Popularization and Potential of Viral Marketing


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This study analyzes the current Kolaveri Rage, the award winning campaign Indian Panga League by Virgin Mobile and the Zoozoo's Campaign by Vodafone to find out why these campaigns were unforgettable and lovable in their own ways.

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Popularization and Potential of Viral Marketing

  1. 1. Popularization and Potential of Viral Marketing
  2. 2. Essence Innovation in marketing and its techniques is what makes or breaks a brand. Marketers need to break the clutter and give the audience something they would want to watch, interact with and share. ‘Viral’ campaign helps you do the same, create an impact and reach out to a wider audience in the shortest possible time. And all of this at a fraction of cost as compared to traditional advertising Going the viral route allows a marketer to explore the social networking potential of his target audience which is witnessing a growth rate of almost 100% and is expected to reach 45 million users by 2012. Also, with the advent of smart phone technology and tablets, the internet usage on mobile devices has touched a new high. Marketers recognized this and it is the reason why they are keen on using social media platforms to leverage the viral content. Marketers need to move beyond the tried and tested formula and surprise their TG with innovative concepts. The key to a Social Media Viral campaign is the message that needs to be compelling and interesting enough for a viewer or participant to share it with a friend Case Study MindShift Interactive analyzes the current Kolaveri Rage, the award winning campaign Indian Panga League by Virgin Mobile and the Zoozoo’s Campaign by Vodafone to find out why these campaigns were unforgettable and lovable in their own ways
  3. 3. Why This Kolaveri Di – The Soup Song A song created by a 21-year-old debutant music composer, written and sung by Tamil actor, Dhanush as a part of their upcoming movie, 3 and shot in the recording studio itself has received more than 7 million views in less than a week. The situation of the song is based on love failure and how a Tamilian boy expresses his emotions in a Tamil-English song USP : its attitude, lyrics and the humorous connect
  4. 4. Indian Panga League – Virgin Mobile Hundred viral videos were shared on the YouTube Channel of Indian Panga League. Videos of loyal fans of IPL Teams taking Pangas with each other via STD calls were recorded and shared online. Indian Panga League became the most talked about campaign, as their YouTube Channel became one of the fastest growing channels in India, without any media spend backing the campaign USP: video content, regional connect and its association with cricket
  5. 5. ZooZoos by Vodafone ZooZoos, the white lovable creatures that appeared in the second season of Indian Premier League were created to promote the value added services of Vodafone. The campaign went on to win accolades from the Indian audience as well as the advertising agencies. O&M had stated that there was no science to the name “ZooZoo” and that it had to be something fun, memorable USP : Innocence of the ZooZoos; they laughed aloud, cried and had a child like simplicity around them, thus making it one of the most unforgettable brand campaigns
  6. 6. Social Media Viral factorsExpect the Unexpected: The Kolaveri Video has won a YouTube Gold Award for getting themost number of daily hits. It managed to score more than 20 million views and managed to bethe trending topic for more than a week in India and other countries. But this is not what theteam expected, while recording the song. And the same goes for the makers of Indian PangaLeague and Zoozoo’s. As they were ideating a simple, fun and innovative concept in sync withtheir campaign that would be appreciated by the masses. Funny concept and simple executionremained the X factor in the above campaignsOriginality and unexpectedness are the superpowers in the viral race.
  7. 7. Beyond One Language: Cricket is a religion in India, and it was hilariouswhen we had all the loyalists from different parts of the country defendingtheir IPL team via STD Calls. There were Pangas taken on phone, Punjab VsRajasthan; Mumbai Vs Delhi and much more that too in desi style and a mixof regional languages. The Soup Song was the first song in history of regionalmusic, to be aired on Radio Channels and Music Channels across India, thusstrengthening the concept that regional innovations with a mix of globaltouches, does add to the conceptSense of Humour: Your concept needs to be funny enough to go viral. Has itgot a unique sense of humour? Is it easily available online? Can I share it withmy friends? Are some of the questions that the marketers need to consider.The YouTube channel of Indian Panga League was one of the trendingchannels during the second season of IPL, whereas the Soup Song hasalready garnered more than 20 million views on its official video. Be it theregional fights between cricket lovers, an emotional song by a Tamil boy forhis lover or the funny look or expressions on ZooZoos, they all possessed asense of humour. If it’s funny, it got to be viral
  8. 8. Keep it Simple Silly: It isn’t rocket science to understand what people arelooking for. People are looking for entertainment, and it need not becomplicated always. What made Zoozoo’s endearing was that they wereinnocent people living in a simple world unlike ours, who laugh loud whenthey laugh and look sad when they are. With over 2.5 million fans on theirFacebook page, Zoozoos still seem to be a part of our daily lives. The sameworks for the Soup Song, where the lyrics and the feelings in the song canbe understood universally, in spite of it being a Tamil-English combinationYouth Connect: When a boy sings about his love failure experience,almost all the guys in the world can relate to his plight. And all thewomen would have a curious look at the video, with a sense of empathyor sympathy. Thus connecting with the youth. It is an experience thatconnects the video with the user. When the Zoozoos enacted our dailylives on the TV screens, we got touched, when the youth took pangas andspoke in their youth diction, we noticed and when a Tamil guy narratedhis story in part Tamil and English, we laughed
  9. 9. Trend Forecasting Social Media will help to connect the links between the brands and the consumer via effective integration of right platforms and strategies at the right time. Social Media Monitoring will help the brand analyze the sentiments and the feedback of its consumer, and communicate the same to its marketing team. Brands will also realize the importance of Reputation Management and Response Management, to develop an engagement model with their online users and respond to positive or negative feedback. High recall - when you watch something you like, there are chances of higher. Sharing information merges with platforms such as Facebook and twitter to multiply its outreach capability High ROI - The investment on videos may not necessarily be very high, as long as you know how to put the ideal mix of humour, wit & the message across. Find an oomph factor, club it with a few experts who know how to get your social audiences speaking to you, and your video will be assured with virality. A perfect example of Integration is ‘The Soup Song’, where the song went viral on social media and then was also aired on Radio Stations and Television Channels, catering to the demand of the audience worldwide. A larger acceptance will be seen in 2012, where social media virals will be integrated with alternate marketing channels The coming year will also highlight the impact of Influencers as compared to the number of fans/followers the brand generates. Identification of these influencers and rewarding them for their efforts will become an important aspect in the long run
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