Cease Fire's BTL activity


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Cease Fire's brand promotion with newly launched Hi-Tech Products.

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Cease Fire's BTL activity

  1. 1. Presents CASE STUDY OF SHOW DETAILS FIRE INDIA, 19-21 SEPTEMBER BOOTH SIZE: 100 Sq Mt. NSIC, NEW DELHIwww.insta-group.com I www.insta-group.in
  2. 2. 1 .About Company:Ceasefire is India’s most trusted Fire Safety and Security Company. It has grown from acompany that dealt exclusively with extinguishers to one that has branched out to covereverything in the fire safety and security spectrum.CEASE FIRE is broadly into 3 Line of Business:- - Fire solution: Provides fire extinguishers, Escape gear, Signage & detection systems. - Security: Provides Video door phones, CCTV cameras, and Access controls systems. - Projects: Provides end to end solutions2. Aim / Measurable objectives: - Change the Perceived Value of orthodox fire extinguisher Product Company. - Brand Promotion with newly launched Hi-Tech Products. - Highlight the UNIQUE technology against competition. - Showcase the Brand Presence - Communicate the key messages: -Trust - Reliability - One stop for all Solutions - Market Leader3. Strategic Insights: - Product oriented booth showcasing real life application. - Open space with very high product visibility. - Project the company as not only a fire extinguisher company but providing complete solution for fire and safety. - To mark strong presence in the minds of competitors as well as their customers by effective branding. www.insta-group.com I www.insta-group.in
  3. 3. 4. Design Conceptualization: - Four vertical spaces for ensuring high product visibility. 1st Panel - Suppression 2nd Panel – Extinguishers 3rd Panel – Detection 4th Panel – Security - Pantry had square treatment of back-lit logo signifying strong branding. - Visual wall for displaying corporate presentation and product technology. www.insta-group.com I www.insta-group.in
  4. 4. - A simulation was created to display escape signages and real time environment of that particular site.5. Execution: - Built up of the whole booth took 2 days and 2 nights continuously. - High security of display products was also team’s responsibility. www.insta-group.com I www.insta-group.in
  5. 5. www.insta-group.com I www.insta-group.in
  6. 6. 6. Achievement :This booth helped Cease Fire gather most attention at the exhibition. Maximum footfall andbuzz on the booth ensured a great success. www.insta-group.com I www.insta-group.in