a small or even a netbook, you just browse the internet and everything is computer ‘I can take on my weekend trips, to surf in the hotel and seamless. There really is no need to know that it is Flash that you maybe watch a movie or two while I am on the train or bus. But I are seeing. On the iPad I am frequently looking for an alternative am not gonna sync my movies every weekend. I want all my site to get to content or finding that I need my laptop due to the movies to fit on that thing, well at least 5 or 6 would be fine too.’” total lack of Flash support.” Type Authority Threads in Views Comments Original post Type Authority Post Freq Comments Delicious In Link Post date Blog 5 24 NA NA 39 Forum 10 330 NA 329 Feb 11, 2010 Nook versus Ipad Steve Jobs: Flash a “closed system” that “falls short” “I wanted an ipad for the longest time till I was told there was no “I thought that it was up to the consumer to decide what to install flash and that everything you do is basically limited to the apps on their phone? If Flash was so bad then the market would you have. I liked the idea of an Ereader with internet built in.” migrate away from those apps. The reality is Apple & Steve jobs Type Authority Posts in Thread Original post date believe that we are stupid and they know best. What the sheep Facebook N/A 6 Apr 21, 2010 don't realize, Apple is ten times as bad as Microsoft ever was.” Type Authority Source Avg. Circ. Location News 10 NA USA 8
  9. 9. Sample Verbatims: Inability to Multitask with Third Party Apps rd The iPad’s lack of ability to multitask with 3 party apps surprised a number of users and led to frustrations and some negative comparisons to Andriod, another operating system that allows mutitasking. The inability to run instant messaging programs in the background while working on other tasks is a particular pain point. Apple iPad review iPad Review “The iPad doesn't support multitasking, save for Apple's own “Not being able to leave apps running in the background is annoying. applications: Safari, iPod, and Mail. Everything else you use Personally, I'd like to get some sort of notification if someone sends on the device is a jump-into and then jump-out experience, me an Instant Message (IM). Right now, even that is not possible. This which means that for things like IM apps, you're either having is really the only thing that bugs me, although I do understand that a conversation or you're not.” others will want to do more things that require multi-tasking.” Type Authority Post Freq Comments Delicious In Link Type Authority Post Freq Comments Delicious In Link Blog 10 1,055 250 28,364 30,136 Blog 10 65 373 34,075 71,614 Newspapers on the iPad: Surprisingly Good Apple iPad: a skeptics review “Though I do want things such as live links, and I miss the “More worryingly, I wasn’t entirely happy with the way the iPad ability to multitask and very quickly switch from one of these works. iPhone OS undoubtedly has its benefits – it’s highly consistent, applications to the browser to look something up, I can say relatively intuitive when it comes to navigation and control, and there that reading on the iPad (or theoretically, on another tablet) are a wealth of third-party apps of course – but there are flaws too. feels a bit more natural than surfing on the Web, particularly Chief among these is the absence of multitasking – and it should be for longer content.” said that I’m talking from my own perspective here; your experience Type Authority Source Avg. Circ. Location might vary. I don’t think I’m asking too much for wanting to browse News 10 NA USA the web while having Twitter and Spotify running in the background, something I can happily do on Android.” Type Authority Source Avg. Circ. Location News 8 NA UK Conclusion Although the majority of feedback on the iPad is positive, the issues outlined above are key barriers to purchase. It is clear that while Apple quickly addressed some of the issues users are experiencing, key challenges remain: • They are not effectively explaining the rationale for some of their decisions (no Flash, inabilty to multitask and difficulty with ports). • Information on official fixes (for example, unstable Wi-Fi) are not reaching users. • Bugs and other failures need to be fixed with patches or through a next-generation product. Broader communication about why Apple made certain design decisions, such as the avoidance of Flash, and more communication on fixes could improve the community’s experience and better manage expectations. Example 2: Improving Retail Customer Experience A great in-store experience is a top priority for retailers and is often used as a way to differentiate from competitors. Active listening programs can provide real-time, actionable information retailers can use to: • Understand what actions are delighting customers or destroying loyalty. Insights can be found by listening to your customers, your competitors’ customers and shoppers in similar industries. • Gain new ideas to enhance customer experience programs. • Determine general pain points and make changes to improve products and services. 9
  10. 10. • Collect real-world examples to enhance employee training programs – nothing is as impactful as hearing an issue from the customer’s point of view. • Pinpoint and respond to individual events when major breaches occur – remember that an unhappy customer relates the experience to an average of 10 other shoppers – social media multiplies this number dramatically. When expressing pain points, customers provide a wealth of information on the nature of problems they experience and advice on how to best resolve them. They also frequently compare experiences across retailers, so retailers can see how they rate versus competition. Active listening can be used to measure performance against the best practices outlined in the Customer Experience Framework, presented on Page 2. A weekly social media scorecard can help monitor how you stack up on these best practices and where you need to focus attention or amplify where you are exceeding expectations. Customer Experience Meeting the Standard Not Measuring Up Framework lbcshopper More Backlight/Inverter Issues Products and “YAY! Got a new iphone! Shout Out to Adam “…The Tech said they see this a lot and that it is Services are best-in- @apple store in Coast Plz, He hooked me up, due to poor quality. The TV is still doing it - they great service, great products! I'm back in biz!” were never able to solve the problem. class Type Authority Followers Country Type Authority Threads in Post Twitter 7 1,095 USA Forum 10 22 tedcoine Barnes and Noble “Nate at Naples Apple store gave me a huge grin “Do you have a member card? … email address? & handshake. "Mr Coine!" He sold me 2 iPhones …gift cards today? …contribute to our bookfair? in September. Now THAT's great service!” …heard about the nook? These and other Type Authority Followers Country questions are asked at the checkout before they Twitter 8 6,130 USA even think about ringing you up. You will be so Employees are frustrated …This is the kind of stuff they make us knowledgeable say to customers. We are taught to be robots.” about products and Type Authority Comments Delicious In Link follow good Blog 6 0 445 113 customer service Business Week Customer Service Rankings practices “I’m surprised by Barnes & Noble made the top 10…they are average in their service. And their incessant sales pitches from the cash registers diminish the customer experience even more.” Type Authority Comments Delicious In Link Blog 5 0 16 50 Sprouts! INFURIATED AT PAMPERS!! “I also agree with the friendly and helpful staff at “I'm boycotting Pampers, and I'm boycotting as Sprouts...they once had a sale on broccoli and ran many Proctor and Gamble products as possible. Quick resolution out, but graciously offered the organic broccoli to And I’m printing all of this info off the internet /replacement if me at the sale cool is that?” and hanging it in the diaper aisle of every store I there’s a breakdown Type Authority Threads in Post go to. How can they not even be a little bit Forum 3 19 apologetic? And their customer service sucked.“ in quality Type Authority Threads in Post Forum 5 10 10
  11. 11. Customer Experience Meeting the Standard Not Measuring Up Framework Gucci chat thread If You’ve Thought About It … “Can I just say that Nordstrom has the best “I will never buy another Blackberry. I feel like customer service? They saw I was carrying a Gucci Spring/Nextel cheated us out of good service & bag and asked what I bought. It was a belt that I our money. We're trying to get them to fix the Routinely exceeds had purchased and it was too small! The SA told phones again or trying to terminate & possibly expectations me even though I didn’t purchase it from them, going to AT&T for iPhones. This experience was they’ll take care of it for me. They did it – no completely unpleasant. If you're thinking about charge, no questions asked and with a smile!” getting a Blackberry through Nextel DON'T!” Type Authority Threads in Post Type Authority Threads in Post Forum 3 4,018 Forum 5 7 Need dress for black-tie thing Sigh, I hate you Wal-Mart “Does anyone know if Bloomingdales has large “…shopping at Walmart is a pain (I certainly enjoy Location is clean, selection of moderately-priced dresses in one parking a football field away from the building spot, the way Saks does? Couldn't find one I liked and waiting in line for half an hour to have the free of clutter, well at Saks, but it's easy to shop there. Thx” pharmacy clerk hand me an OTC medication!). designed and Type Authority Threads in Post organized, easy to Forum 1 11 The lighting at Wal-Mart has always made it an unattractive place to shop.Selection isn't that navigate, well great; there are more items but it's hard to find staffed anything of good quality or specialized nature.” Type Authority Threads in Post Forum 10 239 Bay & Bloor Store... Has the most Sigh, I hate you Wal-Mart FANTASTIC service reps “Once I've paid for it, it's mine. I don't like random “We have different phones and different strangers rifling through my stuff. Just basic Clear packages and everything we need to know was human dignity, that's all. It's a waste of my time, communication laid out in easy to understand terms - even my and I value my time way more than I value just about products/ technophobe hubby got it. Yay!,” about any piece of crap I could buy at Walmart.” Type Authority Threads in Post services so Forum 1 8 “So, if there is a very obvious sign at the entry to customers are the store, stating that I will be subject to a search empowered to make upon exit, I'm fine with it. I'll opt out before good decisions having a shopping cart full of paid-for groceries. Otherwise, it's a nasty thing to do.” Type Authority Threads in Post Forum 10 239 Conclusion Social media listening programs are a vital component of the research toolbox. By focusing your listening program on specific business issues that your organization can act on, the impact and ROI of social media efforts will be significant and ongoing. Consider the following applications: Competitive Intelligence Where is your competitor strong and what are emerging product/service gaps? Front End of Innovation What pain points need to be solved? Product Launch Monitoring What is going right and where are customers struggling? Product Enhancements What are customers wishing your products/services provided? Content and FAQ’s Where are customers confused? What are they asking that you could proactively answer? Training How can you use the Voice of the Customer to improve best-in-class practices? 11
  12. 12. About Blueocean Market Intelligence Blueocean combines the talent, speed and cost benefit of a flat world to deliver a fresh approach to business decision-making. Integrating a full suite of advanced primary research services with existing research, secondary sources and user-generated content, Blueocean delivers real insights affordably. Blueocean’s team blends senior research partners with talent in the U.S. and India, allowing us to do more within your market research budget. We differentiate ourselves from many other research and consulting firms. Our high touch engagement model means that senior research partners work directly on every assignment. At Blueocean we help businesses address their focus areas by linking research insights to business strategy and inspiring action to strengthen performance. Our passion is storytelling. We challenge ourselves to always bring our insights to the table in unique and engaging ways – placing consumers at the center of marketing strategy. How Blueocean provides scalable social media reporting We us contextual text analytics and data mining technology from Sysomos which covers over 40 million blogs, 175,000 message boards, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, and 30,000 News sources globally. This produces approx. 15-20 million new documents on a daily basis across 186 languages. Guided by Sysomos analytics, the Social Media analysts in our Bangalore office review high-authority posts to quickly see what's happening, why it's happening, and who's driving the conversations. We then package these insights into reports that are easy to read, understand and share across an organization. From more information, contact: Alice Fawver, Partner and Director of Client Services Blueocean Market Intelligence 602.441.2474 ext 204 i Introduced in Pine, B. Joseph II; Gilmore, James, July 1, 1998: "Welcome to the Experience Economy", Harvard Business Review. ii Forrester Research, March 24, 2008: “The Business Impact of Customer Experience.” iii Pine, B. Joseph II; Gilmore, James, July 1, 1998: "Welcome to the Experience Economy", Harvard Business Review. iv Forrester Research Q4 2009 Customer Experience Peer Research Panel. v Companies taken from indices including Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CxPi) and Net Recommendations, and lists compiled by Inside CRM ( customer-service/) and the ASCI ( vi Source: vii Vocalabs National Customer Service Survey, February 4, 2010: “Apple Continues to Lead in Customer Service Quality in Tech Support Survey, HP Makes Significant Improvements,” continues-lead-customer-service-quality-tech-support-survey-hp-makes-significant-improvemen. viiI Forrester Research Q4 2009 Customer Experience Peer Research Panel. 12