Students' Scholarship Contest (Combo)


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In order to promote the Free Open Source Software technology, Anova launches its first school contest whose winners earn a free of charge training course for LPI Linux Essentials.

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Students' Scholarship Contest (Combo)

  1. 1. Bothayna Abd-Assalam Communications and Public Relations Coordinator Anova Company
  2. 2. Students' Scholarship C ontest F O S S B U Z Z C a m p a i g n
  3. 3. What's FOSS ?
  4. 4. FOSS/FLOSS ● Free/Libre Open Source Software ● Can be freely used, changed, and shared (in modified or unmodified form) by anyone. ● Made by many people, and distributed under licenses that comply with the Open Source Definition. ●
  5. 5. Free or Controlled ? ● With these freedoms, the users (both individually and collectively) control the program and what it does for them. ● The “nonfree” or “proprietary” program controls the users, and the developer controls the program; this makes the program an instrument of unjust power.
  6. 6. Advantages of FOSS ● The 4 freedoms ● Core software is free ● Vendor independent ● Evolving software ● Low cost ● Better customization ● Big community to support ● Easy Localization ● Better Security ● Reliability & Stability ● Create your own product or provide your services ● Very big learning resource
  7. 7. What's FOSS BUZZ Campaign ?
  8. 8. Objectives 1. Promote open source software: ● Transmission of knowledge ● Encourage beneficiaries to migrate to open source software ● Promote open source alternative applications, office and production tools. 2. Reduce the ICT bills of beneficiaries. 3. Form a community of open source users. 4. Acquisition of knowledge.
  9. 9. Partners
  10. 10. In order to promote the Free Open Source Software technology, Anova launches its first school contest whose winners earn a free of charge training course for Linux Essentials.
  11. 11.
  12. 12. How it works?
  13. 13. The cooperation with Schools' administrations determines: ● the number of assigned scholarships per school, ● the suitable time schedule, and ● provide the required computer labs for the training.
  14. 14. The contest consists of: - 5 Quizzes, measuring student's knowledge about FOSS (Free Open Source Software), - A short Research Memo on the Open Source production and development model and its application in Software and the other uses. → By the end of the contest, the highest scores are nominated for the SCHOLARSHIP.
  15. 15. By the end of each course, all students receive a certificate of attending the course, and a FOSS BUZZ Ambassador will be nominated to represent the FOSS BUZZ Campaign in his school.
  16. 16. Ambassadors' Role ● Organize events and raise awareness about using FOSS ● Act as liaisons between FOSS BUZZ campaign and their SCHOOLS and UNIVERSITIES ● Help FOSS BUZZ campaign better understand the culture of each SCHOOL and UNIVERSITY ● Be a source of knowledge ● Educate others ● Grow the FOSS community
  17. 17. Challenging Opportunity ● Learn about FOSS products and programs ● Attend training to help familiarize you with FOSS products ● Receive updates about exciting new FOSS products ● Enhance your professional development ● Be eligible to participate in special FOSS BUZZ campaign events ● Be able to exchange best practices with FOSS BUZZ Ambassadors ● Receive a Certificate of Appreciation
  18. 18. How to Apply ?
  19. 19. 1- Go to the SSC facebook page 2- Find the registration URL in the first pinned post on the top or in the description field  
  20. 20. 1- Go to QuizStarStudent Website
  21. 21. 2- Sign up, and keep your Username and Password for next login
  22. 22. 3- Search for class ''SSC2014''
  23. 23. 4- Select class and Register yourself
  24. 24. 5- Click "Classes" at the top
  25. 25. 6- Start your first "Trial Quiz" to make sure that you understand how it works
  26. 26. 7- The contest starting date will be declared by your school administration
  27. 27. 8- The list of winners and their memos will be published on our website and facebook page
  28. 28. Get in touch ! For further inquiries or more information Send email to:
  29. 29. Thank you !
  30. 30. Questions ?
  31. 31. Join us